Going In Raw – WWE Raw – 9th July 2018

It’s that time of week again; that time of the week where WWE try to leave us enthralled with their billion dollar flagship show, but inevitably leave us with a taste of disappointment and regret. Last weeks episode of Raw was full of the Big Dog Roman Reigns and non-finishes, so can this week be any different? It can’t get any worse, can it? Let’s find out…



We kicked off the show with a lovely video package reminding us of the many feuds the Big Dog is involved in. How could we forget that he’s feuding with half the fucking roster? This lasted 2 minutes 45 seconds, and then we saw Poochie himself backstage, where he is confronted by adversary #1, Lashley. Roman’s on the way to HIS ring, apparently, and Lashley suggests he goes out there and calls him out. But if he does, Bobby won’t be there to talk, he’s going to tear him apart. Then he just moves out of the way. That was weird.

“Last one down to the ring has to wrestle Mojo”

Cue Roman music, cue the boos from the crowd, cue Michael Cole teetering on the verge of orgasm. Roman says he’s never been told by someone to call them out, but that’s what he’s going to do. Out comes Bobbo himself, but before anything can happen Kurt Angle comes out and says they are to save it for Sunday. The boys don’t listen to him, and we have a bit of a brawl. Some of the roster come out to separate them, but they keep fighting them off until more help arrives. Paint by numbers brawl here, that ends with a Roman dive to the outside. The highlight of it for me was that we had a Mike Kanellis sighting.

Later in the night Lashley had a promo with Renee. He says he respects everyone he fights, even Sami Zayn. But not for Roman. He doesn’t like the way he walks or talks, and at Extreme Rules, Roman won’t walk out afterwards, and he can believe that. Everyone knows I’m not a fan of Lashley, but this is the sort of stuff that will make me hate him slightly less.



We got to see a recap video of “Mr Monster in the Bank” Braun Strowman terrorizing Kevin Owens over the past few weeks. This lasted just under 3 minutes. Kevin appears in Kurt’s office, and Kurt seems surprised that Kevin showed up to work, for some reason. He has a doctors note saying he’s not cleared to compete, but he’s here anyway, and he wants to get ready in the one place he’s safe: Kurt’s office. Later in the night Braun comes in to the office, wearing a Monster in the Bank tshirt. Kurt says he invited Braun in here, since Kevin keeps running from him. He’s making a match between them for Sunday, a cage match. I don’t understand the booking of this at all, and it’s honestly souring me on Strowman at this point.



Seth Rollins (who’s so hot right now) was looking for Roman, but he finds Jinder Mahal. Jinder tries to educate Seth on his meditation thing, and that was apparently good enough to jump to promoting his match with Dolph Ziggler this Sunday. After a quick break, Seth cuts a promo hyping the same match, reminds us it’s a 30 minute IronMan match. He takes a cheap dig at Drew McIntyre, and Ziggly-do-da come out to have their say.

THAT’S what “The Guy” looks like

Ziggler calls Drew a “giant psychopath”, and says he won’t just bring his quickness, talent and Drew with him, he’s also bringing the IC title, and he’ll be leaving with it too. Drew says it’s not all bad, Seth will still have his cute nicknames to go with his career-defining loss. Dolph says Seth is good, but he’s no Dolph Ziggler.

Seth tries driving a wedge between Dolph & Drew. He essentially calls Drew Dolph’s bitch, and he implies Drew follows Dolph because Dolph knows his secret. The secret apparently is that Drew is a sheep shagger… ah lads! This all ends in a match between Drew & Seth, where if Drew loses he’s banned from ringside Sunday.

The match itself was a really good example of a Power vs Speed match. There was a dive from Rollins that Drew caught and hit a slam onto the apron. Drew controlled most of the match and looked fantastic. The ending comes when Dolph distracts Seth, Seth hits him with a Curb Stomp, and Drew hits a Claymore for the win! Am sure that won’t be the last time we see those 2 fight each other!



Alexa Bliss & Mickie James took on Nia Jax & Natalya, 6 days before Alexa defends her title against Nia. Nia & Nattie hit a Hart Attack early on which was good. Some mind games from Alexa, then we get a frame-in-frame ad for Extreme Rules. I don’t understanding using these spots for events they are otherwise promoting throughout the show anyway. Nia pins Mickie with a Manslaughter Legdrop, but Bliss attacks with a kendo stick. She gets in a few shots, until Nia fires up and sends them retreating. Meh. Afterwards Nia cut a decent promo backstage about how she’s going to crush her on Sunday. Later in the night Alexa cuts a phone promo and says after Sunday she will be called “Extreme Raw Women’s Champion”… dear God no!

Sasha Banks & Bayley had more counselling, but not with Dr Shelby. Bayley says Sasha will only ever care about Sasha. Cole & Corey spoke over the entirety of the 2nd and 3rd short clips, rendering them pointless. They will report back to Kurt next week… I can’t wait!

Tyler Breeze was giving Sarah Logan & Liv Morgan fashion advice and free tshirts backstage, which they ripped up. Fair enough. Liv then faced Ember Moon in a rematch from last week. Liv controls most of it, until Ember hits a kip-up-rana to send her into the turnbuckle. Logan attempts a distraction but gets knocked from the apron, and Ember pins Liv with a Jackknife cover. Nice!



  • Mojo Rawley vs No Way Jose finally happened. Mojo won. Let’s move on…
  • The B Team impersonated the Deleters of Worlds again, before Bo Dallas was due to take on Matt Hardy. The Deleters cut a promo and the lights go out, and they appear behind the B Team. Coach made a point during the match that “Broken ribs are going around these days”, a dig at JR’s injury from NJPW this week. Fuck off Coach! Bo picks up the win off a distraction from ringside, but afterwards the Deleters lay them out. The Revival were shown watching this backstage during the match too

  • Finn Balor & Bobby Roode faced Baron Corbin & Elias. Before the match Corbin sang “Itsy Bitsy Balor”… did that actually go out on Global TV? I want Corbin to succeed, but they give him such shit to work with. They showed the Tweets between Balor and Corbin, but cut out Balors “#BOSJ”. It was a good match,  some nice teases for the Corbin-Balor match this Sunday, and Constable Chromedome pins Roode for the win.
  • A new episode of “Being The Elite” dropped at the same time as Raw this week. That provided more entertainment and creativity in 15 minutes than 3 hours of Raw.




Nia Jax & Natalya def Alexa Bliss & Mickie James

Ember Moon def Liv Morgan

Mojo Rawley def No Way Jose

Bo Dallas def Matt Hardy

Baron Corbin & Elias def Finn Balor & Bobby Roode

Drew McIntyre def Seth Rollins



Another week, another poor attempt at a TV show from WWE Raw. And that is not a dig at the talent, as all of them, even Lashley, are trying to make the best of what they are given. The opening segment was essentially the only story to make significant progression, and the main event was the only segment to have much of an effect on the landscape of a match for this Sunday. Everything in between was a giant pile of meh, and done nothing to get me exciting for Extreme Rules.


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