Talking Smack – WWE Smackdown Live – 10th April 2018

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It’s the Smackdown Live after Wrestlemania. A lot of fans have headed home already but we still have a good crowd here in NOLA. We had a great Raw last night. Can Smackdown do the same or will we end Mania week on a downer? Let’s find out. We’ve no live post show for this one so it’s back to business as usual.


Paige Gets a New House

Smackdown Live opened this week with us finding out that we are getting a new Smackdown Live General Manager. Shane O’Mac came down and let us know that Daniel Bryan has crossed over into being a fulltime wrestler again so has resigned as General Manager. So we have a brand new Smackdown Live General Manager………..Paige here. After her retirement speech on Raw last night, Paige has transitioned into a new job really quickly. No social welfare for Paige anyway. Thr crowd welcome her with a “This is your house” chant. It was nice of AJ to build that for her. As her first act as General Manager, she makes the main event for tonight’s show. Daniel Bryan hasn’t had a match on TV in over 3 years so tonight, he will face none other than WWE Champion AJ motherfucking Styles.

I love that Paige got this spot. I was really worried about who they were going to give it to but this is a perfect choice. Paige has always been good on the mic and will be great in this role. She was born into the wrestling business and has a hell of a lot left to offer. Now just get rid of those goddamn lip fillers.


Daniel Bryan vs AJ Styles Fantasy Match

(Also including fallout from the dream match from Wrestlemania). So we had AJ vs Daniel as the main event of the show. Tying in with this, earlier in the show, Renee Young interviewed Shinsuke Nakamura to find out why he hit AJ in the dick at Mania. Shinsky Naks told her that he doesn’t know what came over him and that he must have been too emotional. He is very very sorry for what he did. Nakamura was fantastic here with his super sarcastic responses. When NeNe pushed him further, he came out with the line of the night, “Sorry, No Speak English.” I popped like fuck. I love heel Shinsuke.

Just before the match, AJ had a quick interview with Renee where he said that he would put his fist down Shinsuke’s throat and that D Bry is one of the greatest of all time. The match itself was great if a little short. The crowd were pretty split. I’m sure they’ll have a backburner together down the line. The match ended in a no contest when Nakamura interfered. He hit a Kinshasa on Daniel and AJ before hitting AJ a couple more times in the dick for good measure. Full blown heel now so.


Iconic and Fabulous

Charlotte came down to the ring to talk about what happened at Mania. She said that she faced her toughest challenge yet in Asuka but she is still champion. Who will be the next challenge for the Queen? Why it’s the Iconic Duo who are now known as The Iconics. Billie Kay and Peyton Royce cut a pretty damn good promo taking the piss out of Charlotte thanking people. They tell her to stop talking about the past when she is looking at the future. It’s “Out with the old, in with the Iconics.” They attack Charlotte throwing her over the announce table and into the ring steps. They follow this up with a Double Powerbomb on the outside. Apparently Charlotte has no mates anymore. Must have pissed Becky and Naomi off.

As The Iconics are leaving, we hear the familiar spelling of F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S and Caemella makes her way down to the ring, briefcase in hand, grabbing a ref along the way. Mike Chioda seems to have no clue what’s going on and takes an age to take the briefcase and ring the bell. But the bell does ring and Carmella has finally cashed in her Money In The Bank contract. She kicks Charlotte in the face and we have a new Smackdown Live Women’s Champion. Carmella rubs it into Charlotte that she beat her afterwards by taunting her with the title. The Dashabot 5000 later interviews Carmella why she cashed in now. She says that she was patient and this was the perfect time. She starts getting emotional and cries saying that she wants to thank…. herself. “Mella is money, Mella has the gold”.

This was a great way to do the cash in, and this also explains why they didn’t want to give Asuka the win at Mania. They wanted Charlotte to break the streak, not Carmella. Gotta keep building to that Charlotte vs Ronda match for next year’s Mania.


It’s a Bad Rusev Day

Rusev faced off against Bobby Roode and Randy Orton in a number 1 contenders match for the US Title. Jinder Mahal sat at ringside on a little throne with a carpet underneath it. Rusev was of course, over as fuck during this match. Both Rusev and Orton backdropped each other on the announce table but it didn’t break either time. I AM THE TABLE!!!.  We can’t have nice things so of course Orton won the match with an RKO on Roode. So we are getting Jinder Mahal vs Randy Orton again at Backlash. Why? Do you not remember how bad all those matches were last year? Backlash last year is when Jinder won the WWE Title from Orton so I get that it’s a callback but fuck off, nobody wants it.

Also just for added measure, they are going to literally bury Rusev now as he is going up against The Undertaker in a Casket Match at the Greatest Royal Rumble. It will hopefully be a good rub for Rusev but he has also had spots with the Rock and Steve Austin in the past and not come out better at the other end so I’ll withholf judgement until we see what happens.


Smacking the Other Bits Up

  • Corey Graves informs us once again that this crowd will cheer who they normally boo, and boo who they cheer. No Corey, no. Stop using JBL’s fed line. Be your own person. You’re better than this dammit.
  • The Usos beat the New Day in a number 1 contenders match for the Tag Titles with a Superkick and a Splash. It seems rematch clauses are dead. We approve of this. They will face Bludgeon Brothers at the Greatest Royal Rumble. This was a good match as you would expect. After the match, the BB came down and pointed their mallets at the Usos. Intimidation and all that.
  • Naomi bet Natalya in a match with a Split-Legged Moonsault. They gave a reason why they were fighting but I wasn’t paying attention. The combination of Nattie and the Dashabot talking made me tune out.


Show Synopsis

It was a pretty good show all round. Raw the night before was that bit better but this just couldn’t compete with all the callups and returns that Raw had. We have a new GM, some new Icons, and we had a taster of a “fantasy” match. I felt it was worth staying up until 3AM to watch it and I think that’s the best indication of it being a good show. Now let’s see how they fuck it all up with the Superstar Shakeup next week.


Match Results

The Usos def. The New Day by pinfall
Naomi def. Natayla by pinfall
Women’s Title: Carmella def. Charlotte by pinfall
Randy Orton def. Bobby Roode & Rusev by pinfall
AJ Styles vs Daniel Bryan ends in a no contest


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