Going in Raw – WWE Raw – 2nd July 2018

Raw 2nd July 2018

Another week, another episode of WWE Raw! Last week had some good in-ring action, but the storyline aspects of it were a bit weak, and inconsistencies plagued the show once again. This week we have the fallout of the ZigIntyre-Shield staredown that closed last week’s show, and Bayley & Sasha go to therapy. Let’s see how that goes…



We kick off the show with a promo, as is tradition! Out trots Roman Reigns, and Michael Cole has his first orgasm of the night. Apparently Roman will team with Lashley to take on the Revival again. Cole says the line “As you saw, Roman Reigns finds himself in the middle of a lot of things here in WWE” – my thoughts exactly…

Drew just saw Seth’s dick pic for the first time…

We must be in Bizarroworld, because there’s lots of boos and Roman Sucks chants. He says he never thought he’d say it, he never thought he’d say he lost to the Revival, but he had the worst tag partner of all time. Apparently he doesn’t want to team with Bob again, he wants to fight him. He says Lashley thinks he’s the guy, but he’s not the guy…. The Big Dog is the guy! This brings out Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre.

Dolph says Roman is the real egomaniac, and that he acts like everything has to go through him. Drew says Roman always has to be the hero, like when he saved Seth Rollins last week. Zigglypuff says that’s why they’re here; he stuck his nose in their business, it’s only fair if they repay the favour. They double team him, until Seth Rollins makes the save.

Backstage afterwards the Shield boys bump into Kurt Angle and they say they want ZigIntyre. Kurt makes the match for next week, but Roman wants it tonight, so he’s pulling double duty… oh joy! A bit later Lashley shows up as the Shield boys are getting ready, and I went for a piss… I’m guessing he ran Roman down, he doesn’t like him, and one of them told the other to just stay on the apron and leave them take care of the Revival.



So Dolph Ziggler & Seth Rollins will have a 30 minute IronMan match at Extreme Rules. Didn’t they go over 30 minutes last week? So there’s a chance this will be a 0-0 draw? Great idea! Anyway, we get the team of Seth & Roman Reigns against Dolph & Drew McIntyre.

Quick start from Seth & Dolph, which ends with Seth getting the upper hand and Dolph tagging out. The difference in Dolph in recent weeks is incredible, he’s like a man reborn, and it’s great to see.

Dolph goes for a Stinger Splash and gets hit with an uppercut in midair from Roman, which looked class! He makes a tag to Rollins, and the best hot tag in the business does his thing. Drive-by kick by Roman and Seth hits a Frog Splash on Ziggler, but Drew breaks it up. Everyone is cleared from the ring, leaving just Seth in the ring. Double crossbody onto ZigIntyre as we go to a break.

We come back from break and Ziggler has Rollins in a sleeper… ‘member when that was his finisher? I ‘member! Drew gets tagged in, and Rollins knocks him out of the ring, but Drew drags Roman off the apron before Seth can make the tag. Rollins sends Dolph into the barrier, but Drew intercepts the tag. Drew eats a superkick, and Dolph goes for a FameAsser but gets a Buckle Bomb for his troubles. He crawls for the tag, but The Revival attack Roman! All 4 guys beat down the Shield brothers, Revival send Roman into the ring steps, Rollins eats a ClayZag, and Roman get a Shatter Machine to end the segment.



I don’t care what anyone says, in my eyes this is a push for The Revival, compared to their past few months. Hopefully this was a way for them to prove to the company they should have faith in them. During the entrances Coach says Roman should leave Lashley finish (phrasing).

Dawson starts the match against Roman, and targets the ribs that they injured earlier (despite Roman no-selling them before the match). Roman knocks him from the ring, but refuses to tag Lashley. Revival take advantage of the distraction to take control again and keep working the ribs. Roman eventually summons the power to send Dawson crashing into the corner and clothesline Dash. Lashley comes in illegally and slams both Revival members, and steps back out. Roman turns to tag Lashley, but stops again, and sets up a spear. Dawson grabs his foot, and they both double team Roman, causing a DQ. Lashley was in the ring for longer than they were though, so where’s the logic in that? They hit another Shatter Machine on him, followed by an Air Enzo (just for Steve), as the crowd chant “One More Time”… yep, this is really getting Roman over!

In Kurt’s office afterwards Roman is told the match is official for Extreme Rules. I hope it main events so I can go to bed early.



Shania Twain’s #1 fan Kevin Owens shows up, and pulls right up to the back door. After what Braun done last week I’m surprised he’s here, but that proves he Ain’t No Quitter. The valet tries to take his keys, but Owens says no.

Owens goes into Kurt’s office to complain about Strowman. Kurt says it sounds like KO wants a match… ah Kurt, Don’t Be Stupid! Kevin says he wants Braun to go to counselling, or be suspended, or fired. Kurt says they settle things in the ring (despite sending Sasha & Bayley to therapy), so the match will be tonight.

Later on KO offers Kurt Shania tickets since he’s friends with her now, and he’ll even babysit Kurt’s kids. Kurt rejects the offer and KO says Kurt doesn’t deserve to see Shania anyway (I’ll be going to see her in September though, so I’m Alright).

Their Party for Two main evented the show. Braun is introduced as “Mr Monster In The Bank” again, and That Don’t Impress Me Much. All in All it was a short match, since KO decided “I’m Outta Here!”, and ran away. Braun gave chase, and decided he wanted to have More Fun with Kevin.

Kevin goes to get into the car, but he forgot the keys. He looks for somewhere to hide, and settles on a portaloo. Braun comes out and is looking around for him, then apparently can smell him in the portaloo. He puts on a high-pitched voice and asks is anyone in there, and when KO answers, he tapes the door shut and drags it through the backstage area, with Owens inside it. He brings it out to the arena, and up a convenient ramp on the side of the entrance ramp. Braun pauses for a moment to milk the cheers from the crowd, then pushes it off the far side of the stage! Officials pull Kevin from the wreckage as Braun is announced the winner of the match, and we go off the air!


Baron Corbin comes to the ring, and insists on Mike Tom re-doing his intro correctly. He says he’s here to help, and everyone needs help to get to the top sometimes. He says if you get detention, the teacher is trying to make you a better student, and other examples. This is the same on Raw, and he has been made Constable by Stephanie to make Kurt Angle a better GM.

He says sometimes there’s someone too proud to accept help, and that’s Finn Balor. He recaps their tag match falling apart last week and their brawl, and he calls Finn out so Finn can apologise to him. Stupid Sexy Balor answers the call, and out he comes.

Finn telling his waiter he wanted his steak medium-rare…

Corbin says this doesn’t have to be hard (phrasing), and to prove he isn’t singling out Finn, he’ll apologise first. When he pulled Finn from the ring last week and hit him with a forearm, he just wanted to talk, but he forgot he’s bigger, tougher and stronger, so he’s sorry. Finn says he’s sorry too, sorry that his comments about Corbin’s vest last week got him fired from TGI Fridays (my favourite Japanese restaurant). He says Corbin does deserve an apology… from whoever gave him his haircut.

Corbin says he needs to listen up. He knows it’s tough for guys like Finn, they don’t get the opportunities he does, don’t get paid as much as he does, etc. so Finn needs to suck up his pride and apologise. Finn says he’s sorry, but Corbin stopped deserving apologies when he became Stephanie’s stooge. Corbin with the cheap shot, but Balor hits a Slingblade and Corbin retreats.



After Bayley attacking Sasha Banks last week, we have their counselling sessions on air this week. Sasha says “you’ve got to be kidding me” when she shows up and sees Bayley in the waiting room… it was announced they would both be going, so why is she surprised? They bicker, but Dr Shelby appears….. There’s hope for this segment afterall!

He brings them into “The Friend Zone”, which is his office. It’s called that because the only rules in there are the 7 Tenants of Friendship. We leave them be for a while and head back to our regularly scheduled programming. This is already on its last legs, and even Dr Shelby can’t fix it.

When we return, apparently a few hours have passed. Sasha asks can they leave, because this is not working. They’re going to try Honest Theatre, which is essentially role-reversal, and he asks Sasha how Bayley feels. She impersonates Bayley and calls her a pushover and mocks her immaturity. Bayley (being Sasha) makes fun of how Sasha stabs everyone in the back, and her link to Snoop Dogg. They get up in each others faces and start shouting, but Dr Shelby screams “Enough!” and we get a “To Be Continued…” at the bottom of the screen. How long are they going to drag this out for?



Elias has a backstage segment with Sarah Logan & Liv Morgan. We don’t have Ruby Riott this week because she got injured at the weekend. He says he won’t be playing for the crowd tonight, but he’s got something in mind for the 2 ladies. He starts to play a tune, they tip over a few bins, and they’re off to the ring.

Liv is set to go one on one against Ember Moon. Relatively slow start, with Liv keeping Moon grounded and Moon getting the odd few moves in. We go to break, and come back to Liv having Moon in a Full Nelson. Moon breaks it and goes for an Ankle Lock, but Liv sends her into the ropes and hits a running Enziguri. Moon fires up, drives Liv into the corner and hits a double stomp. She climbs to the top, and nails an Eclipse… possibly the best sell of that move since Mickie James a few months back. Good showing from Liv, and Moon gets the W to keep her momentum going, so nicely done.



  • Matt Hardy faced Curtis Axel again, but he faced him alone. Bray Wyatt was injured over the weekend so has the night off. The B Team impersonated the Deleters again before the match, and they have the characters perfect, but doing it every week feels like overkill. The match was pretty good, and Axel gets the win for the 2nd week in a row! Axel flosses on the stage afterwards, which looked weird but fantastic!

  • Titus Worldwide got destroyed by Authors of Pain… no surprises there! There was a beautiful combination-Dominator in this that I loved. The Last Chapter is a shit finisher though!
  • There was no “delicious, flavourful, crispy, crispy, delicious, flispy” Sonic ads this week. Instead it was AntMan & The Wasp that sponsored every spare second on the show.
  • Mojo Rawley was supposed to face No Way Jose. He cut a promo beforehand about how Jose is making a mockery of his opportunity, then cheap shots him. He tosses some of the Jose-buds around, and Jose tries to fight back but Mojo lays him out. Anyone else not give a shit about this feud?
  • Nia Jax killed Mickie James in a rematch from 4 months ago. Nobody cares about this really, and hopefully after Bliss beats Nia at Extreme Rules (which is now an Extreme Rules match), that will be the end of this feud. We also found out Ronda Rousey will be at Extreme Rules in the front row to watch this.



Curtis Axel def Matt Hardy

AOP def Titus Worldwide

Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins def Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre (DQ)

Ember Moon def Liv Morgan

Roman Reigns & Lashly def Revival (DQ)

Nia Jax def Mickie James

Braun Strowman def Kevin Owens (Countout)



This felt very similar to last week: Some good in-ring work, hampered by poor creative and glaring inconsistency across the overall product. Braun Strowman is allowed run riott and terrorise Kevin Owens, but Bayley attacks Sasha Banks and they both need therapy?

Ember Moon continues to be a bright spot of a show that struggles to impress, and Liv Morgan had a good showing against her. That sell on the Eclipse is easily top 3 sells I’ve seen of it, after Mickie James a few months back and Peyton Royce (back in NXT)

I’m happy to see Revival get more TV time, especially against top stars, but overall this whole show was built around Roman Reigns being in 2 tag matches, and both ended in DQ… they’re a billion dollar TV company now, so this lazy booking needs to stop!!


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