NJPW G1 Climax 29 Predictions / Match Tracker

G1 Climax 29

So the G1 is upon us once again and if you are like me, you have no life. But other than that, you like to do predictions for the annual Jap Grap Fest. Also if you are like me, you won’t be able to follow along live as everything progresses. There are things like work and sleep. So like most of the world out Japan, you will be catching up later. But how will you keep up with how everyone is tracking in the tournament? Or predict who might win based on what’s left to go?

Well fear not friends, for the answer is here. We here at 2BitWrestling have put together a little G1 tracker so you can sort yourself for the whole damn thing.

You can find the tracker here: G1 Climax 29 Scorecard 

Feel free to make your own copy to edit and play around with by selecting File -> Make a Copy and it looks like this:

It’s pretty easy to use. There are 3 tabs, 1 for all the matches, 1 for predictions and 1 for actual results. You can input your picks / results in any section (I recommend the table for predictions and the matches for actual). It will then update all the points and stuff automatically.


Enjoy and let’s all waste days of our lives together watching the wonderousness (it’s a word, shut up) that is the G1.


The Alleged Wrestling Podcast

Alleged Wrestling Podcast

While you’re here, make sure to check out ‘The Alleged Wrestling Podcast’ where we have the craic looking back over the wrestling events of the past week! (It’s also on iTunes, Google Podcast, Spotify and Stitcher and all those nice things). We also go Live on Mixlr most Wednesdays at 7.30 Irish Time.


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