Going in Raw – WWE Raw – 10th September 2018

Raw 10 September

Welcome to what I’m optimistically going to predict is the lowest rated WWE Raw since the week after the Lashley sisters segment. This week we have a go-home show for a PPV, on the same week as the return of Monday Night Football. That’s a great recipe for success right there. Anyway, let’s jump into the action and see what they have in store for us…



We kick off the show with the trio of Braun Strowman & ZigIntyre coming to the ring, followed by half the roster. They show us a recap of last week that lasted around 3 minutes… time wasting mode engaged early this week! Why the fuck is Kevin Owens in this group? Braun says Roman Reigns has his Hounds of Justice, but he has his Dogs of War. Ziggler says everyone around the ring made a choice last week, to stand up to the Shield, and stand up for themselves. Drew says they will destroy the B Team in the tag title rematch later, and Braun points out that’s nothing compared to what will happen Roman on Sunday. But here comes the Shield…

The Hounds make their way to the ring, and start to lay out all the chaps outside the ring. Ambrose hands out a bag of Axe Handles and they obliterate half the roster. That’s fine, I suppose. They stand tall as the Dogs of War watch on from the ramp. Backstage afterwards Constable Corbin confronts the Shield when they’re arguing with cops. He says they will have to leave the building or Roman & seth will lose their titles, and they’ll all go to jail. They comply, because they respect his authoritah!

In the tag title match, B Team got some decent shots in, but inevitably ZigIntyre get the win. However after the match they are jumped by Ambrose & Rollins, who apparently have returned as 2 singles competitors. Technicality and all that. They threaten to get Corbin arrested for falsifying a police report, but Corbin & Seth agree on something in private.



It turns out the deal that Corbin struck was that Dean & Seth have a tag title shot at Hell in a Cell. Corbin shows up in the locker room to tell them. Braun says the boys will take care of that, but he’s going hunting Big Dogs

We then see a few backstage clips of Braun auditioning for the Riott Squad, and eventually an interview with Charly Caruso. He says he’s asking the questions, and asks if she knows where Roman is. She suggests if he goes to the ring Roman might find him. Braun likes the sound of that, so off he trots….

He comes to the ring and grabs a mic. He calls out Roman and when Roman doesn’t appear says it’s what he expected. We’re reminded that the Shield won’t be able to make it into Hell in a Cell, and Braun says Foley won’t be able to save Roman either. But here comes the Big Dog! And he’s on the announce table…

Braun takes off up the ramp after Roman. They brawl a bit, Braun gets the upper hand, and goes to put Roman through the table, but Roman hits a Samoan Drop off the table through the stage. He stands tall as we go off the air…



In a followup to last week’s HBK-Undertaker segment, we had HHH show up this week. He goes on about how all the legends have been giving their opinions on the match. He says there were polls taken, and Taker walked away with the huge majority of votes. Apparently Taker is so rattled by HBK’s prediction that HHH would win, that he had to appear and accuse HBK of fear, etc. All of this shocked HHH and made him mad, because it made him feel Taker had lost respect for both of them. However that wasn’t the case… Taker had lost respect for himself.

HHH brings up the series of 4 matches at Wrestlemania against the DX members. He says Taker was never the same after them, and that he’s now just a reputation. There’s one thing Taker got right; it’s now personal. So with the last bit of respect he has for Taker, in Australia he will put him down!



Nikki Bella faced off with Ruby Riott in singles competition. When the Bellas done their flip over the ropes to enter the ring, the camera cut to Nikki, just in case! Boobie Bella gets the win, because she’s the breast, and all that! Brie is facing MAryse on Smackdown, so I wonder will she end herself during that.

New Sugababes Lineup Revealed

Later in the night Ronda Rousey teamed up with Natalya to face Alexa Bliss & Mickie James. They targeted Ronda’s ribs for most of the match, and this is the most damage Ronda has taken so far that I can think of, but she makes Mickie tap out to give her team the win. There was also a nice bit where Nattie & Ronda hit a Hart Attack, which I enjoyed! Bliss also got a cheap shot on the ribs after the match, to continue that narrative.



  • So it appears that every big guy who has zero charisma is getting a manager from 205 Live. This week Lio Rush appeared to “motivate” Bobby Lashley. The whole “My Man” thing now appears to be Lashley’s gimmick… fair enough, it’s not the worst thing they’ve done on this show, to be honest.
  • AOP destroyed 2 local chaps. Fair enough. Chad Gable & Bobby Roode also beat Ascension again. To finish this quickfire tag division roundup, where the fuck are Revival?

  • Kevin Owens jumped Tyler Breeze before their match, and nails an Apron Powerbomb. He gets on the mic and says he quit, but Corbin begged him to come back. But now he essentially has free reign to do whatever he wants, and what we saw him do to Lashley last week is just the beginning. I love when Owens is in this sort of zone.
  • Mick Foley interrupted Elias doing his usual stuff, and announces he will be the special referee for Braun vs Roman inside Hell in a Cell Sunday. Neat! Elias then faced Finn Balor in a “Battle of How Do We Have No Creative For These Guys”. Finn got the win.



The early stages of this show sum it all up; it wasn’t necessarily a bad show, but across 3+ hours nothing actually happened! In the first hour of this globally syndicated weekly TV show, all that happened is 3 stars were told to leave the building, a part timer won a pointless match, and AOP messed up 2 local lads.

After that we get further into the show, and there was no retaliation from The Revival after being screwed out of their title shot last week. Maybe I’m blinded by my love of those Top Guys, but their booking actually infuriates me. The Balor-Elias match was decent but we’ve seen it countless times on free TV already, and the main event brawl seemed all too familiar.

I briefly touched on this on our podcast last week, but this is the biggest roster the company has ever had, but the focus seems to be on the fewest superstars ever. Even then, the ones they are focusing on mainly seem to be only getting that focus as a means to build one or two particular people. It’s painful at this stage, but because wrestling is all we’ve known most of our lives, we continue to tune in. Maybe someday we will reach our breaking point. Mine does seem to be fast approaching at this stage, to be honest….



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