PUBG Mobile Review

PUBG Mobile

I already play far too much of this game and now there’s a PUBG Mobile game?! It’s like Brendan Greene doesn’t want me to sleep!

First things first, I hate mobile games. In my opinion mobile games are a cancer on the actual games industry. They have caused this new fangled “Freemium” model to seep into full price Triple A releases. Nonsensical microtransactions that were once the exception are now the norm, so much so that there is a real possibility that legislation to regulate this gray area could be on the way. “Press X to buy Goro”?? How about you go fuck yourself while I unlock him by beating the game? Yeah?

I mention the above not to complain about mobile games ruining the world (okay, maybe just a little) but to give you a sense of how low my expectations were as I watched the mammoth 700mb PUBG Mobile download tick by. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

PUBG Mobile is everything it claims to be, the best Battle Royale game in all its glory but for your phone. The houses, buildings and towns are all where they should be. Apart from some optimisation tactics to remove some fencing, walls and foliage the Island is exactly as it should be. PUBG nutjobs like myself will feel right at home.


I was shocked at how well PUBG Mobile runs. In my experience there have been no framerate issues or crashing of any kind. The game runs smoothly from the second the plane starts it’s run over the Island until you taste that sweet sweet chicken dinner.

It’s amazing to me that PUBG performed better on my Galaxy S6 on day one than it did on my Xbox One X when the surprise hit of 2017 had it’s console launch. Luckily updates have been frequent and PUBG is in great shape on Xbox now.

When starting up PUBG Mobile you are given three performance options but the game recommends one best suited to your handset. If only more console games would give you that kind of freedom, performance over graphical fidelity or vise versa. I suppose it comes from PUGBs PC beginnings. I am very impressed at how this port of a huge sprawling map with 100 people actively participating performs on a mobile device. It does take a toll on your battery but that is to be expected.

It’s amazing that this game is FREE!


I will never be happy with on-screen analogue controls but PUBG Mobile does a serviceable job. Very rarely did my thumb slip past the imaginary stick. The same can be said for the face buttons. Rather than having a four symbol input we see buttons with icons explaining each action.

I found the base controls to be fairly intuitive but adjusting them in settings if you prefer controllers is the way to go. It would be nice to see a bluetooth controller option added in a future update. I tried the Xbox One controller to no avail. I also chanced my arm with a singular Switch Joy Con. It works with my SNES emulator, it was worth a shot!

The guns handle quite well. There is an aim assist (supposedly) but it’s not something I have noticed too much. Movement is as you would expect, move your player with the imaginary left stick and move the camera with a swipe of the right side of the screen. It feels right.

Last Man Standing

I finished 4th in my first game with 7 kills. On my second go I tasted that chicken dinner after 11 kills. My best game so far has been 21 kills after dropping in more populated areas. Why am I performing so well? It looks like it’s twofold.

The players currently running around the island in PUBG Mobile are morons. You’ll find the type of gamers more accustomed to touch screen games with tasks like matching shapes and colours. Blue IS Blue! Good job, champ. Here’s a loot box.

They shoot first, think later. I’m not about that life. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I have heard a bullet whizzing past me only to turn around and see a guy standing out in the open. When I spot them they usually keep firing wildly or duck down in pure panic. There’s no hope for people like that so I put them out of their misery. Measure twice, cut once. Never give up your position in PUBG!

The second is a rumour that seems to have surfaced on social media today. There may be some AI controlled Bots filling out the island. Personally I haven’t noticed anything like that but it might explain some of my better games with 15+ kills. If these Bots exist they are certainly whittled away when it gets to the late game. I have only met smarter, clearly human, players there. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are some Bots in the early days to help build out a game or to ease unfamiliar players into the cruel whore that is Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds. If it is true I think it’s a nice idea, for now.


I feel very confident in giving PUBG Mobile 4.5 Meltzers here. I only dock it half a point for the lack of support for Bluetooth controllers. I’m sure this will happen at some point and then it’s a 5 star review. Honestly, I can’t believe how well implemented this port is. Maybe I was wrong about mobile games?

*searches Google Play Store, finds eight thousand freemium games about cats*


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