WWE Chazzwozzers Go Home – WWE Smackdown Live – 2nd October 2018

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I didn’t get to watch Smackdown until late this week so I assume most people have already seen it or heard about what happened at this stage. So this is going to be a very quickfire article summarising what happened on the go home episode of Smackdown before Chazzwozzers otherwise known as WWE Super Showdown.



We open with Paige in the ring. She says that Samoa was bad. She called him Samoa. I guess she doesn’t realise that’s a country and not his name.She let’s us all know that Joe didn’t go into the Styles’s house. The authorities were called and Joe was charged with trespassing for some reason. I didn’t know ringing a doorbell was trespassing. I didn’t see any gates or anything.

Paige said WWE Management decided that Joe should be fired but she called AJ first, who said he had dropped the charges, and begged her not to fire Joe. So the match is still on for Saturday.

AJ made a clip to air as he’s not at Smackdown, because he’s at home with his family. He’s not leaving until Joe is on a plane to Australia. He says that Joe is not coming back from Down Under because that’s where he’ll be. He’ll bury him alive. Then they announce it’s a No DQ, No Countout match. Not a Buried Alive match….. What is this world?



Rusev was in the ring asking Aiden to come out and show the evidence he claimed he had last week.  Aiden gives some backstory facts about Milwaukee. He failed to mention that it is a sister cities of 2BitSports headquarters of Galway, Ireland. Shame on you Aiden, shame. This is basically an advertisement for Milwaukee. Are they giving WWE loads of money too? Their basketball team is called the Bucks. Does Vince think they have loads of bucks?

We get to the video and it starts with Aiden practising Milwaukee insults in his hotel room while topless. Lana comes in and says “I Want You” to Aiden. The video cuts off there and Aiden can’t show us the rest due to legal obligations due to an offer from TMZ. Rusev chases after Aiden. Lana tries to explain. Rusev said that they are not doing this here.



Our Women’s Champion Becky Lynch has Super Showdown Surprise for us all.  She says she’s been the best thing about Smackdown since she won the title. No argument from me. She shows a video package of her bettering Charlotte multiple times. We get lots of “Becky” chants. She asks “Where’s my magazine cover?” “Where’s my new figure holding the belt?” All valid questions from the Lasskicker.

Becky says that she’s gonna prove that it’s the champ’s face that deserves to be on all the covers/posters/etc. She has a new poster for Super Showdown which just has Becky standing over Charlotte with the title held aloft. It’s much better honestly. Charlotte runs down and attacks Becky and the crowd boos. Let’s not forget who is supposed to be the heel here.

Charlotte locks in Figure 4 while hanging out of the ring, hits a Big Boot on Becky and stands tall to close out the show.

We’re with you Becky. Tiocfaidh ár lá ar Dé Sathairn.



  • R Truth & Carmella beat Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas & Zelina Vega after Carnella makes Vega tap out to the Code of Silence. Why aren’t Almas & Vega in the Mixed Match Challenge?

  • Tye Dillinger wanted a match with Randy Orton. Paige gave it to him. Tye attacks Randy during his entrance. Didn’t even take off his tshirt. Match doesn’t start. Tye drops Orton on the table. Randy eventually gets the upper hand and hanging DDT’s him from the barrier. Randy puts Tye’s finger through one of the turnbuckles and stretches it out a bit
  • We had a New Day cooks segment with Mr Bootyworth who was going to share his pancake recipe with everyone until The Bar came out. Cesaro is apparently a chef. Sheamus amn’t (that’s not a typo). The Bar take out The New Day, turn their attention to Mr Bootyworth and pour pancake batter into Mr Bootyworth’s top hat before putting it back on his head.

  • Shelton Benjamin and Miz were chatting backstage. Apparently Miz got Shelton a match with D Bry. In the match, D Bry actually connects with a diving headbutt accidentally. He needs to stop doing that move. Miz causes a distraction that allows Shelton to hit Paydirt for the win. Miz attacks Daniel after the match focusing on the ribs before hitting a Skull Crushing Finale. Winner on Saturday faces WWE Champion for the title at a yet to be announced time.

  • Asuka beats Peyton Royce with the Asukalock. Asuka & Naomi vs The IIconics happens at Chazzwazzers.



It was grand. Better than Raw. Some stuff actually happened on this. Oddly looking forward to Chazzwazzers even though it’s just going to be a glorified house show. The Cruiserweight Title match is the one I’m looking forward to most though so take that as you will.



R Truth & Carmella def. Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas & Zelina Vega by submission
Tye Dillinger vs Randy Orton doesn’t get started
Shelton Benjamin def. Daniel Bryan by pinfall
Asuka def. Peyton Royce by submission


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