Going In Raw – WWE Raw – 3rd September 2018

Another week, another episode of WWE Raw. Last week we had a shocking but confusing end to the show, where Braun Strowman seemingly turned heel and laid out Roman Reigns with the help of Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre. Will we get an explanation as to why this happened? Let’s find out…



It appears we won’t have to wait too long, as out comes Braun & ZigIntyre to kick off the show. They get a huge pop though, so not sure if the heel turn worked. We get a recap of last week, and then Braun essentially says that without the Shield, the Universal title is his. But with the Shield, it never would be, so he had to get some backup. Now that he has his own pack, this is his yard, and in Hell in a Cell, the title will be his.

Drew says they are the new kings of the jungle, and they will feast on the Shield’s carcasses. Dolph says they will become the most dominant force in WWE history. More than the Nation of Domination, more than DX, and more than the Shield. He says the Shield started this, but they will end it. And here come the Shield…

As the Shield make their way to the ring, Constable Corbin empties half the locker room, but the Shield lay them out and surround the ring. Then out comes some more of the roster, with the same result. Then we get the standard pull-apart brawl. These happen so frequently now that they’ve lost all meaning, even when a feud like this actually deserves one.

The end result is the Shield boys get arrested and carted off in the back of a Hi-Ace, while the roster bicker with each other nearby.



Later in the night the 3 boys go into Corbin’s office and say they want some competition. Drew & Dolph want the tag titles, but Corbin says they’ve already promoted Revival vs B Team. The boys ask what if Revival aren’t able to compete, and Corbin says then he would need to find new opponents. Moments later Revival have an interview with Charly Caruso, but they get jumped by ZigIntyre. Are they really doing this to Revival?

It appears so, because The Revival’s music hits but they don’t come out, and then out come ZigIntyre. B Team get some decent offense in, but in the end ZigIntyre capture the gold! I like both these guys, but getting so frustrated at what’s happened to Revival. The only silver lining is that if they get decent length matches against the new champs the matches will be incredible.

Braun’s opponent for the night turns out to be Finn Balor. Finn had requested a match against Corbin earlier in the night, but due to Corbin having a hectic night he had to name a replacement. The match was decent, with Finn still looking scrappy, but Braun gets a dominant win. After the match they triple team Finn, and go for a Shield-Powerbomb onto the steps, but we get sirens. Is Scott Steiner returning?!

Roman went full Festus. Also, where’s his title?

Nope, it’s just a police van, driven by Roman Reigns. Did they just steal/commandeer that? As the Shield make their way to the ring a dozen superstars jump them. Braun lays out Roman with the steps, and Seth is thrown off the ramp into the window of the van… NICE! The beatdown continues and they lay all 3 Shield members at the foot of the ramp. Braun & ZigIntyre pose in the ring as we go off the air.



In the most intriguing choice of fossils since the Helix-Dome debate in the original Pokemon games, we get more hype for the HHH-Undertaker match for Super Show Down-Under, or whatever it’s called. Shawn Michaels is also here to give his thoughts on it. I don’t give a shite about this, because it just means the “End of an Era” at my only Wrestlemania was a lie. Shawn thinks HHH will win, apparently, but then we get those iconic gongs.

Taker makes his way to the ring, eating up 3 minutes of the show in the process. He grabs a mic and says this just became personal. There was 20 years of HHH & HBK being best friends. In those 20 years, he took the best they both had, and put them both down. In doing so, he took part of their souls, but their egos won’t accept it. Shawn picked HHH because Taker took his career from him.

Shawn says he’s got it all wrong. He is a man of his word, and he is a man of honor, so he has stayed away and stayed retired, out of respect for the system, the fans, and respect for Taker. For almost a decade he’s had chants of “One more match” but he’s said no. Shawn turns to leave, but Taker asks is it respect, or is it fear. Taker says if Shawn came out of retirement, he’d put him down again, like he will to HHH in Australia…



We get the return of the Bella Twins, as they face Riott Squad. No doubt the Bellas tried their best to improve, but their ring work does nothing for me. Also found it funny that all their intro revolved around the new season of Total Divas, so it’s clear that this is just an ad for that. Brie undershot a suicide dive and could have potentially taken her own life with how she landed. Nikki gets the win off the Rack Attack.

Later on in the night the Bellas have a segment with Ronda Rousey where they offer to train her if needed. Ronda says she has Nattie for that, but they say they can help her with stuff outside the ring. Yeah, because we all want to see a season of Total Rousey. Actually, that could be interesting viewing…

Dana Brooke & Ember Moon teamed up to face the Thuggin’ & Huggin’ Connection in tag team action. Fairly standard match, Dana working most of the match, but Sasha manages to roll her up after Dana gets distracted by Titus & Apollo bickering. After the match Dana storms off. Why drag Ember into this shite?



Elias came out to the ring for his usual segment. He mentions getting slapped around the place by Trish Stratus last week and calls her insane. He runs down Columbus and even has the cheek to run down the Buckeyes. The Buckeye is the least intimidating mascot he can think of. He asks everyone to silence their cell phones, etc. but is interrupted by Alexa Bliss, Mickie James & Alicia Fox.

The ladies come to the ring and Bliss grabs a mic, to a huge home town pop. She reminds Elias that Columbus is the birthplace of the Goddess, and that she graduated in that very building. She leads the the crowd in an “O-H-I-O” chant, and says that is the sheep that live in Ohio. They’re jealous that they’re stuck there but she got out. She’s the biggest star to come from that city, but enough about her. She wants to apologise for Trish’s actions last week.

Alexa says she’s going to take care of Trish at Evolution, Ronda Rousey at Hell in a Cell, and Natalya tonight. But first, she wants Elias to play the song he was about to start, because she wants to Walk With Elias. He starts to play, but out comes Ronda, followed by Nattie…

The match between Alexa & Nattie is solid. A few distractions to allow Mickie & Fox to interfere, and eventually Bliss gets the win with an Armbar. After the match Ronda gets a few throws in on Fox, gets blindsided on Bliss, but does enough to fight her off.



Lashley had a “performance review” with Corbin. Apparently Lashley is a danger to the whole roster (watch his matches, you know it to be true). He is going to have an in-ring meditation session with Jinder Mahal. Shit, maybe we gave out the Biteen for Worst Segment too early this year. Jinder gets Bobby to sit, and says the whole crowd should sit (I doubt this segment had many of them on their feet). Bobby doesn’t take the meditation serious, but eventually Kevin Owens jumps him from behind.

The Village People unveil their new lineup…

Lashley tries to fight him off, but eventually gets outnumbered and  eats a Superkick from KO. Owens hits an apron powerbomb on him, and makes his way to the back. I think this was an underwhelming way to bring him back, especially just one week after “quitting”. But we’ll see where it goes from here, I suppose. And for once I didn’t completely hate a Lashley segment, but that’s all because of KO.



Bobby Roode & Chad Gable are a tag team now, apparently. They get the win over the Ascension. I want both of these guys to have singles success, but should be an interesting tandem.

When your parents tell you you have to let your little brother play too…

AOP came to the ring accompanied by Drake Maverick, who was even dressed like them. Drake says he may manage 205 Live, but he’s also going to manage AOP to the Raw Tag Titles. They then destroy 2 local chaps. Drake is well able to talk, so that’ll take care of the promo side of things for AOP.



Bella Twins def Riott Squad

Alexa Bliss def Natalya

Bobby Roode & Chad Gable def Ascension

Drew McIntyre & Dolph Ziggler def B Team (NEW RAW TAG CHAMPS)

AOP def Local Chaps

Sasha Banks & Bayley def Dana Brooke & Ember Moon

Braun Strowman def Finn Balor



I honestly don’t know what to make of this week, much like the past few weeks. They’re trying hard to push what they think is a good product, but what they’re trying to push is just not what people want. People want to cheer Braun, much like Becky Lynch on Smackdown, and if they are attempting to turn him heel I don’t see it working. Also, why was Kevin Owens, who Braun terrorised for the past 3 months, out there to help him beat up Roman at the end of the show. And how did the Shield bail themselves out after seeing a judge after 9pm on an American Public Holiday? Do they even work that late on non-holiday days? Answers on a postcard please….


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