OTT Contenders 6 Recap

OTT Contenders 7 is on this weekend and even though I’m not in the country to see it, I decided to give OTT Contenders 6 a watch to get myself hyped for when 7 comes out On Demand next week.


We start off with a fancy new opening video just for contenders. We have a brand new OTT Contenders ring canvas too. Moving up in the world lads. William J Humperdink gets booed whenever he tries to speak. He gives us a little poem. It’s not very good. He won’t be winning any awards. I need some Don Marnell to insult me here. Damn him being off in Australia. Anyway, The Time is Now. The Place is Here. This is OTT.


Michael May vs Joe Coffey II

First up, we have a rematch of Contenders 4 with Michael May taking on Joe Coffey. Coffey got the win the first time around. How will this one play out?

They both shake hands to start off. Sportmanship, you can’t beat it. Humperdink describes May’s new trunks as like the wrapper off a Quality Street. Can’t say I disagree. They are quite shiny indeed. Both these guys have worked together over in Zero 1 in Japan and the announcers make sure to mention it. It’s a pretty back and forth match with lots of chops going both ways. The finish sees a Piledriver and 2 Black Coffeys from Joe to Michael which gets a 2 count. May comes back with a rolling kick and 3 Dragon Suplexes to pick up the victory.

Winner by Pinfall – Michael May

This ties them at 1-1 in their series. After a hand raising, Coffey asks for a rubber match. I’d expect to see that on an OTT main show card. It would certainly not be out of place anyway.


Team Whitewolf (A-Kid & Adam Chase) vs Legit 100 (Scotty Davis & Curtis Murray)

This is Adam Chase’s OTT debut. He was over in the crowd the last time A-Kid was over but didn’t compete. A-Kid was great last time and Team Whitewolf were great this time around too. As were their opponents. Scotty Davis is the future of Irish Wrestling. Curtis Murray is the immediate future of Irish Wrestling. He’s got that swagger down.

The match featured a bunch of high flying, flips, kicks and suplexes. Scotty gets the win in the end with Bridging German Suplex.

Winners by Pinfall – Legit 100

One thing this match did make me realise is that when the Legit 100 Guys are coming to the ring solo, like Michael May in the previous match, they should use their own theme music. They should just use the Legit 100 one when they are teaming only. I get wanting to keep them unified but when the first 2 matches have the same theme being played at the start and end, it’s a bit overkill.


Club Tropicana vs Polo Promotions

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s now time for the first comedy match of the evening. Club Tropicana have been hilarious at the last couple of Contenders shows and that doesn’t change here. It all starts off with their entrance. Aiden slips and Captain Sexsea’s quick release pants didn’t quite quick release. They then proceed to pose for uncomfortably long.

We have a little danceoff. Jackie Polo steals the captain’s hat and then the t-shirt mannequin and dances with it. Aiden still has his fanny pack on. He tries a shoulder tackle and hurts himself. Aiden tries a chop. It’s not very effective. He gets chopped back. Capt Sexsea sits down in the front row.

After a few more failed slaps, Aiden tags out. Sexsea tries a suplex, fails, gets tossed around by Jackie Polo. He screams. By god, does he scream. Sexsea lubes himself up and slips out of a bear hold. Aiden puts on a lucha mask and falls out of the ring trying a 619.

Sexsea tries bouncing off the ropes multiple times but slips. The Captain puts the lucha mask on himself and hits a 619. Aiden tries and actually hits a Tope. This is followed up by a dive from top rope to the outside by Seasea. Aiden jumps from the top rope, lands on his feet and then does a small splash for a 2 count. The swimming cap comes out and Tropicana hit the Super Sexy Slip n’ Slide. Sexsea accidentally superkicks Aiden and Polo Promotions win with the Pop-Up German Suplex.

Winners by Pinfall – Polo Promotions

They shake hands after the match and I think that Club Tropicana’s losing streak is up to 5 now. It might be 4. I’m too lazy to go back and check.


Terry Thatcher vs Eddie Stone

The commentators make note that it’s been 13 years since Terry Thatcher made his debut. A get of the Irish Wrestling scene. Eddie is accompanied to the ring by Russell Dempster and Gavin Fitz, the other 2 members of The Mongrels. I still think Nordie Shield would have been a better name, shootout to Corporate Cian.

Thatcher takes out the 2 guys at ringside and Eddie gets the advantage. Terry then dives on the 2 on the outside and dropkicks Stone through the ropes. Dempster grabs Terry’s foot but Foxy catches him. See, he can see stuff sometimes. He ejects the other mongrels. MTH come out, attack and drag them off. The crowd are firmly behind Terry in this one. Thatcher dives 3/4s of the way across the ring to hit an Elbow drop. The braces go up. They come back down. Brace Yourself. Gavin Fitz makes his way back out, hits Thatcher, and Stone wins with Etched in Stone.

Winner by Pinfall – Eddie Stone

This was the best overall performance I have seen from Terry Thatcher thus far. This character is a lot better than the skinhead character he had in the early OTT days. I still think they missed out on not having a segment in Feb with Terry and Timothy Thatcher though.


As Butch is introducing the next match, we hear the words “Yup The Tuck” and we get the surprise OTT debut of Dom Tuck who is wearing his lovely Cashmere Cardigan. He dabs and issues an open challenge.

Dom Tuck Open Challenge

Gunther Isaak answers the challenge and Dom says he’s not afraid of Gunther. Gunther stomps on Dom’s cardigan. That’s a cardinal sin. He then gives Dom a big splash for the win.

Winner by Pinfall – Gunther Isaak


B Cool, Debbie Keitel & Angel Cruz w/ Team Prick vs The Sons of Ulaid & Raven Creed

We get the entire length of Angel Cruz’s entrance song. The Sons of Ulaid making their OTT debuts. Nobody can understand Rory. B Cool tells Foxy that Baz is just Martina under a mask. Angel and B fight about who will start. Angel wins and starts against Baz. Slaps him once and then tags out.

As all 6 face off, B Cool switches places with Debbie so he gets to go against Raven instead. Smart strategy B. The match goes to the outside and Angel does a flip to the outside from Baz’s back. He then proclaims “You want Angel Cruz? Well now you’re gonna get Angel Cruz.” And proceeds to throws B into the ring. The heels go to work on B Cool, while Angel wonders if he can still squat.

Raven drops Angel from the apron just as B is about to get a tag. B isn’t impressed. He thinks that Angel dropped down himself to avoid the tag. Angel questions Foxy’s ability to count to 5. Debbie tags in and bodyslams all of the heels. She then throws one of Team Prick onto Raven. The Sons of Ulaid get a Double Chokeslam on B Cool for the win.

Winners by Pinfall – The Sons of Ulaid & Raven Creed

It was a bit of a sloppy finish. It looked like Debbie was supposed to break up the pin. Team Prick blame B Cool for the loss. He pushes them. Angel and B Cool slap each other then clear out the Sons of Ulaid. Team Prick drag off Angel who says that they are done.


No, say it isn’t so guys. Say it isn’t so. 2BitSports got to the bottom of Martina and Katie Harvey’s issues (it was that Katie liked cider, not beer). We can do it for you guys too.


Kip Sabian vs Jordan Devlin

This was announced as a non title match. I’m not sure why. Maybe they just want to have the title defended on the main shows. Kip Sabian gets Foxy to bend down the rope to let him in but then jumps over the rope instead. What a dick. Poor Foxy. Kip gets the mic and does his own introduction as Butch didn’t do it correctly. Coaches Butch a bit on how to do it.

Foxy and Kip have some disagreements early on. We get some chain wrestling which Devlin keeps getting the advantage in. Kip eventually sits down outside to get him composure. Some more offense from Devlin. Sabian sits down in a seat in the crowd until the 14 count.

Sabian clears out the crowd at ringside with the intention of throwing Devlin into them before tossing him back in the ring. More dickish behavior. It’s almost like he’s trying to be a heel. Devlin hits a glorious Spanish Fly and finishes Kip off with the patented Package Piledriver.

Winner by Pinfall – Jordan Devlin

Devlin gets on the mic after the match and announces that the NLW title will now be a contenders title. It wasnt mentioned on this show but there will be a tournament for it and the new champion will be crowned at Contenders 9. The brackets for the tournament will be announced at Contenders 7 this weekend.


More Than Hype (Nathan Martin, Darren Kearney & LJ Cleary) vs Kings of the North

Butch gets his lefts and rights wrong when making the introductions so the teams switch places. LJ does nip ups to chants of Bleh. Those MTH guys love their Blehs. They should head down to Waterford. Oh, different Blaas? Fair enough.

We get triple topes from MTH. Corvin then dives on everyone. Duncan Moonsaults on everyone. Martin gets German Suplexed while the others do another dive. We get a Suplex over the rope onto everyone on the outside.

There is a brawl on the outside and once then get back in the ring, there are boots, knees and clothesline galore. The Kings do all their signature moves. Martin hits the Blehbuster (not to be confused with the brainbuster. It’s a different shark). Kearney hits a Destroyer and then locks in a Half Crab. The others from MTH join in so we have a 1.5 crab locked in.

Everyone hits moves on Corvin, and then everyone falls on top to break up the pin. LJ gets near murdered but kicks out. MTH hit the Super Blehbuster but to no avail. Corbin hits the Belfast Boot on Kearney, Duncan follows up with Frog Splash and the Kings get the win.

Winners by Pinfall – Kings of the North

All the lads shake hands after the show. Sportsmanship and all that. Looks like MTH are going to be leaning towards face a bit too. 


All in all, this was probably the weakest Contenders show so far for me. It was still a great show but it didn’t have that one or two stand out moments that the other ones to this point have had. With the tournament getting started now and the guys having something to fight for, I can only see the Contenders brand going from strength to strength.


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