The Alleged Wrestling Podcast 11th May 2018


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This weeks Alleged Wrestling Podcast covers all of the latest news in the world of Professional Wrestling.

We get into all of the big storylines and news items from WWE TV over the past few days. Raw and Smackdown Live hit record low ratings this week and with segments like the sit down interview with Bobby Lashley it’s not hard to see why! Gordo opens the show with the rant of a lifetime.

Where’s Poochie?

We discuss the link between Simpsons character Poochie The Dog and THE BIG DOG Roman Reigns. Both canines have been poorly handled by their respective writing teams and need a new attitude to save them.

Ember Moon said she was “over the moon” with her Money In The Bank qualification. Did she mean she was happy with the win OR is it a multi faceted complex promo? Was she elated with the victory OR did she really mean that Cathy Kelley had a threeway with Tom Mike and Mike Tom? We started to discuss the “moon” line and ended up there. Don’t do drugs kids…we don’t and we still trip balls ON LIFE!

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Steven Murphy
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