The Alleged Wrestling Podcast 10th March 2018

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This weeks Alleged Wrestling Podcast covers all of the big news in the world of Professional Wrestling. We discuss the details that have leaked out in regards to a potential new lucrative TV deal for WWE and of course the 50 Man Royal Rumble and much much more.

We have changed up the way that we structure the show, we no longer cover each show match by match, now we pick the biggest storylines and go into them in more detail.

The running order for this weeks Podcast is:

Ronda Rousey

IC Title Picture

Cenas Road To Wrestlemania



Braun and Elias

The Bar have nobody left

Nias Jax babyface turn?

US Title Picture

SD Live Main Event Scene

Adding pointless matches to PPV last minute

WWE Production

Are NXT “Spoilers” really spoilers in 2018? (NOTE – WE DO NOT SPOIL ANYTHING!)

Then we have the latest news in Irish Wrestling and Steve brings us on a journey to March 24th 1991, to his favourite Wrestlemania…Wrestlemania 7!

Steven Murphy
2Bit Sports Co-Founder. Junior Vice President of Corporate Affairs, Creative, Live Events but also Third floor Janitor. Gaming Editor, Manchester United loudmouth. Whatever I am actually employed to do I probably did it earlier. It's on your desk, I'd say. Its safe to say that I call 'em as I see 'em. Be warned, I hate a lot of things. It's easier to count the things that I do like. I probably hate you.


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