A Case For “Battle Royale Mode” In FIFA 19

I know, I know…it sounds crazy but hear me out. This is something I have thought about for years, long before the explosion of Battle Royale modes in games.

PUBG brought Battle Royale to the masses but Fortnite has really set the gaming world alight since releasing a free Battle Royale mode for it’s then struggling title. Now tonnes of games have tacked on the mode whether it fits it not. I think it fits with FIFA, hear me out.

We all played that elimination football game in parks or schoolyards as kids. We called it “World Cup” where I grew up. Some called it “FA Cup”, some called it “Knockout”…the unimaginative cretins. The premise was simple: the game is played on one side of the pitch with one Goalkeeper and it’s every man for himself. When you score you move on to the next round, the one who fails to score a goal is eliminated. The second round requires two goals to advance and so on. It comes down to a final, one on one, where the first man to score the required amount of goals wins!

It’s a great game and would suit FIFA 19 perfectly. There would be no need to mess around by allowing everybody to be Ronaldo or Messi all the time. Instead, use the Pro Clubs player. The “Battle Royale Mode” can help with increasing the Pro’s stats. Pro Clubs users desperately need another way to boost stats anyway!

You could even have a loot box gimmick (they’ll love that) where top players can be unlocked for use in this mode for a limited time much like loan players work in Ultimate Team currently. Fill those loot boxes with timed stat boost items while you’re in there. Fill them with new jerseys for your player. People will go crazy for it. Money on the table.

Floss And Such

Fortnite Battle Royale, pictured above, slamming Andre The Giant at Wrestlemania III.

If you’re not in touch with the Fortnite boom then it’s impossible for me to explain how massive this game really is. It is unquestionably the biggest game of the year. The amount of money Epic Games are raking in from Battle Passes and general “V-Bucks” transactions is absurd.

April, May and June combined saw Epic take in a cool $900m through in game purchases alone so I would argue Fortnite is the biggest game of this console generation. New “skins” and new “emotes” seem to be quite profitable. This can easily transfer to a FIFA Battle Royale mode in the form of new jerseys and new goal celebrations.

Just as transferable as the Fortnite add-on mechanic is the consumer base. A large proportion of Fortnite players are kids, most of those kids also play FIFA. It’s a match made in heaven. Just to top the whole thing off why not bring back the indoor arena for this mode? Lets also have a normal everyday park as a pitch. This mode suits a football game down to the ground, how has this not been done before?

Oh, jumpers for goalposts. We’re gonna need a pitch with jumpers for goalposts. 

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