Talking Smack – WWE Smackdown Live – 3rd April 2018

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It’s the final stop on the Road to Wrestlemania. It’s Smackdown Live. We’re in Nashville, Tennessee. Raw was a bit meh last night so let’s see if we get another glorified preview show tonight or if we get a decent go home show. Since everything is already set for Mania, I’m going to assume Preview and will be pleasantly surprised if I’m wrong.


Team Canada vs Team (don’t say Authority)…. Guys in Charge?

... hugging it out!

Bro??? Bro…. (holds out arms) BRO??? BRO!!! (cue emotional music)

Daniel Bryan opened up the show and introduced Shane McMahon who skipped out onto the ramp. I guess he’s good to go for Mania so. In the past 2 weeks, Shane has had a staph infection, a ruptured hernia, and diverticulitis. But he’s now medically cleared, WAHEY. Daniel admits to making mistakes when it comes to KO and Sami and apologises to Shane. Shane apologises for being hotheaded and stubborn. Daniel points out that he’s a McMahon and it’s in his genes dammit. Shane forgets his lines. Daniel covers this by offering a hug. They hug it out after Shane gets some convincing from the crowd. Are we ready to see Shane and Daniel beat KO and Sami and Mania? Yes…Yes…You get the drift. We also got a nice video package recapping whole feud. I’m guessing this will be the Mania package.

Kevin and Sami Show
Zayn apologizes to Bryan’s family for what they’re going to do to Daniel.

Didn’t your mothers ever tell you not to stand on the furniture?

Later on in the show, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn run through the crowd and stand on announce table. But they’re fired. They shouldn’t be here. the bastards. KO says that it is still the Sami and Kevin show even if they are fired. Nobody is gonna stop them from speaking their mind. Sami says he won’t apologise to Daniel but he will apologise to Brie and Birdie. All Brie’s love and support won’t be enough to put Daniel back together again after Sunday. It will be their Wrestlemania moment (branding, always important, even if you are threatening to end a man’s livelihood). Kevin follows up to say that on Sunday, they will send Shane back to Titan Tower so he can look at the scar on his father’s head.

Their mics get cut, they head off through the crowd again. Shane and Daniel come out and ask to get a camera on KO and Sami because this is history. This is the very last time we will see KO and Sami on Smackdown Live (Note they said Smackdown Live, not the WWE). Shane sings Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye and we’re all set for Wrestlemania. I just want to see Daniel wrestle again. Bring on Sunday.


From the Tokyo Dome to the SuperDome

WWE Photo

Pick a hand, any hand

In the buildup to what should be the main event of Wrestlemania but won’t be, we had a couple of interviews recorded earlier in the night from AJ and Nakamura. AJ’s one was first and he said that he wears his emotions on his sleeve. He said this while wearing a sleeveless top…… He said that emotions are his strength and that Nakamura’s weakness is that he takes AJ too lightly. Nakamura had his interview aired later on and he said that he has been playing games and he takes games very seriously. AJ is emotional, this will cause him to make a mistake, and Nakamura will become WWE champion with a Knee to Face.

The 2 guys teamed up in the main event to take on Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable after the shenanigans of last week. American Alpha didn’t get a full entrance, so they must have been a bit short on time. Nakamura tagged in AJ by patting him on the head which was a nice touch.For the finish of the match, AJ doesn’t tag Shinsuke in but instead jumps the rope beside him and looks him in the eyes while he hits the phenomenal forearm onto Gable for the win.

AJ goes to leave and Benjamin attacks Nakamura from behind. Nakamura fights off Benjamin and AJ does a phenomenal forearm but pulls up short right in front of Shinsuke. AJ pats Nakamura on the head to pay back for last week. I love that they haven’t touched at all (in a fighting way, pats on the head don’t count) coming into the title match at Mania. We don’t get that much anymore. We have the guys Universal title match beating each other with chairs each week while the WWE title match guys are playing mind games and patting each other on the head like dogs. Guess which match I’m excited for between the two? Says a lot, doesn’t it?


Streak vs Title buildup

“At WrestleMania, The Queen will bow down to The Empress…

Asukamania is gonna run wild on YOU…sister

Charlotte took on Natalya this week after the challenge was laid down last week. The announcers play up how risky it is taking on this match with less than a week till Mania and also with the Mixed Match Challenge final (not finals) later on tonight. During the match, Charlotte misses a moonsault and is laid out on the mat. Carmella’s music hits, she runs down to the ring and before she can cash in, Charlotte is up and kicks the briefcase away. This distraction almost allows Nattie to get the win but Charlotte manages to lock in the Figure 8 and pick up the victory.

Asuka then comes out, gets on the mic and says that at Wrestlemania, the Queen will bow down to the Empress because no-one is ready for…. Charlotte grabs the mic and asks if Asuka is ready for her. There is a awkward faceoff and we’re a go for Mania. They also faced off later that night on Mixed Match Challenge where SPOILER ALERT: Miz and Asuka won, so Asuka’s streak is still intact. Miz picked up the win so at least Asuka and Charlotte haven’t had a finish yet between them.



Rusev Day Celebrations

WWE Photo

I swear it was THIS big

To celebrate Rusev Day, Rusev took on Jinder Mahal. Bobby Roode was on commentary for the match. Sunil Singh sang, Aiden English rapped. Singh tried to get involved in the match and got superkicked. Jinder failed to get the advantage from it and Rusev managed to hit a Machka kick to pick up the win. While he’s celebrating, Randy Orton comes outta nowhere and hits an RKO. English attacked Orton and then went to the top rope to attack Orton more. Roode came from the ring table and pushed English off rope straight into an RKO. Bobby and Randy have an awkward standoff. Seems to be the theme of the night. I still think this match should be on the Preshow instead of the Cruiserweight title match but it looks like I’m not getting my way there.



Wrestlemania is Free

Did you know that Wrestlemania is Free to new subscribers to the WWE Network? If you watched Smackdown, you sure as shit did. They mentioned it every 10 seconds throughout the show. We even had the entire Triple Threat Tag Team Title match for Mania get involved in a promo for it. The New Day let us know that it is Free Free Free for new subscribers. They told us how to sign up (I’m, sure Cole loves not having to do that anymore) before taking various electronic items out of their pants. The Usos then join in, saying that Mania might be free but New Day and BB will pay a price. BB turn up and destroy a camera with a hammer. I almost wanted to see them join in with the plugging. Harper could have said. It’s Tuesday. You know what that means. Wrestlemania is free for new subscribers to the WWE Network. I’m surprised they didn’t do it to be honest.


Ads During Matches

Speaking of Wrestlemania, we had this on Raw too but what’s with them putting ads for Wrestlemania in boxes during matches. It’s really weird. We got an ad for Charlotte vs Asuka in a box during the main event tag match. We got a promo for Lesnar/Reigns in a box during the Rusev/Jinder match. And we got an a ad in box for the Ronda/Angle vs Authority match during Charlotte’s entrance. Surely people know Wrestlemania is this weekend at this stage. No need to ram it down our throats. But did you know that Wrestlemania is free to new subscribers to the WWE Network? I wish they had told us about that in an ad in a box. Then I would definitely know.


Smacking the Other Bits Up

WWE Photo

The epic battle of “Creative has nothing for you”

  • We had a mini Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal preview where Breezango, Zack Ryder & Tye Dillinger took on Baron Corbin, Dolph Ziggler, Mojo Rawley & Primo Colon (what a dream team). There was lots of throwing people over the top rope, cause we need to be told how Battle Royals work. They culd be eliminated if that happens on Sunday, you know. We also had a fun fact that Fandango has been in every Andre Battle Royal. Creative has nothing for you spot of decade. In the tag match, Corbin threw Breeze over the top rope onto everyone else then hits End of Days on Fandango for the win.
  • We had an ad for the HBO Andre documentary too. I think that;s the first time they have made reference to that on TV. Anyone who has seen it says it’s great so I’m looking forward to that one.


Show Synopsis

It was grand. A lot of previewing the weekend. Not much at stake at all in anything. What you would expect for a go home Mania. I wish they had done something more with Daniel Bryan but I supposed it’s best to leave people want to tune in to see him wrestle on Sunday. I’m also a little surprised Cena didn’t show up to challenge Undertaker one more time. Also in case you didn’t know, Wrestlemania is free for new subscribers to the WWE Network.


Match Results

Charlotte def. Natalya by submission
Rusev def. Jinder Mahal by pinfall
Baron Corbin, Dolph Ziggler, Mojo Rawley & Primo Colon def. Fandango, Tyler Breeze, Zack Ryder & Tye Dillinger by pinfall
AJ Styles & Shinsuke Nakamura def. Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin by pinfall


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