Talking Smack – WWE Smackdown Live – 7th August 2018

Smackdown Live 07 08

Another week, another Smackdown Live. We have the final (not finals) of the Tag Team Tournament to crown the challengers for Bludgeon Brothers at Summerslam. AJ Styles is also back to address the bastardly heel stuff that Samoa Joe said last week.  We’re on a good run of Smackdowns at the moment. Can they keep it up?



We’ll start off with the tag team stuff. The final of the tag team tournament took place as the main event of this week’s Smackdown between The Bar and The New Day. Before the match, Renee was backstage with The New Day. Kofi took her mic, put on a blonde wig and was wearing a suit. He’s a reporter now apparently and he asks Big E and Woods some tough hard hitting questions such as “How are you going to spar with The Bar?”. The 2 respond saying that they beat them before, so they’ll beat them again. The old Carmella strategy, I believe that’s called. They say that after that, the Bludgeon Brothers will bow down to the power of positivity. Good luck with that.

Big E’s fist firmly inside Cesaro

The match itself was pretty damn good which you would expect from these 2 teams. Kofi and Big E represented The New Day. Highlights included Big E going for a splash on the apron but nobody being there so he crashing into the apron hard. That’s the hardest part of the ring, you know. There was also a Superplex to Big E. Kofi divesd to the outside onto both members of The Bar. Sheamus and Cesaro hit an assisted White Noise on Big E. For the finish, Cesaro switched from having Big E in a sharpshooter to putting him in a crossface, but Big E powered out and got Cesaro into position on his shoulders. Kofi tagged in and they hit Midnight Hour for the win. So it’s gonna be The New Day vs Bludgeon Brothers at Summerslam for the tag team titles.



After Charlotte getting added to the Women’s Title match at Summerslam last week, Becky and Charlotte team up on this week’s Smackdown Live. Before the match, the two were backstage having an auld shinwag about the whole thing. Charlotte said that she wasn’t trying to ruin Becky’s moment. Becky said they both want the same thing. At Summerslam, Becky will prove she’s the best by beating the best. They said they will be all good in their tag match tonight because they aren’t Sasha and Bayley. Shots fired.

Their match was against The IIconics and Carmella was on commentary. The IIconics came out with live mics. Who gave them those? They play a word association game.

  • Orlando: The saddest place on earth (they both live there)
  • Charlotte: Overrated, bad dancer and lost to Carmella twice (I don’t ever remember seeing Charlotte dance)
  • Becky Lynch: Nothing comes to mind, doesn’t even see her because she’s in Charlotte’s shadow. Always the bridesmaid but never the champion (this is about former champion Becky Lynch)

Becky – “I wonder if there will still be any quinoa left in catering when we get back?”

The crowd meet this with “boring” chants throughout. In the match, Peyton tapped to Charlotte’s Figure 8 and then Cecky and Charlotte stare down Carmella who was standing on the announce table by this point. The 2 tea lovers chat in the back again after the match and say that they love tagging with each other but it will be different in 2 weeks at Summerslam. They will just have to be great against each other then. Tea time pose.



Miz is on location once again filming his reality show where they follow him around doing what he is supposed to be normally doing. So of course, he’s not at work. Earlier in the day, Miz released a video accepting the match against Daniel Bryan at Summerslam. There is a different picture in the background this week though breaking the 3 show trend of that cloud picture.

Byron Saxton did an interview with The Miz where Byron was in the ring and Miz was on the Titantron.Byron followed on from Kofi’s earlier hardhitting questions with ones such as “Are you not here because you’re afraid of Daniel Bryan?” Miz mentions that Miz & Mrs has outdrawn the entirely of Season 3 of Total Bellas and says that the reason he’s not there is because he’s a star. Byron asks if Miz has anything to say to the WWE Universe about the match with Daniel Bryan? Miz advises not to miss the 3rd episode of Miz and Mrs. Because Miz learns CPR. And Daniel should tune in as he needs to resuscitate his career. I liked that one.

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Miz says he hasn’t been thinking about Daniel. He’s been carrying him on his back and he’s done sharing the spotlight. Miz should be champion. Miz has been there night after night while Daniel has been crying in bed for the last 2 years. He’s not hiding and at Summerslam, he will expose D Bry as being beneath him. Miz tells Byron to go find Daniel Bryan and ask him about it. At this point, Daniel Bryan comes from offscreen and attacks Miz “on location”. I’m not sure how Daniel found out what location Miz was at but sure why not, we’ll go with it. Security tried to hold back Daniel and Miz cracked a jar of flowers off the back of Daniel’s head before leaving. Daniel stumbles out shortly afterwards.



After a couple of great promo segments last week from Randy and Joe, this week, Randy is back again doing the talkies but AJ Styles gets his say this time around.

We get a quick video recap of what Joe said last week before AJ comes out and addresses it all. He said that a lot goes on between these ropes, a lot of trash talking, manhood being tested, but Joe made it personal. AJ wants to be one of the greatest WWE superstars for his family. He makes sacrifices for his family. The reality is that his wife is basically a single parent because he can’t be there. He wants to be there, but what pisses him off is that Joe knows his wife and kids. Joe and AJ used to live together back in the day in a cockroach filled apartment. But Joe threw it all away with the comments he made. At Summerslam, Joe isn’t walking out the WWE champion, he’ll be lucky to walk out at all.

Nice promo, not quite at the level of Joe’s last week but still pretty damn good.


Randy Orton also had a killer promo this week. He actually opened the show with this one. He was greeted with “You Suck” chants as he made his way out. Orton showed a video package of what happened last week before asking “Do you still believe?” He made a vow to take out all the people that the crowd loves. He will become so violent that you will want to change the channel. We all believe in superheroes, believe in hope. It seems that Randy is now a comicbook supervillian and I love it.

Randy says that he doesn’t get respect, which is why he’s doing all this. He lists all his accolades (not the Rusev finisher). We can call him whatever we want, but all we need to refer to him as is R..K..O. Mic drop. I’m loving having heel Randy back. So much better than face Randy.



  • The Rusev Day saga continued this week on Smackdown when Rusev came out to ringside with Lana for her rematch against Zelina Vega. Rusev had forgiven Aiden English earlier in the night but asked him not to come out. After Rusev and Almas got into it at ringside, English came down to make the save and ended up bumping Lana off the top rope causing her to lose to the Double Knees from Vega. All the dissension in Rusev Day.

Hey, look over there, a distraction.

  • The Bludgeon Brother beat 3 jobbers who got a tag team name, 3SK. The commentators debated what this could mean with Byron or Tom (not sure which, they are really interchangeable) saying that it could stand for the 3 adoptive sons of one Sterling Keenan, referring to Corey’s indie name. Hilarity ensued. Bludgeon Brothers picked up the win with a Doomsday Device.
  • Shinsuke Nakamura was having a chat with Renee about the title match with Jeff Hardy. He said that Jeff was erased, Shinsuke will face whatever is left of him and leave nothing for Randy. R Truth then came over to him and wanted a title match at Summerslam. Shinsuke asks him how he would do that. Truth replies, “The same way everyone else does, I’m gonna pin Carmella.” Shinsuke speaks Japanese. Truth is shocked and won’t repeat what he said. The match with Carmella is now off, and he wants Shinsuke tonight. Shinsuke wins with a Kinshasa.



Another great Smackdown this week. They are still still killing it. Some great comedy with R Truth. Some great promos from Miz, Orton & AJ. A fantastic match in the tag team main event.  Just a great combination overall. A little bit of everything, that’s what you want. More please.



Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch def. The IIconics by submission
Zelina Vega def. Lana by pinfall
Shinsuke Nakamura def. R Truth by pinfall
Bludgeon Brothers def. 3SK (jobbers) by murder
The New Day def. The Bar by pinfall


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