Talking Points From WWE Raw – 16th April 2018

Raw 16th April

We’ve reached the Superstar Shakeup, essentially the transfer window of the WWE. Which superstars will Monday Night Raw get from Smackdown Live this year? And will we get a clearer picture of some of the matches for the upcoming Oil Rumble? Let’s find out…



Kurt Angle starts the show, but is interrupted by the healthy Singh brother. He introduces the newest member of Monday Night Raw: Jinder Mahal! Well at least now I know what my piss-break will be on Raw every week. He demands the same perks as Brock Lesnar, and Kurt says he should email them on to him. Kurt then says since Jinder thinks he’s better than everyone there is an open challenge for the US title right now. Jeff Hardy answers the challenge.

Jinder controls the majority of the match. Jeff hits a Whisper in the Wind and tries to rally, but Sunil distracts Jeff. Jeff goes for a Twist of Fate, but Jinder counters and hits a high knee. He counters a Khallas, but only gets a 2 count. Jeff with a Twist of Fate and a Swanton, and we have a new US Champion! Backstage afterwards Jinder says he is going to invoke his rematch clause at the Greatest Royal Rumble.



Bayley & Sasha Banks faced off, in an attempt to settle their issues in the ring. This should have been at Wrestlemania, as we said many times on our Alleged Wrestling Podcast. It was a very aggressive match, and was some nice moves from both of them. Bayley hit a nice Hurricanrana on the outside, and Sasha with a vaulting Meteora onto the apron. Sasha hits a running Meteora in the corner and goes for the pin, Bayley counters into a Crucifix and Sasha counters that into the Banks Statement. Just when it looks like Bayley is about to tap, the Riott Squad jump them. I guess they’re on Raw now too.

This better not be a way to just hit the snooze button on this Sasha-Bayley feud, which has already been dragged out far too long. Just hurry up and turn one of them (Sasha please), and then we can enjoy this feud.



Roman Reigns came out to the ring without his signature vest on. He gets booed by the majority of the crowd… but this isn’t a bizarroworld crowd?! He starts hyping his title match against Brock Lesnar at the Oil Rumble, and is interrupted by Samoa Joe, who gets a great reaction. He says Roman brags about showing up for work, but he doesn’t hear him bragging about getting the job done, because he never gets the job done. Joe goes on about how both he & Brock always beat and hurt Roman. He shows a video of Roman vs Brock from Wrestlemania. Then Roman fires back saying that’s what Brock does, so why doesn’t Joe bring his fat ass to the ring and show what he can do. Joe teases getting into the ring, but says he’ll see Roman at Backlash.



We had a MizTV segment to introduce a signing that would shakeup Monday Night Raw: Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens! Miz brings them out, and says they don’t need to answer to Shane McMahon or “wannabe movie star” Paige (there was a few murmurs in the crowd at that). Kurt Angle interrupts and says Sami & KO had a chance to join Raw last week but they lost. Apparently there was an email sent a few minutes ago Kurt needs to read. It’s from Stephanie McMahon, and it says she’s overruling Kurt’s decision to let Sami & KO go last week, so they’re officially on Raw!

Kurt says fair enough and welcomes them to Raw. But they need to say goodbye to Miz. Apparently Daniel Bryan was adamant he wanted Miz on Smackdown Live, so the Miz is off to Tuesday nights, without the Miztourage.

In the main event we get Kami, Miz & Miztourage facing the team of Finn Balor, Seth Rollins, Braun Strowman, Bobby Lashley (BOO!) and a man making his Raw debut: BOBBY ROODE!

During Balor’s entrance, Corey Graves says “Bullet Club is for everyone”… Gotta love live TV! Maybe he was reading all the tshirts in the crowd. The match itself was pretty fun. I’ll try to be nice when talking about Lashley: his stalling suplex is good, but it’s still just holding a lad in the air a bit longer than normal on a standard suplex.

When Braun eventually got tagged everybody got those hands. There’s a bit of a signature-fest, Miz starts hitting running dropkicks on Braun in the corner, until Braun explodes out with the Tyrannosaurus Dropkick. Miz tries to tag the Miztourage, but they both drop off the apron. Braun smash, Braun kill, Miz dead!



Dolph Ziggler has been traded to Raw, and he starts to cut a promo until he is interrupted by Titus Worldwide. Titus tries to recruit Dolph, but Dolph says he hasn’t come back alone. Cue dramatic pause, and Titus Worldwide are laid out by Drew McIntyre! They obliterate Titus Worldwide, and hit a class Zigzag/Claymore combo. This could be an amazing HBK/Diesel-esque pairing if done correctly

Backstage The Bar are interrupted by the new sheriffs in town: Breezango! Later in the night Breezango face off against The Bar in a fairly competitive match. Breezango get the shock victory when Breeze pins Cesaro, after Fandango dragged Sheamus off the apron.

Kurt Angle is backstage chatting to Ronda Rousey about Wrestlemania. He wants to introduce her to another new signing: Natalya! Fitz now officially hates Raw. Later in the night Nattie beat Mandy Rose, and Sonya Deville attacks her afterwards. Rousey makes the save, and has a bit of a scrap with Sonya

We get a video package for Baron Corbin, following his trade to Raw. Well there goes my prediction of him being a world champ by the end of 2018…

It was also announced on afterwards that Zack Ryder, Mojo Rawley, Mike Kanellis, Chad Gable & The Ascension are also joining Raw



Heath Slater & Rhyno were smashed by Authors of Pain. Slater & Rhyno had a text promo beforehand… I will never warm to those promos, they’re shite.

Matt Hardy & Bray Wyatt do the Wyatt backstage “We’re here” bit as a duo… NICE! Also liked the black & white divide between the 2 of them to symbolise the light and dark. The “Deleters of Worlds” defeated The Revival to move onto the tag title match at Greatest Royal Rumble against The Bar.

Kurt Angle is backstage chatting to Ronda Rousey about Wrestlemania and Rousey locking Bollockjaws in an Armbar last week. He wants to introduce her to another new signing: Natalya! Fitz now officially hates Raw. Later in the night Nattie beat Mandy Rose, and Sonya Deville attacks her afterwards. Rousey makes the save, and has a bit of a scrap with Sonya

Ember Moon faced Mickie James in her Raw singles debut. Nia Jax was on commentary. Mickie dominated a large part of the match, until Ember hit a kip-up hurricanrana. She hits her front handspring splash/slap, followed by an amazing Eclipse, and gets the win. That is the most beautiful move in wrestling!




Jinder Mahal (w/ Singh Brothers)

Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre

Baron Corbin


Riott Squad


Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens

Zack Ryder

Mojo Rawley

Mike Kanellis

Chad Gable

The Ascension



Jeff Hardy def Jinder mahal (New US Champion)

Bayley vs Sasha Banks ends in No Contest

AOP def Slater & Rhyno

Deleters of Worlds def The Revival

Ember Moon def Mickie James

Natalya def Mandy Rose

Breezango def The Bar

Strowman, Lashley, Roode, Balor and Rollins def Miz, Miztourage, Zayn & Owens


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