Hell In A Cell Hangover – WWE Smackdown Live – 18th September 2018

Smackdown Live 18 09

Hell in a Cell was one of the best WWE PPVs in a long time. Since the shenanigans that happened at the end were all about Raw, Smackdown had a great showing. We have a long overdue new Smackdown Women’s Champion in Becky Lynch and AJ managed to slip away with the WWE Title after some controversy. All lovely stuff. Let’s see how they follow up on it all.



We had Becky Lynch’s coronation as champ this week. It was all styled up with the title draped in a lovely blue cloth on a pedestal. Smackdown General Manager Paige was in the ring and lifted the cloth for Becky who was met with rapturous “You Deserve It” chants from everyone but 1 person in the crowd. (There was 1 girl who just wasn’t having it.)

Becky said that now she was back where she belongs and called out Charlotte Flair. Paige let them know that they aren’t going to fight tonight (HAH). Charlotte says she’s not here to steal Becky’s spotlight, she’s here to give respect. She says that Becky was the better woman at HIAC. But Charlotte is getting her rematch at Super Showdown (from now on referred to as Chazwozzers). Becky said that she stopped listening after Charlotte said that Becky was the better woman. The Title says otherwise to everything Charlotte said about Becky being 2nd best, etc.

Becky says that Charlotte may raise her hand tonight, but Charlotte says no. So Becky asks her to put the title around her waist instead. Charlotte said that she hoped that there was some of her best friend left. Becky said that she was just messing and that  she didn’t want her hand raised or the belt put around the waist, she just wants Charlotte to call her Queen. Charlotte was not too impressed at this and went to walk away but Becky called her a bitch. Charlotte attacks Becky. Becky gets the upper hand and throws Charlotte over the announce table before throwing her back in the ring, locking in the Dis-Arm-Her and hitting a Bexploder to stand tall. Charlotte’s was almost popping out of her top through all of this so she is clinging on it for dear life. Very impressive considering. Becky was great here.


We opened the show with Miz TV and Miz has a surprise special guest. Who could it be? Before we could get to that, Miz tells us some breaking news that we all already knew and that is that it will be Daniel Bryan vs The Miz at Chazwozzers to determine the no. 1 contender for the WWE Title. The surprise guest is Maryse, I can’t believe it. What a scoop for The Miz.

Maryse says beating Brie is the easiest thing she’s ever done. Brie’s heart wasn’t in it. Miz says that Brie’s heart isn’t in her relationship with Daniel anymore either. She only married him because he was a star and that’s how she stayed relevant. Maryse has breaking news. Tonight is her last night on Smackdown Live. She is going back to be mother of the century. Crowd boo. Miz says he’ll give them a reason to boo and calls out Daniel Bryan.

Daniel comes out, says that Miz can talk about him all he wants but if he talks about Brie, this is what he gets. Gets in the ring and attacks Miz. In the course of it, Miz gently fails into Maryse’s stomach and she goes down like a sack of potatoes. Miz attends to his gravely injured wife. They bring out a stretcher to cart her off. Daniel tries to check on her, Maryse starts laughing. Miz attacks Daniel from behind, Miz actually runs into Maryse, looks shocked and Daniel clears the ring of Miz.



AJ Styles said in a backstage interview, I think it was with Kayla, thats lady luck shined on him at HIAC and it was karma that caused him to win. Not Awesome Kong now, just to be clear. But he said he needs to get Joe out of his head now because he has to face off against Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas.

And that he did. In a really good match, AJ took on Almas who attacked him before the bell to get the early upper hand. The finish came when AJ managed to transition from having Almas in a Jackknife pin cover into hitting a Styles Clash. It still confuses my brain just thinking about it. No idea how he did it. After the match Samoa Joe attacked AJ saying that he’ll never be safe but AJ got the upper hand before Joe retreated through the crowd.


The Rusev Day tag team is over. It was a good run while it lasted. I’m not sure why they broke them up when they were still over. Rusev had a US Title Match with Shinsuke Nakamura, member him? Before the match, Rusev told Aiden that if HIAC was his best, it’s not good enough. English then ranted to a randomer about Lana being Rusev’s problem, but Lana was still behind him. Aiden apologised to her, but she says she is going to tell Rusev. Rusev was too focused on his match to let her tell him before the match and Rusev asks Aiden to introduce him so all seems well….for now. Foreshadowing.

In the match against Nakamura, English starts chanting Rusev Day into a mic while Lana gives him death stares. A Kinshasa gets countered into a Machka Kick and then English gets on apron and yells for Rusev to CRUSH. Rusev basically asks him what the fuck he’s doing, and this distraction lets Naks roll up Rusev from behind to get the win and retain his title. After the match, a frustrated Aiden English attacked Rusev with the mic and sang a sad Happy Rusev Day to him.



  • The New Day dressed up as Austrailian Crocodile hunters and put on dodgy fake accents. Kofi then said that doing an accent is offensive… This happened before Kofi took on Cesaro with the Swiss Superman coming out victorious with a Neutralizer. The Bar face The New Day for the Smackdown Tag Team Titles at Chazwozzers.

  • Randy Orton was in the production truck looking at all the footage of him attacking Jeff. He was looking for pictures of him sticking the screwdriver through Jeff’s ear. He told the terrified production guy that all this will pale in comparison to what he does to his next victim.
  • In a continuation of the new bessie mates of the Smackdown women’s division, Naomi was at ringside for Asuka’s match with Billie Kay. Naomi stopped Peyton from getting involved allowing Asuka to pick up the win. Lots of Chazwozzers references because, you know, Australia.



Not as strong a Smackdown as there has been in recent weeks. But then again, we’re back to promoting 3 different PPVs again. Remember when they scrapped brand specific PPVs because there were too many of them? That shite song they all did together where they pretended to rap? All for nought it seems. More “Network Specials” than ever that both shows have to promote way too close to each other. Throw in now also promoting the final of the Mixed Match Challenge being at TLC and we now technically have them building to 4 different PPVs at the same time.

They had the perfect model for years. 1 PPV a month. There was nothing wrong with it. It worked. Throw some fancy house shows up on the network to fill the gaps. Anyway rant over. A step down this week. Pick it up again please next week. Smackdown is the better show right now. We need to keep it that way.



Cesaro def. Kofi Kingston by pinfall
US Title: Shinsuke Nakamura def. Rusev by pinfall
AJ Styles def. Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas by pinfall
Asuka def. Billie Kay by submission


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