Why The Miz is the MVP of WWE!

The Miz MVP of WWE
This is an article bound to irritate my founding partner (Old Steve) no-end so it qualifies as a two-for! But, in my humblest of opinion, The Miz has been and continues to be the MVP of WWE, no not Montel Vontavious Porter, I mean an actual relevant and important person! This article won’t try to convince you that he is the best wrestler, because he isn’t. Instead it will outline why I think he continues to be the most important person/character the company has to offer!
Why is that you ask? Well it’s simple. He captivates and owns every story he works regardless of who he is working it with. His infamous outburst with Daniel Bryan on Talking Smack nearly two years ago is in the same ball park as the CM Punk Pipe-bomb (Same ball park, nothing will ever touch Punk’s pipe bomb for what it did for the business!).

Perfect Heel!

The man shows something that we very rarely get to see on WWE television, genuine passion. Few would have predicted that the Miz would have developed into the leading heel character of the entire company. (Actual heel, remember, Roman Reigns is a face!)
The Miz Heel
The man made the Intercontinental Title relevant again. And yes, you could argue that was all due to booking but come on, we’ve all seen the ‘creative’ from the bookers lately right? It is widely touted that the Miz doesn’t get scripts from the creative team, only the direction of his story. The words & presentation in the ring is all him, and he shows what WWE are lacking so badly for the past while, actualy characters who are able to talk.
For too long we have seen wrestler after wrestler come to the ring and deliver a terribly scripted promo in a monotone voice who doesn’t/can’t interact with the audience. This is not something you can ever say about the Miz. Regardless of content of his promo, the Miz is always able to engage with the crowd even if it is something stupidly simple as saying “When my hand goes up your mouth goes shut”.


The Miz and Enzo Amore
People from all angles (even our disgruntled Steve) respects the Miz. He has made a career from nothing. He wasn’t an amateur wrestler like Brock or Dolph, he wasn’t an indie darling like Punk, Rollins or Bryan. He was a mouth piece, a reality TV star who was brought into the company at a time when it was all about the trashy reality aspect of the business, remember the Diva Search (SMH). He didn’t get much respect from the guys in the locker room at the time as reports confirmed he was even forced to change on his own.
Very reminiscent of a more recent star to join the company in Enzo Amore. Miz even cut a killer promo on him, saying that he was Enzo when he first joined but kept his head down, did the right things and became a Wrestlemania main eventer! Sadly for Enzo (And Old Steve) he couldn’t keep himself away from trouble or at least be a good boy back stage! But the Miz persevered, he kept his head down, trained hard and earned the respect of everyone at the company. He is one of a very short list of people who have relative creative freedom with WWE. He works with newer talent to help them perfect their promo work and always elevates the talent he works with.

Continues to Deliver..

Say what you want about the Miz, he might not be your cup of tea but you cannot deny the impact he has had over the past few years. Sure, his wrestling style may be a bit bland/safe, but as he said himself, that is the reason he has been injury free in over a decade. That is something to be proud of in a physical industry where you work over 200 days a year!
The Miz and Damien Mizdow
He has been able to reinvent himself time and again throughout his WWE Career; coming in as the reality TV star, teaming up with John Morrison for their successful tag-team title run before breaking out into a singles run which would see him win Money in the Bank, Cash in on Randy Orton and ultimately main event Wrestlemania with John Cena! Since then he has meandered a bit within WWE, often being used to elevate midcard talent. Remember his hilarious run with Damien Mizdow? or more recently his partnership with his wife Maryse when they teamed up against John Cena & Nikki Bella at Wrestlemania. Both of those angles brought about some of the most hilarious moments in recent memory.
The Miz and Maryse as John Cena and Nikki Bella
This current storyline he is building with Daniel Bryan has been brewing ever since that Talking Smack segment mentioned above. We didn’t think we would ever get a pay off due to Bryan’s injury but the moment that Bryan got the all clear nearly everyone licked their lips at the prospect of these two going at it! It has such a momentous feel that it could justifiably main even Wrestlemania, if ya know, Roman Reigns didn’t own that spot.
Miz and Daniel Bryan
Whatever the hate he gets, he continues to deliver, continues to captivate and continues to entertain. And at the end of the day, what more could a wrestling fan want!?

Give me more characters to be invested in!

Along side Kevin Owen, Elias (never would have predicted that) & Samoa Joe, The Miz is one of the few stars that make me want to match WWE television every week and with a roster so stacked with potential it’s a sad state of affairs that such depths of talent can only provide a mere handful of truly captivating characters for me to enjoy.
Hopefully something will change that, but I’m not going to hold my breathe!

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