The Best Reactions To England Winning The World Cup (Potentially)

England players celebrate their penalty shootout victory over Colombia - World Cup 2018

It’s a sense of optimism and euphoria that grips jolly old England every 2 years. A feeling that after decades of hurt, they might just have a chance of winning a major tournament. Not since 1966 have they tasted the sweet victory and proven themselves to be the best in Europe, or even the world. Missed penalties, goalkeeping howlers and star players failing to perform have plagued them in times gone by. But this time around there is a different feel in the air…

Whereas past teams felt like a group of individuals, Gareth Southgate has instilled a proper team mentality into this group of seemingly fearless youngsters. After a jittery start against Tunisia they swiftly put Panama to the sword. Their only loss so far, the group decider against Belgium, isn’t even worth noting, as both sides had qualified already.



The weight of a whole nation’s dreams on your shoulders? No problem…

The bigger monkey on their backs in recent times was the thoughts of a penalty shootout. After last night’s 1-1 draw with Columbia, every English fan was most likely having horrific flashbacks to the likes of Stuart Pearce & Southgate. It was a streak lasting 22 years and 12 days since they last won a shootout. Those feelings probably got even worse when Jordan Henderson had his kick expertly saved by David Ospina. However, 2 misses by Columbia gave Eric Dier a chance to step up, vanquish the shootout demons, and send his country to the Quarter Finals and a date with Sweden.

The Tottenham man stepped up, calmly drilled the ball into the bottom corner, and with it sent his whole country into meltdown! Could the dream finally be about to come true? Can this team succeed where the so-called “Golden Generation” so often failed? They’re now only 3 games away from immortality, and football is just 3 games away from coming home.

Of course, the best reactions have made it onto the internet, and the creativity of the social media generation has not disappointed. There have been some absolutely fantastic videos and Tweets posted in the Twitter-sphere for our pleasure. From mashups of scenes from iconic TV shows to sheer elation of politicians and former players, a nation is slowly starting to believe. We decided that some of these were so good that they just had to be shared:


These 2 were posted before the game kicked off, but were too good to leave them out:



Before a ball was kicked, we decided to sit down and have a bit of a chat about who we thought had a chance of going all the way, who were dark horses, and who were destined to fail. We already know we were wrong about some teams, but what about those who are still standing? Hear our thoughts on them in our World Cup preview podcast


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