Family Warfare – WWE Smackdown Live – 4th September 2018

Another week, another Smackdown Live. And it’s a family affair this week with the main stories all being about families. We also had some more fallout from the breakup of the teatime buddies and a triple threat tag team match.


How many family based game show references can I fit in the article this week. I’m not sure. I’m pretty sure I’m out of them already. Renee Young opened up Raw and introduced Brie Bella & Daniel Bryan. They showed footage of Miz and Maryse attacking the BellaBryans last week and then a clip of Miz and Maryse in an empty arena from earlier today where they called out Daniel and Brie. Shockingly they were not there. The Danielsons called out Miz and Maryse but Renee advised that they left. Before their work day starts. What type of employees are they?

At this point, Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas and Zelina Vega come out. I’m classing them as a family. From here on out, they will be called the Algas’s. They thanked Renee for playing last week’s footage. Andrade said that it showed him how fun it was to walk all over the great Daniel Bryan, and he is ready to do it again (I think, he really shouldn’t speak, his accent is so strong). Andrade wanted a rematch right now so that’s what we got. Pretty good match and Daniel picked up the win with a Running Knee. Afterwards, Brie kicked Vega and then gave a running knee of her own to a kneeling Vega at the ropes.


Miz and Maryse then appeared on the screen from a local Italian restaurant, I can’t remember the name of it so let’s call it MacDonaalds (it’s a family restaurant you know). They said they were taking the night off and going on a date so they shut down the whole restaurant so they didn’t have to eat with Detroit (they were in Detroit, in case that wasn’t clear, they are being nasty heel bastards). They say that Daniel and Brie will need to wait until HIAC before they meet again. Brie whispers something to Daniel and they leave. I wonder if they are going to turn up at this restaurant that Miz mentioned specifically by name for some reason.

Surpise!! In a shocking twist of events, that doesn’t actually happen.  Daniel and Brie do leave for the respected food establishment but Miz and Maryse end up back at Smackdown in the meantime with Paige who puts Miz in a match against whoever wants it. Miz in a match, open challenge.


Little sidebar from the main story now, but still relevant to it. R Truth is looking for Carmella backstage still trying to book a match with her but he finds Maryse instead who he mistakes for Carmella. Truth thinks Miz is Carmella’s husband. Miz asks Truth when they last teamed and says that was the last time he was relevant. Truth replies with “I don’t know what Carmella sees in you.”

Truth then eventually finds Carmella and asks Carmella if she’s seen Carmella. He asks for a truce and asks her to accompany him to ringside to face Miz because Miz will have the other Carmella with him. He tells her that the other Carmella insulted her (she did) and this sets the actual Carmella off so she says she will accompany Truth. Tye Dillinger was there too. He asked Truth what the hell he was doing. Truth said that he was trying to teach Tye something, how to get into the main event of Smackdown.


Miz and Maryse came out to the ring and called out D Bry and Brie again despite them clearly having the time of their lives at Miccy D’s. They asked “Who’s the coward now?” Carmella came down with Truth for the match and did the “Whats Up” crowd part in Truth’s entrance. She was acting very facelike. It was odd.

For the match, as Miz was about to hit the Skullcrushing finale, D Bry’s music hit and the Beardy Baby Makers came out on the ramp. This distractions let Truth roll up Miz for the win. R TRUTH WON THE MAIN EVENT OF SMACKDOWN LIVE. This is not a drill. Daniel and Brie then get to Miz and Maryse and pay them back for what happened last week. While doing so, Vega and Almas interfere and take out Daniel and Brie before the Danielsons get the Algas’s in Yes locks to close out the show.


The Mixed Match Challenge is back on September 18th  with Season 2. I really enjoyed the first one as it let characters that don’t do a lot of comedy try a bit of it and added a new layer to their character. This season’s wacky combinations are:

Carmella & R Truth
Charlotte Flair & AJ Styles
Asuka & The Miz
Lana & Rusev
Naomi & Jimmy Uso

Sasha Banks & Bobby Lashley
Bayley & Finn Balor
Alexa Bliss & Braun Strowman
Alicia Fox & Jinder Mahal
Natalya & Kevin Owens

Some repeats from last year but I’m looking forward to seeing the dynamic between Carmella & R Truth and Natalya & Kevin Owens.



Becky and Charlotte had a backstage interview this week. One of those ones where they have them split screen in separate location. As soon as they both came on screen, the Becky chants started. But you know, it’s just Detroit. Charlotte quoted Becky saying that “You said to be the best, you have to beat the best. You didn’t and now you’re trying to blame me.” Or something like that. I’m paraphrasing despite the quotation marks.  Becky asked “Are you done yet, or do you want more time in my spotlight.” ooooo. Charlotte retorted: “I looked at you as an equal. You put yourself in my shadow. You could have asked for a title match.” The plot thickens.

Becky exclaimed, “I could have asked? Screw you. Do I look like a charity case?” And she continued, “I’m done playing. From now on, I’m taking. I’m fed up minding your insecurities, the Title is coming home with me. Charlotte finally sounded off , “As my best friend, you weren’t second best but in the ring, you are.”. Oh, burn.

I could totally be a novelist, right? This shit is easy.



Joe did not turn up at AJs house for the family BBQ this week like he suggested last week. Instead he was in Detroit and opened his promo with a lovely “OH WENDY!!!” Joe says that the Styles family are all scared at home. But Joe isn’t a monster. He has delivered Wendy’s husband to her on a Tuesday. Joe’s actions have forced AJ to take care of his family. AJ appeared on screen saying that when someone threatens his family, that’s when the talking stops.

AJ comes out in the arena, he wasn’t at home at all sure. Joe was only lying, the bastard. They brawl and AJ ends up trying to attack Joe with a chair but missed and hit the ring post. Refs then came down and broke up all the mayhem. While they were being pulled apart, AJ dove over the top rope onto Joe and the refs. Paige then assisted with bringing AJ to the back. She loves helping guys get places.




Naomi and Peyton Royce faced off again this week. Before the match, The IIconics argued over who Naomi prefers to get beaten by. It turns out it was none of them, who knew? Naomi picked up the win but got attacked immediately. Asuka came out to make the save in her first appearance in a good few weeks now. Her hair is now green and pink. She wore a black thong. She murdered people. That is all.


Both Randy and Jeff had some lovely packages this week. They were big and full of …. information? Jeff’s one was about him jumping off stuff and things. It had a nice closing line though. “Randy’s obsession will be his own destruction”. Nice. Randy’s package was dark and sadistic. He said that Jeff refuses to go quietly and that’s the way he likes it. What Randy will do to Jeff will make us gag, etc. and will make Randy smile. Some lovely packages.



After last weeks victory for The Bar, this week it was time to find out their opponents for the number 1 contenders match to decide who will face the New Day. Complicated enough yet? Cool. The Usos took on Rusev Day and SAnitY (Dain & Young). After we all got seizures from SAnitY’s entrance, the match was pretty good. The finish saw Aiden English save Rusev a good few times before Rusev picked up the win with a Machka Kick. So it will be Rusev Day vs The Bar next week.


Another really strong week for Smackdown this week. Good matches, good comedy, good promo packages and good in ring segments. No standout amazing segment but all solid stuff. Can’t ask more than that. Smackdown still on a roll. I so glad I got this to review instead of Raw. Sorry Gordo.



Daniel Bryan def. Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas by pinfall
Naomi def. Peyton Royce by pinfall
Rusev Day def. SAnitY & The Usos
R Truth def. The Miz by pinfall


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