OTT Contenders 7 OSO Recap

OTT Contenders 7

OTT Contenders 8 is on later today so as is tradition, my recap of the previous Contender’s show is done last minute. We’re recapping all the action from Contenders 7 here which also had the fallout from the Outer Space Odyssey show that was called because of snow. And wouldn’t you know, it was snowing for this show too. But not as bad. So along with the show.

We opened up with a video package of Club Tropicana dropping their unwanted personal ring announcer Jose Idol off at the 3 Arena so they can get away from him. He waits for 3 hours before realising they aren’t coming back.

After this Ango does the introductions and informs us of the news that Chris Brookes couldn’t make it due to travel issues (that damn snow) and that Travis Banks was injured and couldn’t make it either. Scotty Davis will face Tucker instead. We have a new colour commentator to properly replace Don Marnell. Joining Ango is Waterford’s own Tony Kelly.


“The Time is Now, The Place is Here, Ladies and Gentlemen, This is OTT.”


Mongrels (Eddie Stone & Russell Dempster) w/ Gavin Fitz vs Club Tropicana

Club Tropicana come out in black polo shirts looking very dapper. And Jose Idol has somehow made it to the building letting the lads know “Don’t worry my friends, always I will find you.” He introduces “Captain i want sexy” and “Senor Epico”, otherwise known as Big and tall, or short and fat.

We started as we meant to go on when Aiden Epix did a kip up, flipped and banged his head on the canvas. Sexsea slapped Russell with the back of his glove, duel style. Fitz gets up on the apron, says something. Nobody can understand his Nordie accent but it’s ok, Jose Idol offers him English lessons. Mongrels try to attack Jose but he avoids the attacks accidentally and they get Aiden instead.

Sexsea makes the comeback andDDT’s Stone off the back of Dempster. He teases the Super Sexy Slip and Slide but Aiden isn’t around. Instead he does a dive from the opposite corner instead and lands in the middle of the ring setting Aiden up to so a slip and slide of his own. Mongrels hit the Hardboiler (throw into a powerbomb) on Aiden and get the win. Jose announces the losers after Butch announces the winners.

Winners by Pinfall – Mongrels

A good comedy match to open the show. Club Tropicana are hilarious and I loved this. I can’t wait to see what they do with the Anti-Fun Police.


We get a clip from earlier today. Terry Thatcher asks to get into the NLW Title Tournament. Humperdink says that if he proves himself against Jonah Rock, he’s in.


MTH (Nathan Martin & Darren Kearney) vs Legit 100 (Curtis Murray & Michael May)

We start off with some chain wrestling to get us started/ The crowd like all 4 guys. It’s the old face vs face OTT curse. It always takes a while for the crowd to get into it. MTH takes the advantage, doing a bunch of double team moves. Michael May fires up, gets the tag to Murray who does all the flippy shit. MTH take it back with more doubleteam moves, they really have some great doubleteam moves.

Martin hits a Frog Splash to May for a 2 count. We then get a clothesline off, followed by slaps and a brawl. May gets Martin into an Octopus stretch. Martin does his spinning slam thing to Murray for a 2 count. MTH do a Skull Crushing Finale/Reverse STO combo to Murray for another 2 count. Murray and May hit a Belfast Destroyer and Tiger Suplex respectively and Murray follows up with a Springboard Cutter to Martin for the win.

Kearney shakes hands with Legit 100 after the match but Martin kicks the hand away. Darren makes him shake hands before he leaves.

Winners by Pinfall – Legit 100

Great contest with a load of innovation. The teasing of a Martin heel turn at the end is going to make the Tournament match between him and Murray pretty interesting.


The Cool Family (B Cool, I M Cool & Big Daddy Cool) vs Angel Cruz, Elektro & Rick

This was the first of the rescheduled matches from OSO3 and a damn well anticipated one at that. This is gonna be a long one. Team Prick now both have full silver suits instead of half and half ones. Angel Cruz has some classic one liners “Tonight, I have to kill my best friend”. He says that he’s tagging with the single greatest wrestler of all time and introduces Elektro, and pretty sure it’s actually the same guy that played him back in the day. He gets some “Welcome Back” chants from the crowd.

B Cool comes out and let’s us know that Nanny Cool is at ringside in a wheelchair. “She survived the famine and everything.” B introduces I M Cool who bares a striking resemblance to Joe Coffey. I M tells B “Every time I see your face, I wanna face slap the piss out of it.” B retorts with “That’s Bollix.”  I M Cool introduces Big Daddy Cool who bears a striking resemblance to Tiny Iron, a giant muscly black man.

Angel and Rick are terrified. Angel tells team Prick to murder Big Daddy Cool. Daddy starts flexing and posing with his sons. After some arguing, I M Cool throws B onto Angel and Team Prick. B tries to dive on I M cool but I M moves slightly and B ends up out on top of Angel and the boys again. Electro makes his way into the ring and gets beaten down. B gets Electro in a Brainbuster position but I M stops him telling him he doesn’t have the legs for it. I M hits the Brainbuster with a couple of squats.

Angel and B tag in and have an argument about whose Dad is better. B then goes into abuse about Angel telling us that he dyes his hair with spray that he buys in Penneys. Angel tells B he couldn’t even win a rigged match. Angel goes for the assisted Old School, I M Cool pulls Team Prick away. B then pushes Angel off the top rope and he lands on top of Nanny Cool killing her. There’s a “She’s Dead Cool” chant. Such a tragedy.

Security drag out the body and B Cool gets a stick out from under the ring. He tells Angel that he ruined their tag team and killed his nanny. He pokes Angel with the stick. B says that Angel is a bad tag team partner and a worse friend. He tells Angel to get out of here. Angel leaves and goes to the back but returns with an Axe. B tries to defend it off with the little stick but to no avail. Angel licks the axe, goes Shawn Michaels on it saying “I’m Sorry, I Hate You” and B spits in his face. B gets a low blow on Angel and goes for a Brainbuster which is countered.

Angel takes out a plastic bag and tries smothering B with it. This is a family show dammit. A video of Angel and B being best mates and having a laugh together is played on the big screen. The 2 lads look at each other and look like they are about to hug when I M attacks Angel from behind. He tells B to finish Angel off. B throws Angel down and hits the Brainbuster on I M instead. Elektro dropkicks B from behind and then Big Daddy Cool comes in, chokeslams Elektro and get the win.

Winners by Pinfall – The Cool Family

After the match, Big Daddy tells Angel and B to cop on to themselves. They hug and the Angel Cruisers are back. The crowd chant “Next Tag Champs.” That was a long one. The rest might be shortened a bit.


Before the next match could start, Dom Tuck interrupts Butch and makes the 2nd Dom Tuck Open Challenge. Paul Tracey answers the challenge. “Yup the Tuck” rings out from the crowd.


Dom Tuck vs Paul Tracey

Tracey asks who Dom is. Dom says that he’s gonna kick his ass. Tracey hits the Rainmaker. Match over.

Winner by Pinfall – Paul Tracey


Kings of the North vs Aussie Open

Another match salvaged from the storm (although slightly altered). The 2 teams shake hands before the match. This then leads to Mark Davis slapping and almost breaking hands. LOts of chops. Frequent tags from the Kings, working on Fletcher. Hot tag to Davis. Corvin dives to the outside and Fletcher follows him. All the double team moves followed. Assisted Alabama Slam and Assisted RKO from the top rope from Aussie Open. Assisted White Star Line and Assisted Cutter from the Kings.

Corvin hit a regular White Star Line and all 4 men were down. We get an Assisted Powerbomb from the Kings and a 1 handed powerbomb from Davis. Davis follows this up with a Popup Piledriver to Corvin for the 3 count and the win. They shake hands afterwards.

Winners by Pinfall – Aussie Open

This extended the King’s losing streak and lead to the fallout we had at the Gaff Party. As much as I’d love a Corvin singles run, I really don’t want to see the end of the Kings.


We had a backstage promo next where Debbie Kietel came into a locker room and got a scare from B Cool who was hiding in the jacks. He tells her he was waiting there for half an hour. Interesting way to mourn the loss of your Nanny. Debbie notices that someone was at her bag and has destroyed her ring gear.

Debbie heads down to the ring and calls out Raven Creed. Gunther Issak appears behind her but Debbie hits him. Raven then attacks Debbie from behind but Debbie gets the upper hand and Raven escapes. They agree to settle their differences at Defiant (Spoiler: Raven won).


OTT Gender Neutral Title: Martina vs LJ Cleary

Martina LJ

LJ has a quick chat with his son Cian at ringside. Martina is hungover as Paddy’s Day was the day before. Asked if everyone could be quiet. The music gets turned down and Butch whispers the introductions. Martina falls on the first lockup. LJ goes for the pin but the Fabulous Nicky’s music comes on and he comes out (not for the first time). Nicky enters himself in the match since Chris Brookes isn’t there who was supposed to be the 3rd man.

OTT Gender Neutral Title: Martina vs LJ Cleary vs Fabulous Nicky

Gender Neutral Updated

The crowd are very pro LJ in this one. Martina throws LJ a can and then elbows him in the face. We get a chopoff. Baseball slide by Nicky. Martina dives off the bar. Some more in ring stuff then Martina dives to the outside. Martina goes for a stalling suplex on LJ but Nicky dropkicks her out of it. Martina gets a Crossface on Nicky and LJ gets an Anklelock on him at the same time. Nicky manages to get out of it. Martina hits a Satellite DDT on Nicky and immediately LJ rolls up Martina and gets the quick 3 count.

Winner by Pinfall and NEW OTT Gender Neutral Champion – LJ Cleary

Martina shakes hands with LJ after losing her title. LJ celebrates with his son and then MTH come out to celebrate too. All good all round. I like that martina dropped the title to LJ before heading off to Japan. He’s the perfect person for it. He’s so good and is going to be huge.


Scotty Davis vs Tucker

Tucker Davis

Oddly, this is Tucker’s first OTT match in Dublin since 2015. All his OTT matches in the last couple of years have been Belfast shows. So it was nice to have him back down South. The crowd were pretty firmly behind Scotty for the match. Tucker had turned heel on his last Belfast show when he turned on Murray after a match. In this one, we had Gator Rolls from Scotty, a Swanton attempt by Tucker in which Scotty got his knees up and a lovely Deadlift Suplex by Scotty. Scotty pulled out the win with a Cross Rhodes right to the top of Tucker’s head. Spiked the fuck out of it.

Winner by Pinfall – Scotty Davis

They shake hands and the match and then Tucker Superkicks Scotty keeping up the heel bastard bad loser thing he started in Belfast. That’s 2 out of Legit 100 that he’s done it for. Michael May must be next.


Jonah Rock vs Terry Thatcher

Rock Thatcher

Brace Yourself everybody. There is a slight size difference in this one. 150 lbs of Terry Thatcher vs 320 lbs of Jonah Rock. This was Rock’s debut in OTT. There were chops, so many chops. So so many chops. It was basically murder for the first part of the match. Rock pummelled poor Terry. He’s only human after all. After all the murder, Terry mounted his comeback with a couple of Rear Naked Chokes and then started to work on Jonah’s left leg, slowly chipping away at it.

Terry tried multiple dives to the outside but couldn’t take the big man off his feet. Rock retaliated with a Sitout Powerbomb that nearly broke Terry in half but only got a 2 count. Rock went for a moonsault but missed and Terry followed up with a Reverserana. Jonah came back with more chops. Oh god the chops. Terry collapsed when Rock tried a clothesline. Rock yelled “He’s just not on my level” and the crowd were fully behind Terry from there.

Terry slapped Rock in the face and Rock attacked back 5 fold. Terry got a Superkick and a 2 count. Rock got a Brainbuster and a 2 count. Jonah went up top but Terry caught him in a Tree of Woe and went to town on that left leg again Dropkicking it. He followed this up with 2 450 Splash Knees to the chest and an Elbow Drop but only managed a 2 count. Rock went for 2 Lariats and got another 2 count. He then went up top again but this time it paid off with a Frog Splash and the victory

Winner by Pinfall – Jonah Rock

After the match, Jonah got on the mic and put over Terry Thatcher. He said he should be in the NLW Tournament and they shake hands. This was a fantastic match. Thatcher went above and beyond in this one and cemented himself properly as someone to be watched. He has been on a lot of OTT shows before but never pulled out a performance like this one. He’s now a real possibility for winning this tournament.


Speaking of the Tournament, William J Humperdink makes his way to the ring and announces the brackets for the NLW Tournament. The first round matches will take place at Contenders 8 (so the day this article goes up. Enjoy anyone that’s there)


The First Round matches are:

Terry Thatcher vs Eddie Stone

Doug Williams vs Michael May

Nathan Martin vs Curtis Murray

Scotty Davis vs Chris Ridgeway


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