Going in Raw – WWE Raw – 17th September 2018

Raw 17 September

Welcome to another week of Monday Night Raw! We’re hot on the heels of the polarising Hell in a Cell pay per view. Most fans seem in agreement that the match quality in general was good, but the no contest finish in the main event pissed a lot of people off. Now that we have that show out of the way, we can move on to building towards WWE Chaswossers… or WWE Evolution… or WWE Crown Jewel… or Survivor Series. I thought the ending of brand specific PPVs was to reduce the amount of shows? Sweet Jesus! Anyway, let’s jump into the action…



We kick off the show with Roman Reigns coming to the ring. He goes on about Brock Lesnar causing a no contest in the Hell in a Cell main event. Roman continues to talk shit, and out comes Braun Strowman. We get more shite-talk, until Baron Corbin & Paul Heyman both appear too.

That sign is a complete lie….

If you’ve seen any opening promo after a Pay Per View lately you have a rough idea of what will happen here. We get the announcement that Roman will defend his Universal title against Braun and Brock in Saudi Arabia at WWE Crown Jewel. Baron Corbin then decides to book himself in a title match against Roman tonight.

The match itself was as you’d expect from a Roman match against a mid-carder. Roman dominates large parts of it, and it ends when Corbin throws a chair in his face, causing a DQ. However he uses his GM powers to restart it all as a no-DQ match. Roman goes to grab the chair, but out comes Braun, allowing Corbin jump Roman from behind. Corbin with a Deep Six but only gets a 2 count. Fans are finally starting to believe Corbin has a chance. When out come ZigIntyre, followed by the Shield. Bit of a brawl, the Shield guys protect Roman. Roman with a Spear, and he gets the win to close the show. That was a well booked, sensible ending, to be fair.



Ronda Rousey had a backstage segment where she asked the Bellas and Natalya how do open challenges work. Nattie teases possibly answering the challenge, but we’ll find out later…

Well it was Nattie’s music that hit, but she gets dragged out onto the stage by Riott Squad. Ruby Riott says that Ronda made them do this, and what happened Nattie was Ronda’s fault. Apparently they don’t dislike Ronda, but they don’t like her. So Ruby wants to answer the challenge. The challenge never happens though, because it turns into a brawl. The Squad gang up on Ronda, and Ruby hits a great spear, until the Bellas make the save. Ok, so they’re building the Chaswossers match, not Evolution, the show that is struggling to sell tickets.

Ember Moon teamed up with a returning Nia Jax to defeat Mickie James & Alicia Fox. Pretty decent match, and The Eclipse is still the most beautiful move in WWE.

We also had Bayley face Dana Brooke in singles action. No storyline here, and Bayley gets the win.



  • Bobby Lashley face off with Elias for the 400th time since his return. However the real story here was Lio Rush, making his proper Raw debut. He had a great promo with Elias, where Elias was making jokes about him being a kid, and he had an elusive sequence when Kevin Owens interrupted the match that was a lot of fun.

  • In this week’s Attitude Era segment, sponsored by Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Undertaker came to the ring and hyped his match with HHH at WWE Chaswossers. Apparently Shawn Michaels will be in HHH’s corner, so Kane will be in Taker’s.
  • The Shield & Dogs of War 50/50 singles matches, as Drew McIntyre defeated Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins defended the IC Title against Dolph Ziggler again…
  • Chad Gable beat Viktor of the Ascension in a decent singles match. Nothing to go crazy about here really.
  • AOP defeated Not-So-Big Cass and a guy who might have been one of the Heart Throbs back in the day (or not, I couldn’t see his face)



The show itself wasn’t spectacular, and felt a bit formulaic. The whole thing revolved around the main storyline, and didn’t really do much for anyone outside of that, except for Lio Rush & Bobby Lashley’s partnership. I honestly don’t know if this is just because they are building to too many shows at once, or if they are really that narrow minded in their booking, but it’s amazing how few superstars they are actually working on building and getting over right now. And where was Finn Balor the last 2 nights?


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