Thank You Big Dog – WWE Raw – 22nd October 2018

Raw 22nd October

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another edition of Monday Night Raw. This week is the go-home episode before WWE Evolution, the herstoric all-women’s PPV taking place this Sunday. We’re also less than 2 weeks out from Crown Jewel (or Money in the Sand, as we’ve dubbed it). The focus for WWE seems to be on the latter, but hopefully they’ll give the women the spotlight this week. Let’s jump into the action and find out…



We’ll start off the recap with the human aspect of the show, so therefore automatically the most important part. We kick off the show with Roman Reigns coming out to the ring in his civilian clothes and the Universal Title. It was all over social media that he has missed live events over the weekend, which is not like him, especially when he has the title.

Kick cancer’s ass, Big Dog

The Big Dog says that he may be Roman Reigns, but in reality he is Joe. And he has been living with leukemia for 11 years, and it’s now resurfaced. As a result of this he can not fulfill his contractual obligations and has to relinquish the title, so that he can take time off.

He goes on to say that say that he has kicked cancers ass once before, and he’ll do it again. A huge “thank you Roman” chant from the crowd, who thankfully put their feelings for the character aside and gave the man himself the respect he deserves. Roman also goes on to say this is not a retirement speech, and he will be back.

Honestly, I stopped typing this as soon as he said his name was Joe, as it was obvious there was something real going down here. This was absolutely heartbreaking to watch. We’ve been critical of Roman the character on our podcast for months, but have always said we’d love to be able to go for a few pints with Joe the man. Here’s hoping he Superman Punches cancer in the face once again, and we see the Big Dog back on our screens again soon.

Also an extra shoutout to the crowd for the big “cancer sucks” afterwards… cancer really does suck!



We get an announcement that the Universal Title match at Crown Jewel will be a singles match between Braun Strowman & Brock Lesnar. Paul Heyman comes to the ring and puts over how much of a warrior Roman Reigns is, and says Brock is going to win the title. This brings Braun out and he says he’s going to destroy Brock, and when Roman is back he’s first in line for a title shot…. But when he turns to leave he eats a Claymore from Drew McIntyre! Drew has said earlier in the night he was going to go Monster Hunting, and that Braun needed he & Dolph more than they needed him.

Drew wanted Braun to check if he has anything on the end of his shoe

In the main event ZigIntyre defended their Tag Team Titles against Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose. The latest entry in the Shield-ZigIntyre division was good, but we’ve seen these guys work each other so much lately it’s lost some appeal. In the end Braun interferes and he & Drew brawl to the back. Ziggler then fell victim to the numbers game and Rollins pins him for the win! NEW TAG CHAMPS! The Shield boys celebrate as we wrap up the show…. Until Dean drops Rollins with a Dirty Deeds! HOLY SHIT!

Dean drops to the mat and looks like he’s a bit conflicted, but as Rollins pleads with him he jumps on him and lays into him again. He throws him out of the ring and beats him up around the ring, hitting a Dirty Deeds to the exposed floor as we go off the air. Damn, ballsy move to turn him on this of all nights! I like it though.



  • To build to their pointless 6-woman tag at Evolution, Sasha Banks lost to Ruby Riott. There was loads of shenanigans at ringside involving Riott Squad and Bayley & Nattie that caused a distraction. It’s disgusting there’s nothing better for Sasha & Bayley than this match.

Brie is making the same face we do when we watch her “wrestle”

  • We had a contract signing between Ronda Rousey & Nikki Bella for their title match this Sunday. The Bellas flee the ring when Ronda comes out, but Ronda gives her word she won’t attack them. Nikki goes on about promises Ronda made to her mother, asking if she gave her mother her word, and says he mother is embarrassed of her. She slaps Ronda in the face, but Ronda just smiles and signs the contract. Ronda pics up her mic and says she will end Nikki at Evolution… I hope she keeps her word!
  • There was a Fatal 4 Way involving Ember Moon, Dana Brooke, Nia Jax & Tamina, to hype the Battle Royal for Sunday. Nothing major happened, and Ember gets the win after an Eclipse on Tamina.
  • Alicia Fox & Mickie James attacked Trish Stratus & Lita during an interview. No sign of Alexa Bliss though, who apparently suffered a concussion at the weekend… will she be healthy for Sunday?



We had a bit of a recap of last week where the Brothers of Destruction had 3 words for DX: Rest in Peace. I have 3 words for three-quarters of the people in this match: please just retire!

Anyway, this week we get a retort from DX. HHH & Shawn Michaels come out to the ring in full garb. HHH goes on about how the Brothers think they’re afraid. It’ll take a lot more than grabbing a Go-Pro, walking into the boiler room in Knox County Mayors Office and making an idle threat to instill fear in them.

They go on about nostalgia, and that it’s essentially a polite way of saying old. But Halloween is #1 at the box office now, and that’s been going for 40 years. They say they’ve been running that trademark X for 22 years, that means they’re better than everyone else. However that might be the past, and there’s another X around these days that thinks it’s better, and they’re running that too (nice NXT reference). At Crown Jewel they aren’t there to make people laugh, they’re there to kick ass… then the lights go funky and we get the dreaded gong.

Taker & Kane are in a graveyard. They talk some shite about how they will unleash their utter contempt on DX, and that they should have stayed away. I wasn’t paying too much attention to what they were saying, as I found it weird they’re digging graves in a bit to promote the Saudi show…



  • Bobby Lashley (Accompanied by Lio Rush) went one on one with Finn Balor, as apparently they have nothing for either guy to do. Rush was shouting Lashley’s name at ringside all match, but Balor got the win via a rollup… happy to see Balor win, but if they’re building Lashley as a dominant heel, this was a big failure.
  • In another “we don’t know what to do with these guys” singles match, Elias defeated Apollo Crews. It was a good match though, and nice to see Apollo get TV time.

Elias didn’t like Corbin’s version of “I Will Always Love You”

  • Elias tries to give us an encore on the ramp afterwards, but is interrupted by Baron Corbin. He says there is no time on the show to accommodate the performance. Corbin says if Stephanie didn’t like Elias, he’d fire him, and orders him to leave. Elias got distracted and wrote a song in his head, and he’s going to sing it. He runs down Corbin to great cheers from the crowd. Corbin orders them to cut Elias’ mic. Elias goes to leave, but comes back out and blasts Corbin across the back with his guitar, then strolls off.


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