Four Possible Wrestlemania Matches For Finn Balor

It’s amazing to think that Finn Balor has yet to have a match at Wrestlemania. Even though he has only been on the main roster just under 2 years if seems like longer. It feels like Balor is a tenured member of the Raw roster.

Balor missed last year’s Wrestlemania due to the injury he sustained in his Universal Title victory over Seth Rollins at Summerslam in 2016. In truth Balor was good to go last year but with such little time left before the show the decision was made to hold Balor off until the “Raw After Mania” festival of beach balls.

This year though we have a healthy Balor firing on all cylinders on the road to Wrestlemania 34. The Universal Title hostage situation has left Raw with a plethora of top talent treading water. With so many guys in the main event scene without an announced match Balor is far from alone. So, who should Finn Balor face at his first Wrestlemania?

1 – Braun Strowman

This is an interesting one. It’s a physical mismatch but most people who stand across from Strowman are in the same boat. This should be a Demon Balor appearance. The Demon King vs The Monster Among Men. You can actually hear Michael Coles pants tightening.

If I was to book the match I would use this to turn Balor heel. The only way he could survive Strowman was with the help of a couple of Good Brothers. The Balor Club attack with chairs and all three stand tall over the fallen monster. However, he’s not finished with them…

2 – Seth Rollins

Both men have been booked very well in recent weeks. Balor was the Ironman in this year’s Royal Rumble and lets not forget Monday Night Rollins.

This one needs very little build but it would need a stipulation in my opinion. Perhaps the winner is the new number one contender for the Universal Title? I know, I know. THE BIG DOG is going to beat Brock for the Title and it would be a safe bet that Strowman is his first challenger. Nobody would have a problem with that but we can dream, can’t we?

3 – John Cena

Poor John doesn’t have a path to Wrestlemania. I think I speak on behalf of everybody when I say that our collective heart bleeds for him. WWE would not have teased The Undertaker match if they are not going to pull the trigger. The Rey Mysterio story is a red herring.

Staying completely in storyline though, how about Finn Balor vs John Cena at Wrestlemania? Cena has a clean win over Balor in an Elimination Chamber qualifying match, let’s fix that. The old guard vs the new. The large power guy vs the smaller striker. It’s an easy story to tell in and out of the ring. Also, Balor wins because he has to.

4 – The Miz (IC Title Shot)

This is the one that makes the most sense considering the actual build on TV currently. It would also suit WWE’s 2018 plans for THE BIG DOG.

Balor could win the Intercontinental Title and carry it until later in the year. The former NXT Champion is no stranger to a long title run. Given the current log jam in the main event scene on Raw you have a hell of a lot of great IC Title matches to run. It will keep a lot of guys busy while the large canine has his run at the top.

Balor could restore the Intercontinental Title to its former prominence. It would quite literally be his stepping stone back to the Universal Title picture. Balor can defend against Rollins, Elias, Strowman, Miz, Cena, a returning Ambrose, a returning Samoa Joe, you name it. If he comes through all of that in the Spring and Summer he becomes undeniable in Universal Title contention.

That or, you know, give him his rematch for the title he never lost…whatever suits.

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