Going In Raw – WWE Raw – 6th August 2018

Raw 6th August

Welcome to the 2nd last episode of WWE Raw before Summerslam. So far the red brand has really emphasised the fact that Brock Lesnar doesn’t give much of a shit, and it’s safe to assume he won’t be on Raw this week. But who WILL be on Raw this week? Probably an excessive amount of Roman Reigns, we will see Ronda Rousey’s RAW inring debut, and there’s bound to be a lot of disappointment and poor writing along the way. Let’s find out together, shall we?



We kick off the show with our now regular “last week on WWE Raw” video package, highlighting how Brock Lesnar doesn’t care about WWE, fans, etc. The more I’ve thought about that the more I’m wondering are they going to have Kurt be the one to take the title off Brock. Roman doesn’t get the job done again, then the night after Summerslam Kurt comes out and says since Roman can’t get the job done, he’ll have to do it himself. Speaking of Kurt, here he is now…

Kurt goes on about how Brock has no class, and hypes Ronda Rousey’s Raw debut. Constable Corbin warns Kurt to be careful. Kurt says Paul Heyman will keep his job, but he wants to address Brock attacking him…. But here comes the BIG DOG!



Roman Reigns comes to the ring and says Kurt should have known better. He kicked him out last week, and if you kick out the Big Dog, who will protect the yard? Señor Benjamin or that dog that bit Nakamura, I’m guessing. He trashtalks Corbin a bit, and then Kurt confirms the match will go ahead at Summerslam.

Kurt says he hopes Roman kicks his ass, and Corbin says that wasn’t very professional. Roman talks shit again, and Corbin says he was the bigger man. He also points out that he had already beat Finn Balor that same night, the guy who actually won a Universal Title, unlike Roman. Kurt says Corbin should have acted like a man. This all results in a Corbin-Roman match.

The early stages are dominated by Corbin. A point is made on commentary that we don’t know how many more title shots Roman will get if he doesn’t win at Summerslam. I can answer that: All of them! More Corbin dominating, and I’m starting to realise how formulaic Roman’s matches have become. Have you seen a John Cena match? It’s the exact same, except less hand waving and more fist cocking.

Corbin with a huge Deep Six… very impressive! The crowd getting behind Roman here, but don’t think a Brooklyn crowd will have the same effect. Corbin goes to walk out, but out comes Itsy Bitsy Balor. Roman with a Superman Punch and Spear and he gets the win. After the match Finn hits a Coup de Grâce



Renee Young conducted a sitdown interview with Paul Heyman to discuss the actions of Brock Lesnar last week. Paul looks like he’s either been crying a lot, or he’s just after coming in from a quick smoke with his prospective new client, Matt Riddle.

Paul says Brock has cut off his phone and he has not been able to get in touch, so he doesn’t know where he stands. He wants to talk, but Brock doesn’t want to answer him. He says Brock won’t like him talking about this private matter publicly, so Renee tries to talk about it from his side.

Paul asks if Renee is enjoying this, and says he is trying to get to the bottom of it. She asks if he considers Brock to be a friend, and he says he does. His children consider Brock’s kids to be friends too, and they’ve always been close.

Renee asks him if he has his eye on any other potential clients, to which he says that question was inconceivable a week ago. He can’t see where to go from here. She asks him who will win at Summerslam, and he explains he’s never seen this Brock in 16 years. He’s never been this violent, and against this Brock, Roman doesn’t stand a chance.

If WWE want an Emmy, just send in this for a Supporting Actor award! Loved it!



Our main event of the evening was a match between Alicia Fox and Ronda Rousey. Imagine that, Alicia Fox in a main event, not ON Main Event. Fox is accompanied by Alexa Bliss, and Charly Caruso asks Fox how she prepared for Ronda Rousey, and Fox does her crazy voice and goes on about Ronda’s accomplishments. Nothing special, but I do like Fox, so I won’t shit on this. Bliss also thanks her for her contributions to the division. When you think about it, Fox has managed to stay fairly relevant across a lot of changes, through the lows and back into the highs, which is impressive. Without any further delay, here’s Ronda!

Foxy, the hometown hero, with a bit of trashtalking to start, and goes for a slap but gets dropped. She distracts the ref so Bliss can trip Ronda, and Fox gets some cheap shots until Ronda gets mad and fires back.

Ronda with a few hip throws and arm-wringer throws (not “arm drags”, as I read some people say on Twitter). Foxy was ragdolling like a champ for her. Eventually Ronda locks in the armbar for a win in her Raw debut as Bliss looks on. Bliss tries to jump her after the match but Ronda throws her and Bliss retreats.



We had the return of the Kevin Owens Show this week. Anything that has Kevin Owens with a microphone is good to me. His guest this week is Jinder Mahal. He isn’t in the ring though, he has a small stage to the side of the ramp. Hmm, he’s feuding with Strowman, so I’m pretty sure that’s getting tipped over.

Surfin’ USA

Kevin introduces Jinder, and thanks him for everything he has done. He admits being skeptical of his methods, but Jinder has helped him. Jinder is responsible for Kevin being able to play with his son, despite what Braun done to him at Extreme Rules. He points out that they have both achieved something rare: they beat Braun Strowman. Kevin hypes his match with Braun at Summerslam, and says he will take everything from Braun, and then he will finally reclaim his Universal Title. Kevin pitches Jinder vs Braun once again, and calls out Braun, but there’s no sign of him. Ooh, why is the stage moving? Oh wait, Braun is under it and tips it over… while impressive, it’s a shame this was so predictable.

The match itself was similar enough to last week. Kevin tries to distract Braun, while Braun tries to smash Jinder. Kevin grabs the briefcase and takes off. Braun catches him and grabs the briefcase, then hits Jinder with it as he tries to pry it away from Owens, causing a DQ. Fair enough.



We see a recap of the finish to last weeks Drew McIntyre-Seth Rollins match, and the backstage beatdown from Drew & Dolph Ziggler. Seth walks into Kurt Angle’s office and says he needs to take care of both of them. Kurt makes a tag match for later in the show (playa playa!).

Later in the night Tyler Breeze tries to apply to be Rollins’ partner. He calls himself “Crossfit Breeze-us”, but Roman Reigns interrupts. I wonder who Seth’s partner will be…

Later in the night Constable Corbin is on the phone to Stephanie McMahon and she has a message for Kurt, so Corbin passes the phone to Kurt… couldn’t she just ring Kurt directly?

Ah, apparently, the message is that she doesn’t want to jeopardise the Summerslam match, so Roman is banned from being Seth’s partner. If he appears, he forfeits his title match. Roman cheapshots Corbin to end the segment. That’s Roman & Finn, 2 babyfaces, cheapshotting the heel authority figure in the one night.

The match is the usual good standard we expect from Drew, Dolph & Rollins. Drew controlling most of it with his power, keeping Rollins grounded. Seth rallies a few times, but the numbers game keeps catching up with him. Eventually it all gets too much and Dolph hits a Superkick for the win, even though Drew was the legal man.



Elias was seen backstage with a crew recording him for his 2nd documentary. He then comes to the ring and regales us with his usual melodic voice.The crowd definitely wants to Walk With Elias! He plugs his “album” again, and says the biggest names in music are afraid of him. There’s something not quite right about the scene though: the audience. He asks the crew if they can blur out the crowd, and then they start to film again, but Lashley’s music hits.

Walking armageddon comes down to the ring and is not too happy to hear Elias saying his name again. He says the documentary last week showed the true Elias, but Elias thinks it showed him as being full of himself and out of touch. Elias knows that Bobby just wants to steal his spotlight,but he won’t allow it. He thinks Lashley’s return has been a joke. Lashley fires back and calls everything about Elias a joke… great writing here. He says  next time Elias says his name, what he does won’t be a joke. Elias goes to leave, but throws a clipboard at Lashley and jumps him. Lashley fires up, and calls the camera crew back in to record him hitting a Stalling Suplex to close the segment. Am guessing he’ll use that tape to try get works on the Indys



  • Mojo Rawley took on Bobby Roode in singles action. The improvement in Mojo continues to impress me, but Roode gets the win.
  • Rezar defeated Titus O’Neil, because 50/50 booking is a fucking curse and should never exist
  • Roman Reigns had a sitdown interview with Corey Graves. Lesnar’s camp declined, apparently. Nothing to really report, it’s just a glorified video package.
  • B Team debuted terrible new music before facing The Revival. Was a solid TV match, until the Deleters of Worlds interfere and replace the men on the apron. They beat down Dash & Bo. Triple threat match for Summerslam?
  • Sarah Logan & Liv Morgan defeated Bayley & Sasha Banks when a returning Ruby Riott caused a distraction. Happy to see her back, but not a lot else to say about this really.



Roman Reigns def Baron Corbin

Rezar def Titus O’Neil

Bobby Roode def Mojo Rawley

Jinder Mahal def Braun Strowman (DQ)

Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre def Seth Rollins

Riott Squad def Scissor Sisters

Ronda Rousey def Alicia Fox


So there goes another week of Raw. Not a huge amount happened really. Another show dedicated to driving the Brock-Roman narrative, while leaving the rest of the male roster fairly stagnant. At least we got to see Ronda Rousey and she showed her dominance to try build that a bit. A note on the Braun Strowman storyline: They need to use his freakish feats of strength less often. It’s now becoming too obvious when one is coming, so they need to tease a few without actually following through. Using them less frequently heightens the impact when they actually do use them…. like Alexa Bliss’ double jointed spot that she’s totally doing in a Rousey Armbar at Summerslam…


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