The Alleged Wrestling Podcast 24th May 2018


Unfortunately, due to a connection issue on the Podcast, Steves usual standard of audible chocolate is affected. His audio is usually like a Galaxy Caramel – smooth, delicious, sexy, but this week Steves internet was being a dick so it breaks apart like a cheap Flake in an ice cream cone. Sure, it’s delicious in parts but breaks away too easily and never truly achieves the consistency and glory of the aforementioned Galaxy Caramel.

It’s patchy at the start, gets better for about 15 mins, then falls apart like pieces of a wet cake. Steve eventually gave up and Gordo took over the big boy mic for the last hour or so. That’s right! It’s bizarro world maggle!

We apologise for this temporary lapse in one mans audio quality but as Gordo said during the sign off… it was better than Raw this week.


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This weeks Alleged Wrestling Podcast covers all of the latest news in the world of Professional Wrestling.

WWE have reportedly sold the rights for Smackdown to Fox at $200m a year over 5 years…a ONE BILLION DOLLAR deal. This news coincided with arguably the worst segment in Raw history where Sami Zayn brought out three men dressed in drag portraying Bobby Lashley’s sisters. Timing. Lets just say there was a lively debate on the subject this week.

The billion dollar week also saw the return of the Billion Dollar Princess. The “best for business line is back in full force. What did we do to deserve that?! Roman vs “WWE Management” is the latest attempt to get Roman over. Haven’t we been here before? What will they try next before the desperately needed heel turn?

The rest of storyline details are also covered as we crawl towards Money In The Bank.

We end with a Podcast recommendation for the week!

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