Going in Raw – WWE Raw – 24th September 2018

Raw 24th September

Welcome to another week of Monday Night Raw! Before we get into the action, I should preface this by saying this is the lowest viewed Raw of all time. So that’s the sort of show you can expect. Anyway, let’s jump into the action….



We kick off the show with Stephanie McMahon & HHH arriving at the arena. They’re greeted by Baron Corbin, and Steph gets on to him about how he’s been handling the Shield. This all boils down to Bollocksjaws telling Baron to get 2 partners and take on the Shield tonight.

The Shield then come to the ring and waste a few minutes talking about their titles, until Corbin & The Dogs of War come out. They try to tease an Ambrose heel turn, and hype their 6-man match at ChasWossers. Ambrose’s lack of a championship is also brought up, and they say the Shield are using him. Both teams almost come to blows, but Corbin breaks it up. There’s also a few backstage bits where Seth tries to imply Dolph is using Drew, and Drew tries to tell Dean about that and say Seth may be trying to replace Dean.

Later in the night ZigIntyre defend their Tag Titles against the Revival in a really good match. The crowd were really hot for Revival, which made me happy.

The aforementioned 6-man tag match was our main event, and Corbin’s partners were AOP. As is to be expected, the Shield get the win in a competitive match, but AOP looked really good in this, and the team of them & Corbin is something WWE should explore in more depth. After the match they tease Ambrose being torn, but he slides back into the ring and stands tall with the Shield as we go off the air.



In a completely pointless 6-person match, Riott Squad took on Natalya & The Bella Twins.  The match was one of the sloppiest I’ve ever seen, and almost as bad as the Jackie Gayda match. Brie Bella appeared to stiff Ruby Riott with a forearm when Ruby was supposed to hit her, and Ruby was visibly pissed. Although part of that may have been as a result of what happened earlier in the match…

As you can see in the Tweet above, Brie Bella managed to shin poor Liv Morgan in the face, after already knocking her loopy with another kick. Kudos to Liv for continuing the match as much as possible, but this is the 4th time Brie has been sloppy in the past month. She’s supposed to be a 10 year veteran, and to see people trying to defend this on Twitter actually made me question the sanity of some wrestling fans.



Kevin Owens hosted a special edition of the Kevin Owens Show, accompanied by Elias. His guest this week is Lio Rush. Lio comes out and stands on the ramp, not walking into a trap. He hypes his boy Bobby Lashley, until Owens & Elias place a booster seat out for him. After a few minutes have been wasted, Lio brings out Colorado’s own Lashley!

Lashley faced off against Elias in a needlessly long match. Around 12 minutes in, Owens tries to grab Lio Rush, but Lio evades him. As Owens chases him he runs over Lashley, causing a DQ. This causes Elias & Owens to grab Lio and try powerbomb him, but Lashley makes the save.



  • Finn Balor defeated Jinder Mahal in a pointless match to hype Mixed Match Challenge.

  • Nia Jax beat Alicia Fox in a match that was far more competitive than I thought it would be.
  • Konnor from the Ascension defeated Chad Gable. I think that’s the first time anyone from Ascension has had a televised win since February 2017, but I could be wrong.
  • There was also another very long video package for the HHH-Undertaker match for Chaswossers, but I honestly I couldn’t care about that.



In case you’re wondering why this review is so short, it’s because literally nothing happened on this show. It’s hard to believe they’re building to 3 different shows at the moment, and also have Survivor Series on the horizon.

Lio Rush was good on the mic again, and the Corbin-AOP alliance should be used more. I also really enjoyed the tag match. However the main takeaway of this whole show is how shocking Brie Bella was. There’s the 2 big moments that will be the talking points, but there’s so many other moments that could be pointed out as poor/sloppy as well, and she’s now proving to be a danger to others, not just herself.


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