Going in Raw – WWE Raw – 1st October 2018

Raw 1st October

So last week Raw had its lowest rating of the modern era. THE LOWEST! And it wasn’t even a bad show, it’s just that they’re building to so many shows, but still feels like they’re not actually doing anything. It’s a strange situation really, and the Raw writers seem lost as to what to do next, or even how to correctly promote a show. This week we have Shawn Michaels appearing to hype a match he’s just going to be cornering someone for. Can he bring in the viewers? (SPOILER: He doesn’t)



The show kicked off with Dean Ambrose being interviewed by Charly Caruso. The whole thing centred around his turmoil and if he feels the Shield are just using him, and teasing a possible turn. Dean was doing his cheesy, crazy thing a bit here, but he was pretty convincing. Eventually Baron Corbin comes out, and tries to stir the pot by offering Dean a choice: Face Roman Reigns for the Universal Title, face Seth Rollins for the IC title, or face Braun Strowman. When Dean couldn’t understand the choice and says he wants to fight Corbin, the Constable decides it will be the Strowman option.

That match was pretty good. It was competitive, and served as a reminder that Dean should be considered a threat to anybody. He even hit a Dirty Deeds at one point but Braun kicked out. Eventually Braun smash, but before he can get the win, here comes the Big Dog! Roman causes the interference when trying to save Dean, and Braun retreats to the stage, where ZigIntyre join him. Corbin comes back out and announces Seth-McIntyre for later, and Roman-Ziggler for right now.

During the night there’s some more backstage segments teasing issues in both teams (Dean’s turmoil, and Braun saying they don’t need any weak links. The 2 matches are fairly standard affairs really, and we knew they were going to be 50/50’d – Roman beats Dolph clean, although Ziggler even hit a ZigZag for a near fall, and Drew beat Seth after a clever interference by Dolph. After that match there was run-ins from everyone else involved in this story. The Shield initially had the upper hand, but eventually Braun Smash, and the Dogs of War fist over the Shield to close off this chapter…



Our main event segment of the week is the HBK interview to hype the HHH-Undertaker match at Chaswosswers this weekend. Shawn Michaels came out to the ring and talked about how through of fault of his, Undertaker made this personal with HHH, and then made him choose which side he was on. Of course he was always going to choose his best friend every day, and twice on Sunday’s. He then issues a warning to Kane that if he tries to screw with the match, he’ll hear some Sweet Chin Music! And here comes the Big Red Machine…

Ooh, he’s in the ring behind Shawn! He drops him, and we get the iconic gong to signal the arrival of the Undertaker, who appears in the ring via dark magic. He goes to Tombstone Shawn, but here comes HHH!

All 4 men brawl for a bit, with HHH getting the upper hand at first, but eventually the Brothers of Destruction nail a double chokeslam. Taker hits a Tombstone on HHH, and the Brothers pose on the stage as Raw goes off the air. A decent ending, but I don’t think this is as big a draw as they are expecting it to be. Although it looks like it’s leading to an HBK return, which I’m not sure if I like or not.



  • Kevin Owens defeated Bobby Lashley, after a scuffle between Lio Rush and Elias distracted Bobby. However the big story here is the crowd. Elias and KO were cutting a promo before the match, and Elias made reference to the Seattle Supersonics leaving the city, which got nuclear heat! Honestly, minutes of booing…. The only way they could quieten the crowd was send out Lashley, because that’s just what he does.
  • Konnor from the Ascension defeated Bobby Roode. Yes, Konnor just beat a former NXT and US champ…

  • Michael Cole said Jinder Mahal was accompanied to the ring by Runjin Singh… well done Cole! This was for the Bayley-Alicia Fox match, which Bayley won. Also, Finn Balor (who accompanied Bayley) appears to be damaged beyond repair at this point.
  • B Team defeated the Revival, because we can’t have nice things. After that they get obliterated by Authors of Pain. Seriously, why couldn’t B Team beat Slater & Rhyno or someone else shit? Revival only pushed the tag champs to the limit last week, and lose to a joke this week… fuck this shit!
  • Ronda Rousey defeated Ruby Riott in a good, competitive match. This match showed how good Ruby is, and with more matches in Ronda these 2 could have some killer PPV matches somewhere down the line.
  • Alexa Bliss had a Moment of Bliss segment where she talked about her match with Trish Stratus at SheVolution. My landlady called to collect the rent during this so I wasn’t paying much attention. However I did notice she said she met Trish when she was 7, which doesn’t make sense, since Trish didn’t debut until roughly 2 years after Alexa turned 7…



Another decent week, but what actually happened? We’re a show closer to Super Show Down, and Evolution, and Crown Jewel, and Survivor Series. They have undone some of the good work they had done with Revival, the main focus is on a match with lads that won’t be here after Crown Jewel, and all the titles are tied up in one feud. Elias & Kevin Owens are gold together though, so keep that going…


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