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AEW Double or Nothing

Ok so, the hype is building and people are starting to buy into AEW! However, this could be dangerous. As of right now we don’t know what All Elite Wrestling is or will be in the grand scheme of things. But if you believe twitter (which a crazy thing to do in the first place) then AEW is the lord and saviour of professional wrestling. There are so many Stan accounts out there licking the backside of Cody, The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega. So, what should we think?

Well, there’s nothing wrong with hoping that AEW do live up to their potential and produce something which captivates audiances on a regular basis. Is it going to be competition for WWE? Probably not straight away, and one could argue that it doesn’t need to. Hopefully AEW provides a different type product, a product WWE does not offer right now.

Challenge Everything!

AEW need to challenge every pre-conceived notion surrounding preofessional wrestling and see if there is a better way to do it which will help them engage an eager audiance.


Please God do NOT have regional titles like the US title or the North American title! These make no sense on a global scale and muddy the waters when it comes to importance on a title in fans eyes.

New Divisions?

With the partnerships with AAA & OWE there is scope to do some crazy shit! Cruiserweights mixed with the X-Division?

Inter-Gender Matches?

It’s happening in almost every indie promotion around the world. The average smarky fan will be accustomed to seeing it. It’s not rocket science, this is a must-have!

Contender Lists

TNA had this amazing mechanism back in the day where they listed the talent exactly how UFC do it now. It means that every match has a relevance. Wins & Loses matter! Imagine a world where a win makes a difference…

Ring design/Structure

Should they keep a 4 sided-ring? I think that’s a given but maybe have a special feature or special ring for certain events? Why not?

Titantroll/Ramp lay-out/ Pyro

If watching WWE over the past few years has tought us anything its that we need Pyro at these events! It adds so much to the excitement of the event and makes it feel BIG!

Some unique designs for a tron would be nice, we all remember the iconic Smackdown ‘fist’ back in the day.

Smackdown Fist


Referee involvement / Match Rules

Do we stick to the one ref per match? Use multiple refs (NFL style)?  Video replays? – Could be good cannon.

Time Limits, Stipulations, Gimmick Matches

NJPW use time limits extremely well. It adds a “real fight” feeling to contests. Hopefully AEW utilise this and have it announced at the start of every match.

Stipulations? I’m all for gimmick matches, but please no Vince Russo on a pole match! This is a great opportunity to be creative, especially with the likes of Jimmy Havoc on board!

“Authority Figures”

How will the on-screen stories be narrated? Will there be a GM figure? This could be a tricky one as we are quite used to having a heel authority figure in charge. It will be interesting to see how this develops as they launch their weekly TV show.

Worst Case Scenario?

The absolute worst thing that could happen, in my mind, is that AEW goes into production maintaining the exact same standards and mechanics that already exist withing main stream wrestling. People crave something new. It doesn’t have to be revolutionary but perhaps something we have seen before with a new fresh twist on it.

Never do something a certain way purely because ‘That’s the way it’s always been done’. It’s lazy and it will get you nowhere fast!

Public Relations!

AEW First Rally

If you judge a book on its cover then you would not have high expectations for AEW after the “rally” in Jacksonville in January. That stunk! Poor audio/visuals, a terrible host (Fuck Conrad, more on that below), a poor location, layout and execution. It was all bad, I really have nothing good to say about it.

However, if you want to judge someone on how they learn from their mistakes then you must give some props to the guys for making the second rally a much more professional affair in Las Vegas.  It looked the part, it sounded the part and forgetting the god-awful Conrad Thompson being there it was damn near perfect in my opinion.

AEW Second Rally

It will be interesting to see how AEW develop in this area. Hopefully their Chief Branding/Brandi Officer will get some consultants on board for planning future events. Marketing is EVERYTHING when starting up a new company!

Talent Roster

AEW are assembling an eclectic array of talent. They don’t seem to be falling into the same potholes that WCW/TNA fell into (just yet) by snapping up all the old WWE Guys. Sure, some would have drawing power but you don’t want to develop a reputation of feeding on WWE scraps, instead, be strategic! Take guys who are available and willing to come aboard. Performers who will make the general mark fan go “Oh Shit!”. Remember when Hall & Nash arrived at Nitro? That’s what you want to see, not Hulk Hogan in the Impact Zone. (Sorry Hulk!)

Rumours that The Revival and The Usos are interested in coming over should be taken with a pinch of salt for now. More realistic signings would be the Good Brothers (Gallows & Anderson) who have been criminally underused by WWE.

Could Tye Dillinger go to AEW? He fits the mould. A charasmatic performer who’s over with the fans. AEW will need bigger and better than Dillenger though, but for now I can’t wait for the world to experience MJF! Strap a rocket to him, he’s the future!



Double or Nothing?

So what can we expect at Double or Nothing? Safe money says DoN will be fairly similar to All In. Exhibition style matches designed to make to make fans go home happy. However, I hope that we’ll get some seeds planted for future shows. We have the start of some feuds (Bucks vs Lucha Bros, PAC vs Hangman & Omega v Jericho) so it will be interesting to see if these are one and done or will these be continued over the summer? Two or three shows are planned before the end of September.

Will we see any surprises? Hopefully! At All In we were all expecting CM Punk to appear after he did a special signing at Pro-Wrestling Tees the day before. Of course, he didn’t turn up to my utter disappointment! God, I miss than man!

TV Deal?

It’s coming to the stage where AEW need to give some indication of what their TV structure will be, or how it intends on producing content in the next 6 months. People need something concrete before they fully buy in. If we get something confirmed shortly then it will really add some backbone to the company and make a lot of people stand up and take notice of AEW.


This needs to die. By all means operate a fan convention in association with your show or affiliate yourself with an organisation to do it for you but you have to maintain authority over the show itself.

Allowing someone like Conrad Thompson run “Starcast” is hurting AEW and will continue to hurt your brand. By all acounts, “Starcast 1 – A New Hope” was not a major success, unless you consider ripping off podcasters a success (which Conrad might) and “Starcast 2 – The Con(man)rad Strikes Back” looks set to continue its persecution of the media while ripping off smarky fans for autograph sessions.

AEW, take control of this and DO.IT.BETTER.

So, will it succeed?

…dear God I hope so!

I’ve been watching wrestlng for 25 years. Other than a 5 year absence during the ruthless aggression era (lack of tv channels/internet not being available) I don’t think I’ve ever been as disolusioned with mainstream wrestling as I am right now. Sure, NXT keeps me going and some NJPW stuff, but really it’s often hard work watching WWE TV for the last while. We crave something different, dammit we NEED something different!

Right now AEW has massive potential, no one can deny that. AEW has substantial financial backing & a very eager audiance. This should be an easy win for everyone involved. The only people who ruin this is themselves! Let’s pray they do it right!

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