Talking Smack – Happy RUSEV Day!

Rusev Smackdown Live

After a fairly decent Money in the Bank PPV we had to endure a fairly poor RAW, and now we find ourselves looking at Smackdown Live to restore our wrestling mojo! Thankfully we got some good action!

Happy RUSEV Day!

In the main event, we had a 5 man Gauntlet match featuring Daniel Bryan, Big E, Samoa Joe, The Miz & Rusev to crown the new #1 Contender for AJ Styles’ WWE Championship.

If you only get to watch one bit of action from the weeks RAW or Smackdown then make sure this is it. It opened with some fantastic wrestling between Bryan and Big-E who started the match! I know it’s been said before but Daniel Bryan really can have top quality matches with anyone. Luckily Big-E can do the graps! I would love to see this be a feud, not sure how it could come about but hook it up to my veins! Bryan pins Big-E after hitting a shining wizard. Next up Bryan beats Samoa Joe after a count out. Bryan suffered a quick attack by the Bludgeon Brothers (No logic other Bryan came out as they were walking off from previous match, see below. Assume it was meant to be Big Cass who did the beat down but, you know, he got fired!). Steve M’s favourite guy The Miz capitalised on Bryan’s misfortune to get a quick pin. Should add fuel to that feud whenever they kick it off!

Finally we got Rusev v Miz with the winner to face AJ Styles at Extreme Rules! To be honest, I would have been happy with either guy to win. It felt fresh & would have been a new title feud not seen before!

After a long period of domination Rusev finally picked up the win and he was only ELATED with the victory and to get his first ever 1-on-1 WWE Championship match.


The Most OVER Woman on WWE Television


Becky Lynch WWE Smackdown Live

Of course I am referring to the amazing Becky Lynch. This week she had a singles match with Billie Kay, with Peyton Royce ringside. As soon as I saw this set up I immediately assumed assumed Lynch would lose to Kay through shenanigans and then lose to Royce next week similarly before having a handicap match the week after that. How many times have we seen this before?

Shockingly Becky won clean, feels like the beginning of a push! To be fair, if the people backstage cannot hear the overwhelming support that Lynch has more so than any other female talent (with the possible exclusion of Ronda Rousey) then they really are the drizzling shits!

Mella Is Annoying AF!

Carmella opened this show this week with a big happy head on her after ‘single-handedly’ defeating Asuke at Money in the Bank. Not going to spend much time on this cus it’s fairly shit and we have that gobshite Elsworth back on our screens. Effectively this feud is not over and I’m guessing we have another match at Extreme Rules.

SAnitY have finally arrived!

SAnitY have arrived albeit without the deranged Nikki Cross, which was very disappointing! They destroyed the Usos. Literally. Before the match began. Guessing they could do this feud and eventually tie in Cross and Naomi, which could be cool. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Good Brothers are not good enough!

Not exactly sure why, but we got another Tag-Team Title match between the Champions The Bludgeon Brothers and the Good Brothers; Karl “Abs” Anderson & Big Luke Gallows.

The Good Brothers put up a good showing but it was ultimately the same result as Money in the Bank. A fairly pointless affair!

Nakamura demoted to Mid Card

In a move we all saw coming, Nakamura has been demoted to the mid card and is now developing a feud with Jeff Hardy who himself had some nice face paint and used some more big words again this week in a back stage promo. More to come from this!

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