When will Car Insurance Providers Stop Riding Men?


So it’s now that wonderful time of year when my car insurance renewal is due, or as I more commonly know it as, the time of year I bend over and take it up the Cadbury alley and pay them for the experience!

My background

Masters Graduate with a great job, recently turned 31 with 10+ driving experience, 8 years no-claims bonus with a clean license driving a 1.6 Ford Focus. My renewal has come in today from the “well known” Bump Insurance (cheapest a broker could get) for €780!! Down a measly €9 on last year. At what stage does insurance ever come into the price range advertised on TV? “Get your fully comprehensive car insurance from €290 per year!” – I mean seriously, who in this country gets Car Insurance for that price?

To compound matters, a girl who also lives in the very same house as I has been offered a renewal with Aviva for €490. Similar age, similar experience.. only difference is she has a vagina!

Confusingly, if I get an online quote from Aviva I am offered the same package as above (fully comprehensive) for €875 (Galway), while if I use my “home” address in Tipperary it suddenly drops to less than €500.

So I am being punished for being a man living in Galway!?

Yet this is a common theme, many of my male peers have experienced the same injustice while many of my female peers enjoy the benefits – but because it’s the male population who are being discriminated against somehow makes it ok? Imagine if it was reverse? Imagine women having to pay more for insurance than men?

This isn’t a piece to discuss who are safer drivers etc, that is completely irrelevant in this day and age. Yet insurance providers continue to get away with this year after year and will continue to do so because what is the alternative? No car? In Ireland? Good luck to you!

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