Ambrose going lunatic – Leaves Shield? It’s the RAW Recap!

WWE RAW Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns Worried

So we are a few days after the glorified house show down under known as Chazzwazzas. (Super Show Down for you non-Simpsons fans). So what did we expect to happen on this episode of Monday Night RAW? Well, in advance of the show we were told that HHH & Shawn Michaels would be appearing to address the post match beat down they took from the Brothers of Destructions, and also two Chazzwazzers rematches with Ronda Rousey and The Bella Twins (Boobie Bella & Botchie Bella) facing the Riot Squad while the Shield would take on the Strowman, McInyre & Ziggler. When I saw this I was like nah, no bueno, no likey.. so me no watchy live! (Bear in mind it’s a 1am kick-off over here in Ireland.)

So I stay spoiler free all through Tuesday and sit down to watch RAW with very little expectations, and to my own personal amazement I actually enjoyed it for the most part. So what happened?

  • DX Reformed & challeneged Undertaker & Shawn Michaels to a match at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia, “Last Time Ever(er)”. Queue the Jurassic Park music from Steve on this weeks Podcast.
  • Bayley & Balor beat Jinder & Alicia Fox. At least they did their dual entrance to Balor’s music this week, was actually fun seeing Bayley do the hands in the air thing.
  • Bobby Roode & Chad Gable “knocked off” The Ascension before AOP came out (to a great reaction) and anihilated them all.
  • Elias taunts Chicago about how shit the Cubs are – classic Elias.
  • Ember Moon beats Nia Jax by count out – we’ll see more of these two in the next couple weeks as they gear up for some sort of match at shEvolution.
  • Paul Heyman cuts a promo about Brock Lesnar winning at Crown Jewel. You’ve heard it all before..

The Main Stuff

Botchy Bella Doing Botchy Things

Botchy Bella bothes again, and in other news the sky is indeed blue! – She botches taking a snapmere (Oi Vey!) and then botches finish when she’s supposed to prevent Sarah Logan from breaking up the submission in the ring only for her not to be ready and for Logan to have to “fall over” to cover it up. Jesus she is terrible.

After the match (which Rousey won by tapping out Ruby) the Bella’s attacked Rousey setting up Nikki vs Rousey at shEvolution.

Double Turn?

One of the most interesting things to happen was Bobby Lashley turning heel, while possibly turning Kevin Owens face at the same time (we’ll have to see how that pans out). But this was great, and well timed to do it infront of a smarky Chicago crowd who would really get involved.

Bobby Lashley attacking Kevin Owens WWE RAW

On the outside of the ring we had Lio Rush with a mic in his hand during the match taunting Owens while cheering on Lashley and provoking the crowd. After Lashley picked up the win with a “devastating” verticle stalling suplex (Its a suplex….that you stall…) he put a whooping on Owens smashing he’s knees repeatedly off the ring post. A well executed double turn (if that’s how it plays out).


Litasfaction on WWE RAW!

Trish Stratus & Lita WWE RAW

The worst segment of monday night RAW was the Trish & Alexa promo, the crowd gave Alexa a better reaction which was somewhat surprising. They only really popped when Lita turned up – this is now a tag match at shEvolution – Lita & Trish vs Alexa & Mickie James.


Ole Ole Ole

We had the first qualifying match on RAW for the WWE World Cup (a 8-man one-night tournament being held at Crown Jewel) which was a battle royal featuring stars from all around the world (jobbers) and Baron Corbin.

One of the participants was supposedly 1980s tag team star Conquistador (whether it was Uno or Dos was never mentioned), dressed in trademark all gold with a gold face mask – he spent most of the match sitting on the ground at ringside.

Corbin thought he had won until the Conquistador came into the ring, hit some familiar moves and clotheslined Corbin over the top rop to win. After the match he removed his mask to reveal himself [PHRASING]. It’s Kurt Angle! He joins John Cena (who get’s an automatic spot because he such fabulous hair) as two of the 8 entrants into the World Cup.

Kurt Angle Baron Corbin WWE RAW


Shield coming apart at the seams?

Before the RAW main event we had backstage promos, the Shield with a throwback dark room, hand-held camera talking about brotherhood or something like that, I was making a coffee, while Braun and the boys bickered about being weak links and carrying their own weight.

Anywho, main event was a continuation of Saturday’s match. Braun got a bit mad at Ziggler before being confronted by McIntrye however they managed to keep on the same page to get the win, 50-50 booking on WWE television? Never! Wonder what, if anything, will come of Braun being annoyed by Zigglepuff 3000.

Braun Strowman, Drew McIntyre & Dolph Ziggler WWE RAW

After the match Braun and the boys went off the enjoy their win while the three Shield boys were left in the ring. Dean was the first to arise, but instead of waiting around for the others he just walked off backstage and left the other two in the ring. Did he actually walk out on the shield? Or maybe he was just bursting for a shite and couldn’t hold it in any longer? We’ll have to tune in next week to find out.

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