Talking Smack – WWE Smackdown Live – 13th March 2018

Hello there, loyal 2BitSports reader! For one week only I’ve decided to cross the brand divide and review Smackdown Live. Mainly because Nicky has gone back to his home planet for the week to overthrow their corrupt government, although we reckon he just doesn’t want to watch Wrestlemania 14 for our podcast this week.

Anyway, this is the first episode of Smackdown since their Fastlane Pay Per View. Shane McMahon cost Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens the WWE Title, and the 2 lads were fighting each other as well, so it’s not been a good week for them. But we have AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura at Wrestlemania, so that will be amazing. Anyway, let’s jump into the action and see what they have in store for us…



The show kicked off with AJ Styles coming out to cut a promo about how great he is. He talks about Wrestlemania, and out comes Nakamura. Nakamura talks about how at Wrestlemania dreams come true, and his dream is “Knee to face”. Then Rusev interrupts them, as he’s scheduled to face AJ.

The match itself was pretty good, and the crowd were hot for both guys. AJ locked in the Calf Crusher and Aiden English hit the ring to cause the DQ. Shinsuke makes the save, taking out English & Rusev. Backstage a bit later AJ finds Shinsuke and says he didn’t need his help. Nakamura said it looks like he did, and he will always help him, until Wrestlemania… are they gonna try turn AJ heel? This match doesn’t need a heel!



Sami Zayn had a backstage interview with Renee. He said the natural outcome would be to blame Shane for costing him the title, but in reality it’s Kevin Owens’ fault. Shane is obsessed with Kevin, and if it wasn’t for Kevin, then shane wouldn’t have been at ringside to break up his pin to cost him the match. He vows he won’t let that happen again, and walks off.

Later in the night Renee interviews KO. He says that Sami needs to get in his head that it’s Shane’s fault. If it wasn’t for Shane, Sami never would have been screwed, because KO would have already won the match (he’s right, you know). He says he won’t mind being the guy to teach Sami a lesson.

In the main event slot, Shane McMahon came out to address his actions. He talks about KO beating up his father, Sami costing him the Hell in a Cell match against KO, and admits it drove him nuts. He announces Daniel Bryan will be back next week, and he will be alone, as Shane is taking a leave of absence. His last order is he is making a match between KO & Sami for Wrestlemania.

This brings KO and Sami out one after another, and they both get into the ring, still seemingly annoyed at each other. Sami talks about how the crowd reacted to him and Kevin fighting at Fastlane, and that it must have made Shane happy. Eventually they both jump him. KO holds him in the corner while Sami hits a Helluva Kick, and Sami throws him into a Pop-up Powerbomb. Was this all a double-swerve to catch Shane with his guard down? If so, this is magical!

They throw referees around a bit, then grab Shane and put his neck into a chair, then ram him into the ringpost. After this they drag him the whole way up the ramp and through Gorilla. Backstage they Powerbomb him onto a stack of some metal pieces (possibly spare pieces of the set, I’m not sure). They leave him in a heap on the floor, gasping for air, or possibly dying. A class way to end the show, to be fair!



The Dasha-bot 5000 interviewed Big E backstage about the events of Fastlane’s Tag Title match. He said the Bludgeon Brothers tried to destroy them, and Kofi & Woods will be back, but for now he’s representing the New Day solo. Jimmy Uso comes up to him, and says they got Jey too, but he’ll stand with E.

They team up to face 2B, but before the match can start they attack 2B, and they grab chairs and stand tall in the ring. Bludgeon Brothers grab their hammers and knock the chairs out of their hands, and Jimmy & E bail from the ring. The match itself was good, and Bludgeon Brothers continue to look like completely rejuvenated men. They get the win in a fairly dominant showing, and leave Jimmy & E laid out. Also, Harper’s spinning side slam is a thing of beauty!



Randy Orton cut a promo about his title win at Fastlane. He said Roode earned his respect, but the US Title is his now, and he will defend it at Wrestlemania, and then Roode interrupts him. Roode says he’ll win his title back, and it will be glorious, and Jinder interrupts him. He talks crap for a bit, and then he has a match with Roode.

It got around 30 seconds into the match and I realised how rubbish Jinder is… thankfully that reminded me that I needed to put the bin out, so I had an excuse not to watch it.

Apparently Jinder won, and Orton nailed him with an RKO. This is leading to a Triple Threat match that will be the toilet-break at TripleThreatMania



Charlotte & Asuka had a face-off. It was grand. They both say they like a challenge, and they both believe they will be the one to win at Wrestlemania. Fair play to them. There’s no need for Asuka to talk though, just have her come out and kick people in the face.

Later on in the night Naomi and Carmella faced off. It was fine, but ultimately is just serving to get Carmella a few singles wins, and she wins her 2nd match in 48 hours.


So that’s another week of Smackdown in the books. The Women’s division didn’t really do much, to be honest, and the US Title match is going to be the toilet-break match at Wrestlemania. But the ending of the show was pretty class, and we’re getting Nakamura-Styles at Wrestlemania, so I’m a happy camper!



AJ Styles def Rusev (by DQ)

Bludgeon Brothers def Jimmy Uso & Big E

Jinder Mahal def Bobby Roode

Carmella def Naomi


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