Bomb Chicken Review – Insert Egg Pun Here

As the industry seeks authenticity and realism in larger 4K HDR titles I’m glad games like Bomb Chicken exist.

Bomb Chicken is the most video gamey video game that I’ve played in a few months – that is to say that it’s utterly stupid premise and actions make so much sense while playing it.

Bomb Chicken gives us control of a fat little chicken who can lay explosives. In a narrative similar to Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee we find our hero trying to escape an evil processing plant while also extracting revenge on the humans who are harvesting chickenkind.

Free Range Eggsplosives

Our plumpy poultry pal cannot jump due to her weight issues. In a side scrolling platformer that is a death sentence. However, her ability to lay bombs rather than eggs is the key to solving this problem. Navigating gaps in floors, high ledges or eliminating enemies must all be done by laying bombs. There doesn’t seem to be any limit on this so sitting atop an ever-growing stack of bombs then falling off of them like a boss is a valid strategy when trying to get over enemies and traps.

However, the chicken is not bomb proof. Your greatest trick can quickly become your downfall. There is a risk/reward element at play. You could play it safe with smaller amounts of bombs in short bursts to get past areas piece by piece OR go balls to the wall with some elaborate Die Hard type moves for that 80s action hero moment. Cool guys don’t look at explosions and neither does our hefty hero.

Farm To Console

Levels are varied and mix up the play nicely. Some are basic linear platforming, left-to-right affairs. Some levels are Zelda style dungeons (don’t worry, they are nowhere near as complex) and other levels have an “escape” type theme where your fat little friend must flee from a meat grinder.

All of this is set inside of the evil meat processing plant in colourful pixel art style. The game does a great job of making each area seem like the devil’s holiday home. I’ll still eat chicken, sure, but I did feel sorry for the poor delicious little souls.


Set across nearly 30 stages Bomb Chicken is a great little title that suits the Switch perfectly. It can be a short affair but a very replayable one. At €19.99 it’s a nice little pick up. 3.5 Meltzers!



I resisted the urge to make a “Chicken Tonight” joke. I feel like I’m going to spontaneously combust.

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