Talking Smack – WWE Smackdown Live – 20th March 2018

Smackdown Live 20 03

Big news straight out of the gate. A few hours before this week’s Smackdown, it was announced on Social Media that Daniel Bryan has been fully cleared for an in ring return by WWE doctors. Holy fuckballs, this is fantastic news. Think of all the new dream matches we can have now. What does this mean for Smackdown going forward? Will we have a new General Manager? Is Bryan going to be going back wrestling fulltime or will he only be doing he odd match? He’s opening Smackdown so let’s find out.


Daniel Bryan – Fight for your Dreams

Times for all the emotions to run wild. We start the show with a video package showing Daniel’s retirement speech before showing all the social media stuff from earlier in the day and all the articles reporting the news. Daniel comes down to the ring to rapturous applause from the Dallas crowd. Daniel says that the day he retired was one of the hardest days of his life. He was depressed, angry and mad, but he focused on being grateful.

He tears up when talking about Brie. I teared up watching him. Damn I’m a softy when it comes t this stuff. I just care so much god dammit. Brie told him that “it’s wonderful that you’re grateful, but you need to fight for your dreams”. So he did. He went to see every specialist he could. There were times when he wanted to quit, but Brie said fight.

“If you fight for your dreams, your dreams will fight for you”.

He’s fucking cleared. What a glorious day.

Damn, what a quote. D-Bry being all philosophical here. Over the last 2 months, he asked WWE to relook at his case and when they did, every specialist and doctor has said that he’s cleared. He thanks the doctors, WWE, the fans, and of course Brie. He said that he doesn’t know when or where he will wrestle. This gets a loud Wrestlemania chant from the crowd. It has to be, right? RIGHT?

Will Daniel Bryan compete in a WWE ring again? Yes! Yes! (do it with me now) Yes! Yes! etc. and so on and so forth.


The Owens/Sami/Shane/Daniel Saga

We get told that Shane is super injured after last week. He has a laryngeal contusion along with contusions to his trapezius and rhomboid. I think that’s the one that’s connected to the thigh bone. And that’s a natural law. Kevin and Sami are very late getting to work. They arrive with 15 minutes left in the show. That’s one way to make sure you are in the main event slot. Roman wouldn’t be happy at all about that.

Sami and Kevin are bessie mates again. They come down and hug D-Bry. One of them (I can’t remember which, I was quite sleepy) says that they weren’t going to come to Smackdown but they heard that Bryan had been cleared so came to share the moment with him. They say that he was always fair with them. Daniel says he brought them out because of the Shane beatdown which we see again. Kevin laughs at his handiwork.


Daniel admits that he had been living vicariously through Kevin and Sami in the past when they were having successes as they all came from the same place. But then they assaulted their boss for some reason and Daniel can’t understand why. They won. Shane had given them a Wrestlemania match against each other and had taken a sabbatical so he wasn’t going to be around to ruin it on them. And then still assaulted him. Daniel said that he hates that he has to do this but Sami and Kevin are FIRED (not actually in a Vince McMahon voice. I added that for comedic effect. I know, I’m hilarious. He actually seemed super sad about it). He says that they are not gone forever, just gone for now as Daniel himself was fired twice and made his way back a better man. Both Sami and Kevin shake Daniel’s hand before they attack him. What bastards. It’s a good thing he was just cleared for in ring competition.

Not my back!! That’s the source of all my power.

Daniel fights back against them. We get yes kicks, suplexes, dropkicks. It’s all there. D-Bry is back, baby. Eventually Sami and Kevin get the upper hand on Daniel. Sami hits the Helluva Kick and KO hits the Powerbomb onto the apron which leaves Daniel needing to get stretchers off. Looks like we might be getting that tag team match at mania afterall. As Kevin and Sami leave, they are met with a “You’re still fired” chant from the crowd.


Nakamura and Styles Build

Stop pummeling me. It’s really painful.

Shinsuke faced off against Rusev this week on Rusev Day while AJ sat at ringside on commentary. We got dueling Nakamura and Rusev Day chants from the crowd. I’m sure it was duly noted. Shinsuke picked up the win with a rollup after a few counters. English and Rusev immediately attacked Nakamura after the match. AJ took his time to get out of his seat to come help as Shinsuke had done the week prior. Nakamura had already fought off his attacks and cleared the ring before AJ managed to make it in. Backstage afterwards, Shinsuke tells AJ that he didn’t need his help. He actually didn’t. He says “One more thing”, but AJ says to let him guess. “You will beat me at Wrestlemania.” Nakamura tells AJ that he should have more confidence. Fantastic stuff. This is the way to use someone with limited English.


Charlotte Did Things

We got a video package for the Asuka vs Charlotte confrontation from last week. Asuka was there as she was on Mixed Match Challenge after the show so I don’t know why they didn’t use her. Charlotte was watching the package backstage on a tv correctly. Straight on. Like a normal person. Nattie walked up and said that Charlotte is scared of Asuka. Nattie also claimed that Asuka is only undefeated because she hasn’t faced Nattie yet. I’d love to live in Nattie reality. It seems fun. I dunno about all the cats though. That would be a dealbreaker. I only like one kind of pussy, wahey. Charlotte issued a challenge for later on the night.

THAT’S MY LEG!!! (in the Ric Flair “that’s my line” voice, not sure if that came across, probably not. anyway I digress)

The match was actually great which shouldn’t really be surprising. These 2 had a cracking match back at NXT which put Charlotte on the map in the first place.Charlotte continued her feud with hitting the bottom turnbuckle face first. The finish had Charlotte hit a vicious looking Spear on the outside and also locked in a Figure 4 hanging out of ring. Nattie hit a Superplex and Carmella’s music hit. She ran down with the MITB briefcase and was about to cash in when she got kicked in the face by Charlotte. This distraction allowed Nattie to pick up the win with a rollup. They are making sure we don’t forget about that MITB briefcase.


US Title Pictu…zzzzzzz


They confirmed that it will be another Triple Threat match at Mania so we are gonna get Randy Orton vs Bobby Roode vs Jinder Mahal for the US Title. This has to be on the Pre-show. Jinder cut a promo where he said that he could be vacationing or the biggest movie star in Bollywood right now. Well go fucking do it then. Bobby came out quickly followed by Randy. Randy told Jinder he sucks. I agree with Randy. What is this? Jinder threw Sunil at Randy and ran away. Randy hit a Spike DDT on poor Sunil. He goes for an RKO too, but Roode hits Singh with a Glorious DDT before Randy and get to him. Roode tries a DDT on Orton but it’s reversed. Ditto with an RKO. They all stand off and the crowd goes mild.


Tag Team Stuff

Shoes to Faces

Jey Uso was back this week but heavily bandaged. No sign of the murdered New Day.  We got Jimmy Uso vs Harper (no known first name) on this week’s Smackdown. Before the match, the Usos cut one of their Uso penitentiary promos. Rowan stood at ringside in full BB gear including mask.  They managed to break a segment of the video board by shouldering it. Jimmy is about to go for a dive but Rowan distracts him letting Harper get the advantage.  Rowan tries another distraction but the ref gets distracted by him allowing Jey to superkick Harper for a 2 count. Harper picked up the win with a Discus clothesline. Still building towards the likely triple threat match at Mania. Cause we don’t have enough triple threat matches yet on the card.


Smacking The Other Bits Up

  • They teased a little confrontation between Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler with Ziggler telling Bryan that he can’t wait to beat him. And Daniel retorting with “You can try”. That would be a decent mania match if the tag team thing doesn’t happen. But it’s totally going to happen now. Poor Ziggler is never getting his singles Mania match.
  • Baron Corbin and Tye Dillinger had a match. Tye got a jobber entrance. Dillinger also had a new haircut, ponytail instead of manbun, mixing it up. We find out that they are both in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal. Corbin (or Tye, it wasn’t too clear) botched the End of Days before hitting it for the win.
  • In regards the Wrestlemania Women’s Battle Royal (definitely not the Fabulous Moolah Battle Royal), The Riott Squad, Becky Lynch and Naomi have all declared that they are in the Battle Royal. There was a pointless tag match too between them on Smackdown to fill some time.


Match Results

Shinsuke Nakamura def. Rusev by pinfall
Baron Corbin def. Tye Dillinger by pinfall
Natalya def. Charlotte by pinfall
Harper def. Jimmy Uso by pinfall
Becky Lynch & Naomi def. Liv Morgan & Sarah Logan by submission


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