Becky Lynch, a Heel? – WWE Smackdown Live – 21st August 2018

Smackdown Live 21 08

Summerslam has come and gone and we’re through the final night in Brooklyn. They are advertising this as a “Special Edition” of Smackdown Live so let’s see if it lives up to the hype they have created.



The big Smackdown story coming out of Summerslam was Becky Lynch turning on Charlotte Flair to a massive pop from the Brooklyn crowd. The questions coming out of this was if they had actually done the most stupid decision they could and try to turn Becky heel. Spoiler: That’s exactly what they are trying to do.

On this week’s Smackdown, Becky came out to no theatrics and cut a promo. She said that she deserved to be standing there as women’s champion and since the moment was stolen from her, Charlotte deserved the beating she got. Summerslam was supposed to be about Becky and she fought and earned her way into a singles match. She had accepted that Charlotte was in the match because that meant that she could silence the critics who said that she was just Charlotte’s friend. All good so far, could still be just a more aggressive face. And here’s where it took a nose dive.

The fans were cheering every word Becky said so she questioned them saying that they act like they are with her now but were they with her the whole time? They respond with Yes chants. And they are correct,. The fans were always with Becky. This is a terrible reasoning. There are deafening Becky chants at this stage. Becky goes on to say that when Charlotte was added, sure there were a few boos, but there was no boycott of Summerslam. There was no hashtag of #GiveBeckyAChance. And the fans applauded when Charlotte won (no, they didn’t). Becky says that she is never brought up in the conversation for greatest female superstar of all time. She has been made an afterthought.


Becky said that this is a generation of all talk, all opinion, but no action. She has had enough of opinions and decided to take action. The 3 count on Sunday was like her being counted out of a trance. She knew in that moment that Charlotte was holding her back. She knew that she was going to raise her hand up and rip her head off. It is now Beckys turn to be champion, not because the fans think she deserves it, because she says she deserves it.

Charlotte came out on the ramp, threw down the belt and ran to the ring. They brawled to the outside. Every time Becky was on offense, the crowd cheered and chanted for Becky. Paige brought out the entire Smackdown women’s division to break them up.

That was a great promo and was fantastically delivered but the crowd love Becky too much for her to be heel. This heel turn should have been Charlotte, not Becky. While I’m sure Becky will do great as a hell and this promo proved that, it’s not what the fans want. They want to support her, not boo her. “But it’s just Brooklyn”. Let’s see what happens next week. Or even before then. They have edited out the parts where Becky addressed the fans in the Youtube video.



The Miz and Maryse opened this week’s show to a chorus of Daniel Bryan chants. They look like they are in mourning and Miz is on the verge of crying. He said that 2 nights ago, something happened, and now he have a family to think about. He will make this short (This may sound familiar). “It is with a heavy heart and with the utmost sadness…..(long pause while the crowd realise what he’s doing)…..that I officially announce my retirement….(crowd goes wild)….from ever facing Daniel Bryan again. And Miz perks right up as Maryse starts laughing. He said that 100 Daniel Bryan punches couldn’t amount to one Miz punch (referring to the Brass Knuckles he hid in Maryse’s titties at Summerslam).

Daniel Bryan made his way out and just kept calling Miz a coward. Miz used Maryse as a human shield so Bryan couldn’t get to him. Miz says record books will say he won, and Daniel will never get a chance at him again. Daniel said that it’s all more of the Facade that is the Miz and he’s going to expose Miz for what he really is, a wannabe Hollywood star cosplaying as a professional wrestler. Maryse tells Daniel to go home and retire and change his name to Daniel Bella. Brie’s music then hits. She comes down to the ting, goes for Maryse who escapes, and then starts attacking Miz before Daniel throws him out of the ring too. Daniel tells us he just talked to Paige and at HIAC, it’s a mixed tag team match between Miz/Maryse and Bryan/Brie.

So yep, that’s happening. Might not be too bad but the 2 women haven’t been in the ring in quite a while and Maryse is only a couple of months removed from having a baby so we’ll have to see how well this goes. Let’s hope they give most of the match to the guys.



As the title may suggest, we have some new Smackdown Tag Team Champions. In a Summerslam rematch, The New Day took on The Bludgeon Brothers in a No Disqualification Match. Big E is out of the match due to his ribs getting messed up on Sunday by he is eating ribs in the back beforehand. This is the building that the New Day won the title in that they held for the record setting 483 days.

This was a really good match with Harper doing the Braun throwing a commentators chair spot to Kofi early on. We got tables, ladders and chairs, oh my, and lots of brawling at ringside. Kofi hit a Tornado DDT to Harper onto a chair. The Bludgeons put the ladder across 2 chairs and hit a Crucifix Bomb to Kofi onto the ladder, but only managed a 2 count. Harper gets one of the mallets, and gives it to Rowan, who runs at Kofi with it but ends up going through the barrier after Woods pulls Kofi away. Harper then went for a Powerbomb through the table to Woods, but Kofi stopped it with a mallet, then hit Trouble in Paradise. Woods followed this up with an Elbow Drop through the table, and we have new tag champions. 5 time, 5 time, 5 time, 5 time, 5 time, tag team champions.

Coming out of this, WWE have announced that Rowan has a torn right bicep and will be out of action for a few months. I’d love to see them give Harper a good singles run in the meantime.



A fair amount of things happening this week on a “Special Edition” of Smackdown Live so we’ll do a quick fire, not as detailed list. Mainly because I’m tired as fuck and want to get this article finished.


AJ Styles had a ramp interview with Renee Young. He said that Summerslam didn’t end the way he wanted it to. But he doesn’t regret what he did to Samoa Joe. Joe crossed the line. He makes a new promise, the next time Joe mentions his family’s name, he will rip his heart out. Joe then attacks AJ from behind, drags him off the stage and puts him in the Coquina Clutch. Joe grabs the mic and shouts “Oh Wendy?” AJ is here making promises to come home and tuck in the kids but Daddy’s already gone night night. Joe is awesome. That is all.


Shinsuke Nakamura had a selfie promo. She said that now that he’s dispatched Jeff, he’s the American hero. “Welcome to the United States of Nakamerica.”


Randy Orton and Jeff Hardy finally had their match on this “Special Edition” of Smackdown Live. Randy was working Jeff’s back after the Swanton to the apron at Summerslam. He then did the sticking his finger through Jeff’s ear hole again thing. In response, Jeff kicked Randy in the dick embracing his inner Shinsuke. Jeff then continued attacking Randy, and they end up in the crowd. After some chair shots, Jeff Swantons Orton through a table from a big road case.


The Bar had a chat with Renee backstage. They made a challenge to the winners of the tag team title match. The Good Brothers come up and audition for the Kickoff panel wearing glasses. Gallows put on an English accent. Karl shows his abs. The Club say that they should be no. 1 contenders, and if The Bar have issues with that, they can face them in the ring. Sheamus said that they will kick their heads off next week. Cesaro made a reference saying that Ed Sheeran even prefers The Bar. It took me a minute but that was a great reference.

Ed Sheeran: “The club isn’t the best place to find a lover, So the bar is where I go”


Peyton Royce, in her first appearance since all the Meltzer controversy, took on Naomi. Corey Graves immediately commented on the situation saying that he followed Peyton and Billie since NXT and neither Peyton or Billie have ever looked better. The IIconics do their usual slagging of the town and we’re into the match….which is sponsored by Dominos. Oh the irony. Billie tried to get involved in the match, Naomi went to deal with her and the distraction allowed Peyton to “knock off” Naomi on this “Special Edition” of Smackdown Live with a Fisherman’s Suplex with a bridge.


After all the Becky/Charlotte shenanigans, Carmella was backstage with Paige. Paige joked that Carmella has lost 10 pounds (the title, not making an anorexia joke). Carmella wants a one on one rematch. But not if R Truth has anything to say about it as he enters the room. Truth says that Carmella has been ducking and dodging him for weeks. He wants his title match and all he has to do is pin her to get it. Paige says no. Truth tells Carmella “You got lucky this time.” Carmella gets her rematch one on one next week against Charlotte on a not so special edition of Smackdown Live.


We had a rematch from Summerslam of Zelina Vega & Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas taking on Lana & Rusev. Vega questioned why the match was happening again? Me too Zelina, me too. Almas tried to use a chair but Aiden English came through the crowd and stopped him. The distraction let Rusev hit the Machka kick and lock in the Accolade for the win.




Not a bad show this week, but a step down from the last few weeks. The insanity of the Becky booking just has me baffled. Hopefully they do a 180 on it and put her back as a face. Becky as a heel right now makes no sense whatsoever. I like The New Day as tag champs and since Rowan is injured, it makes sense. I hope The Bar win next week as New Day/Bar matches are always awesome.



Randy Orton def. Jeff Hardy by DQ
Peyton Royce def. Naomi by pinfall
Rusev & Lana def. Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas & Zelina Vega by submission
The New Day def. The Bludgeon Brothers by pinfall


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