Games Industry Goes Crazy, Announces ALL The Games

That was a hell of an end to last week, wasn’t it? So many new games were announced and other have been dated.

No Town Like NukeTown

Black Ops 4
We finally had confirmation of Black Ops 4. Interestingly it strays from the traditional early November ‘Call of Duty’ release slot. You could say that it gives Activision those extra few weeks to amass sales. You could also be realistic and note the October 26th release of Red Dead Redemption 2 and see it as COD stealing a march. Clever.


The Division 2 leaked a bit earlier than I assume Ubisoft had planned. No shooter would want their thunder being stolen by a COD announcement on the same day. Little is known about the latest Tom Clancy game but we will know more once E3 rolls around. Busy week, that. Games and stuff.
After weeks of slow news days the above we be enough to get our teeth into. Two nice announcements, two big games, something to speculate over. The we had a Nintendo Direct that attempted to break the internet.

Gonna’ Have Ourselves A Time

Another Ubisoft announcement – South Park The Fractured But Whole is coming to Nintendo Switch! As you know we are big fans of Switch and South Park. Check out Nickys review here, it’s stunning and brave. This announcement went down well in 2Bit Towers. While TFBW doesn’t exactly fit in with the rest of the mostly family friendly Switch library it certainly suits the hardware. This will be a great game to take on the go. I look forward to trying to stop myself from laughing my ass off on the rural Irish bus routes.
The rumoured Xbox One release of the Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy was confirmed for a July 10th release. There was also a little surprise in the form of a Nintendo Switch release. This marks a first ever Nintendo appearance for the former PlayStation mascot. N-Sane, indeed. I’m calling it right now, Crash will appear in a second Nintendo game in 2018…

The Swerve

Okay, we all knew this was coming eventually but it still was a joyous occasion. The biggest surprise was it’s 2018 release date! Super Smash Bros is coming to Switch! The delivery was masterful. The late stages of the Direct was a Splatoon fest. We were informed that there would be one more announcement, then a video played with more Splatoon. A swerve. We see a battle but the inkling girl stops and seems amazed by something…
Boom. The iconic Smash logo appears, in flames no less. We are shown Mario and the Breath of The Wild Link along with a whole host of Smash regulars in silhouette form. It’s a great reveal and another reason to stick with the Switch. Loads of games are coming and Nintendo have months of character reveals ahead to keep Smash on the front page.
Nintendo also announced a Captain Toad Treasure Tracker port for Switch…seriously? This before Mario Maker?! Captain bastard Toad?! You monsters!
So, those are your headline announcements from last week. We won’t likely see another week like this until E3 when so much is going on that it makes your head hurt. Fun.

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