OTT Contenders 8 Recap

OTT Contenders 8

It’s another OTT weekend so as is tradition, I have left my Contenders recap for last month until the last minute. We did a Preview on Youtube for OTT Scrappermania and Contenders 9 but this article is all about last month’s Contenders 8. So let’s time travel back a month. It’s OTT Contenders 8 which means that the Tournament for the NLW Title begins now. We have the 1st round and semi-final matches on this show along with a couple of other matches. A lot to get through. I’ve heard really good things about this one so let’s get started. Devlin is on the poster but he was injured so didn’t make the show.

OTT Tournament

Aonghus opens up the show and bigs up the NLW Title and it’s lineage and prestige. It seems that Tony Kelly is in charge tonight.

The Time is Now. The Place is Here. Ladies and Gentlemen, This is OTT!!!


NLW Title Tournament: Round 1

Michael May vs Doug Williams

OTT Doug May

This is a rematch from Contenders 5 where Williams came out the victor. They shake hands before the match. If you saw their first match, it was a very similar vibe to it. A lot of chain wrestling, a lot of technical submissions and one upping each other. Foxy repeatedly asking if they want to give up was great in it. Doug Williams just seemed like he was having fun joking “I’m the one that says no” after May said no to the 50th time of Foxy asking if he wanted to give up. The crowd were firmly behind Michael May for the whole match. The closing sequence saw May try for a Suplex in which he struggled to get Doug up but still managed to hit. May then followed this up with a missed dive from the top. There were multiple pinfall counters which resulted in Michael May getting the 3 count and the win.

Winner by Pinfall – Michael May

That’s 1 win a piece between the 2 now and I’ve enjoyed both matches so am all for a rubber match somewhere down the line. Michael May advances to the Semi-finals of the NLW Championship Tournament which will take place later in the show.


We get a backstage clip of Tony Kelly informing Club Tropicana that if they get 2 more losses, they are done.


NLW Title Tournament: Round 1

Terry Thatcher vs Eddie Stone w/ Gavin Fitz & Russell Dempster

OTT Stone Terry

Foxy immediately sends Fitz and Dempster to the back. The fans chant “On Your Own” at Stone. As soon as the bell rings, Terry hits a Superkick and gets a 2 count. Terry dives to the outside onto Stone then puts him on the bar and chops him. Callbacks to the beating he took from Jonah Rock last month. Stone gets the upper hand and works over Terry’s left arm and shoulder. Thatcher hits a Reverserana, we “Brace Ourselves” and Dethatched puts Stone away.

Winner by Pinfall – Terry Thatcher

Once the bell rings to end the match, the Mongrels attack Terry hitting him with a Shield Powerbomb and throwing him into the ring post shoulder first. The announcers mention that Thatcher might not be able to make his Semi-final match later on.


NLW Title Tournament: Round 1

Chris Ridgeway vs Scotty Davis

OTT Scotty Chris

Ridgeway earned his way into the tournament in a cracking match at OTT Martina’s Gaff Party 3 against El Phantasmo. A lot of reversals, submissions and holds throughout the match with both men getting the upper hand at different points. All very good stuff. Crowd firmly behind Scotty repping the local lad. They match each other with each move and end up win a forearm-off. Scotty’s transitions are crazy good. Ridgeway hits some vicious kicks. Scotty picks up the win with a gator roll that lands Ridgeway on his head.

Winner by Pinfall – Scotty Davis

They bump fists after the match. I definitely want to see Ridgeway back in OTT soon. He’s so good.


NLW Title Tournament: Round 1

Curtis Murray vs Nathan Martin

OTT Murray Martin

2 of Legit 100 are already through to the Semi-finals. Will Curtis Murray join them? Nathan Martin from MTH stands in his way. Nathan starts off the match quickly attacking before the bell rings. Murray gets his wits back but Nathan gets the upper hand back before they both do Suicide Dives. Martin has a beautiful Suicide Dive. In a change from the last match, we get a lot of high impact strikes, dives and attacks. Curtis Murray hits a Belfast Destroyer and a Tombstone Piledriver (that he slightly botched by falling over). Nathan Martin hits the Time Bomb from the top rope for a 2 count. Martin picks up the win after countering a head scissors and dropping Murray on the back of his head.

Winner by Pinfall – Nathan Martin

That was a really fun fast paced match. Murray is the one member of Legit 100 who didn’t make it through to Semis so could that cause some dissention in the ranks? I hope they just start using different music anyway.


Anti-Fun Police (Damien Dunne & Los Federales Santos Jr.) vs Club Tropicana w/ Jose Idol

OTT Trop Fun

Butch says that everyone has a lot of fun at Contenders shows. Cue the Anti-Fun Police. Jose Idol runs out to make the introduction for Club Tropicana. It seems that he and Santos know each other from the home country. Jose does a long elaborate intro for Captain Sexsea and then introduces his tag team partner……. Aiden. Deputy Dunne doesn’t seem impressed with Tropicana’s actions.

The Deputy and the Captain start out as the crowd to “Fun him up Sexsea, fun him up.” Dunne stomps on the captain’s hat and Sexsea goes to get a chair to attack. Jose calms him down before Sexsea gets back in the ring and slaps Dunne with his glove. Santos then comes in and takes a “gun” out of his pocket. Sexsea kicks the “gun” out of his hand and slaps Santos with the glove too.

Super Serious Tag Team Match

Sexsea tags in Aiden and Santos decides that they are gonna Lucha so Aiden goes and gets his pink lucha mask out of his fanny pack. What proceeds is a technical masterclass of lucha libre. Once the lucha ends, both of Club Tropicana try and fail at hitting a crossbody before Santos hit one right back crushing both of them. With their powers combined, Club Tropicana manage to hit a powerslam on Santos. Sexsea does a Suicide Dive and then Aiden falls on the apron when trying a dive of his own. Santos then goes for and hits a Suicide Dive but only manages to hit Dunne.

Club Tropicana go for a new move, the “Slingshota”, which doesn’t quite make it as far as the corner. Dunne goes for a Boston Crab which results in Sexsea’s face being stuck in Aiden’s crotch. All four men get hit in the dick and go down. Tropicana try for a Super Sexy Slip n’ Slide but it’s countered by Dunne with a spear. Santos then tries a SSSn’S of his own but just manages to land on top of Dunne. Tropicana manage to finally hit a SSSn’S on both their opponents before Dunne low blows Aiden and the Anti-Fun Police take him out with a Springboard Assisted Piledriver.

Winners by Pinfall – Anti-Fun Police

Jose gets Tropicana to have a Karaoke Party after the match. They sing and dance along to YMCA. Tropicana matches are always the longest part of my OTT reviews. And with good cause. So much stuff happens. I love these guys. If they lose one more match, they are done though. That match will be at Contenders 9 where Club Tropicana team with Jose Idol to faces The Mongrels.


Darren Kearney & LJ Cleary have a chat with Tony Kelly about the fact that Darren doesn’t have a match. Tony says that he knows he can plough through the competition. MTH joke about Don Marnell ploughing through Mrs Humperdink. Tony informs them that is his sister and adds Darren into the Gender Neutral Title Match later tonight.


Katey Harvey Segment

Katey Harvey comes out to the ring. She comments that the nice reception she has been getting is weird. It is weird not flipping her off. She was named no. 1 contender for Scrappermania during the week but she’s not at 100% at the moment. She calls out Valkyrie and says that their match in the Tivoli meant a lot to her. Valkyrie is angry that the women’s champ ended up not being Irish. It should have been her or Katey. Katey tells valkyrie that he knows that Valkyrie kicked out during their match. She goes on to say that she is relinquishing her title shot at Scrappermania and it will now be Valkyrie taking on Sammi Jayne for the OTT Women’s Title.


Dom Tuck Open Challenge

As the ladies are leaving, Dom Tuck barges through shoving past both of them. Katey looks pissed. Don says that nobody cares about women’s wrestling. There is “Knock him out Katie, knock him out” chant. Dom then says that the toilet break is over before issuing his Open Challenge. Valkyrie accepts the challenge, hits an Enzuigiri and gets pin.

Winner by Pinfall – Valkyrie


NLW Title Tournament: Semi-Final

Terry Thatcher vs Michael May

OTT Terry May

Thatcher comes out bandaged up from the earlier matchMatch devolves into a street fight pretty quickly until May takes it back to technical holds. This is followed up by a load of chops from both sides. Terry takes a dive to the outside but May gets out of the way in time. The crowd are very split in this one. Lots of back and forth action. I was watching so forgot to type any notes. Superplex from May to Thatcher. Thatcher’s chest is back to being beat red again from handprints. Elbow Drop from Thatcher to May. Terry braces himself but gets countered into a bridging suplex for a 2 count. May goes for his finisher but Terry counters it into a rollup for the 3 count.

Winner by Pinfall – Terry Thatcher

Handshake and hug between the two after the match. Terry Thatcher seals the first spot in the NLW Title Tournament Final at Contenders 9.


NLW Title Tournament: Semi-Final

Scotty Davis vs Nathan Martin

OTT Scotty Martin

Jordan Devlin is on commentary for this match. Another super split crowd. The early parts of the match are all them countering each other and matching each other at every single turn. Scotty ends the stalemate by hitting a Tope Con Hilo on Martin to the outside. Martin quickly gets Scotty back however with a crossbody from the bar onto Scotty who was sitting on a chair. Nathan “BLEH”’s at the crowd and gets hit with an awesome Spear from Scotty that lifts Nathan off the ground. Scotty follows up with a tri of German Suplexes with a Tiger Suplex to close them out. High Cross Body from Nathan. Angle Slam from Scotty. Deadlift German from Scotty. I love that move. Scotty then hits Nathan with a Gator Roll from the 2nd rope for a long 2 count. Nathan hits the Time Bomb on Scotty but he kicks out with milliseconds to spare. Scotty then hits 3 spinning head kicks and a Dragon Suplex on Nathan for the 3 count and the win.

Winner by Pinfall – Scotty Davis

Joining Terry Thatcher in the NLW Title Tournament final is Scotty Davis and that will be one hell of a match. I don’t know who I’m going to go for.


OTT Gender Neutral Title

LJ Cleary vs Darren Kearney vs El Ligero


Nope, not badly photoshopped at all

The crowd sing along to “It’s a Beautiful Life” on LJ Cleary’s entrance. This was El Ligero’s 92nd match in 105 days. LJ thinks it’s a tag team match but is quickly set straight.

After some early teaming up, LJ goes for a rollup on Darren but pretends it was Ligero. MTH both go to shoulder tackle Ligero but he just turns to his side and they both go flying.The ads end up throwing Ligero into a pile of the fan’s chairs. MTH then faceoff against each other in the ring but decide to go after Ligero again instead.

Darren goes for a couple of pins, but they are broken up by LJ each time. MTH then start to push other which leads to chops and punches. Ligero takes them both out with a Double Dropkick. They all end up out in the crowd a short while later and Ligero does a flip from the sound booth onto the others. Kearney fell off the top rope when going for a move. LJ goes for a top rope Codebreaker to Kearney but it gets countered into a Half Crab. Then then adds Ligero to the Half Crab to make it a Full Crab. LJ gets his belt, no DQ in a triple threat match, and aims for Ligero but hits Kearney instead. Ligero then hits LJ with the title and follows this up with a Splash for a 2 count. Kearney disposes of LJ and then gets Ligero in a Half Crab. LJ comes from behind and does a Victory Roll pin on Kearney to pick up the win.

Winner by Pinfall and STILL OTT Gender Neutral Champion – LJ Cleary

LJ goes to hug Kearney after the match but Darren is reluctant. He eventually accept it though and all is right with MTH. They then teach Ligero how to do a BLEH.


Really good show overall with some amazing matches in there, especially in the tournament. I can’t wait to see Thatcher and Davis tear it up in the final.


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