The Alleged Wrestling Podcast 1st June 2018


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This weeks Alleged Wrestling Podcast covers all of the latest news in the world of Professional Wrestling.

In a week that saw WWE seal ANOTHER billion dollar TV deal we were robbed of a match that was advertised for an entire week! Don’t worry though, they had a dance contest instead. Stuff like this confirms everybody’s fears, these new TV deals mean WWE can do whatever they want from now on and they will troll their fans mercilessly for the next 5 years!

What do these new TV deals mean for the brand split? We discuss a few ideas, there’s no way it stays as it is surely? Fox and USA will want big ratings draws on their shows.

He’s “Reincarnated”

Enzo Amore returned to the public eye, we discuss his new song in great depth. Is he the songbird of our generation??

The in ring action was excellent this week, particularly on Smackdown. Steve says something he never thought he would say….

There were a lot of tangents this week but the rest of storyline details are also covered as we slowly crawl towards Money In The Bank.

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