Rest of the Wrestling 2nd March 2018

Rest of the Wrestling 02 03

This week’s Rest of the Wrestling covers the usual Tuesday Night combo of Mixed Match Challenge and 205 Live & the Wednesday Night delight of NXT. DISCLAIMER: I may not have watched them on those nights. In fact, I most definitely didn’t.

WWE Mixed Match Challenge 27th Feb 2018

It’s the 1st week of the quarter finals in the Mixed Match Challenge and we have Finn Balor & Sasha Banks taking on The Miz and Asuka in an all Raw affair.


The Boss Club vs Awe-ska

Miz and Asuka argue over who has the streak. Miz say it’s their streak. Asuka says it’s her streak as Miz lost to Balor last night. See, she can speak English fine. Asuka’s back to a Black thong this time round. Miz gets on the mic and does his schtick about hands going up. Gets rolled up by Finn and almost beaten. Asuka is freaking out that Miz is going to lose her streak.

Shinsuke and Nattie are on the text chat for this one. Apparently Finn looks like Tuna in his blue gear. Some fantastic insight there from the Artist. Miz mocks Sasha. Asuka tags herself in. Her streak will be in her own hands. Asuka mocks Banks. Banks mocks Asuka. Asuka does the It Kicks. Sasha does the It Kicks. All the It Kicks all round here. Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale but Sasha breaks up the pin. Balor gets a Coup De Grace and Asuka just about saves her streak. Balor and Banks both have submissions locked in. Asuka reverses her one and Sasha taps but she’s not legal. This tap distracts balor and Miz rolls him up for the win with the tights.

Winners by Pinfall – Awe-ska

Not as funny as previous weeks but the story of Miz defending Asuka’s streak added a lot ot this. It does kinda spoil it that they are going to win the whole thing now though since they aren’t gonna have Asuka’s streak end in a mixed tag match. Unless they want to put major heat on Miz…..No. Don’t do it WWE. That’s a bad WWE. No.


Next Week

Next week we have the sexual tension of Alexa Bliss & Braun Strowman vs the married apathy of Naomi & Jimmy Uso. Team Little Big say they are going to Lock the Usos Down. Callbacks and all that. Naomi and Jimmy say that they are gonna snatch them bald. Including the beard. Now that’s a threat.


WWE 205 Live 27th Feb 2018

It’s the first week of the quarterfinals of the Cruiserweight Championship Tournament. We’ve got 2 quarterfinal matches tonight on 205 Live so bring it on. Back to just the 2 matches again this week.


Cedric Alexander vs TJP

TJP thinks he shouldn’t have to go through the tournament. If anyone shouldn’t have to go through it, it’s Alexander. He was supposed to have a title match with Enzo before all the “Alleged” stuff happened. Silly heels thinking they know stuff. TJP tries to ground Alexander for most of the match to stop him doing all his flippy shit.

Once Alexander gets the upper hand, the flippy shit resumes, as is tradition. TJP reverses a Neuralyzer into a Kneebar and then rolls up Cedric with the tights held for a 2 count. After a few reversals, TJP gets another Kneebar on. I loved TJP’s Kneebar. It just looks so good when he locks it in fully. Alexander gets the win in the end after a great match with a Lumbar Check. Another really good match in the HHH era of 205 Live.


Kalisto vs Roderick Strong

This was a fantastic match. Lots of action on the outside to start out. We even got a 205 chant. Roddy was working heel for most of the match so may be the direction they are going with him on 105 Live. He hit Kalisto with a Dropkick to the face that nearly took his head off. Then countered the Salisa Del Sol by dropping him on the ropes. They both went tumbling from the top rope. Roddy finished Kalisto off with a Backbreaker, followed by an End of Heartache.Fantastic showing for Strong overall and such a good match. 205 Live can do no wrong at the moment.


Other Stuff

Promo from Drake Maverick saying how he wants 205 Live to be the best Cruiserweight action in the world. You mean that there is Cruiserweight wrestling outside of 205 Live? You can’t admit that.


Next Week

Next week we have the 2nd week of quarterfinal matchups where Mustafa Ali will take on Buddy Murphy and Drew Gulak will face Mark Andrews.


Match Results

Cedric Alexander def. TJP by Pinfall
Roderick Strong def. Kalisto by Pinfall


NXT 28th Feb 2018

We’re a week removed from Johnny Gargano losing his job and the announcement of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Tournament. How will they progress things from here? Well let’s find out together.


The NXT Title Picture

We see the video of Johnny signing his termination papers where is is told that he will have to fulfil his remaining dates. Will those dates include Takeover? All the emotions are had by all. Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas and Zelina Vega have an in ring promo where they say they manages to beat Johnny 4 times. Which is a Clean Sweep in Baseball. We get a “Clean Sweep” chant to the tune of Too Sweet, complete with Woop Woops. Zelina says she doesn’t feed off her man’s success, she creates it. Almas then speaks. Almas shouldn’t speak. We get “What?” chants. He says he turned Johnny Wrestling into Johnny Jobless.

They make their exit and as they are on the ramp, Aleister Black’s music hits and he makes his entrance through his own special foggy entrance. He stands in the ring staring down Almas when Killian Dain’s music hits. He enters through another special entrance and Dain and Black attack each other. Almas watches on for a bit and then leaves. Dain ends up standing tall. So it looks like we will be getting a number 1 contenders match between Black and Dain with the winner facing Almas at Takeover. Or a Triple Threat. Who knows? I’m just spitballing here.


The Dream Continues

The Velveteen Dream took on Tyler Bate to continue his rise to show how fucking awesome he is. Kayla Braxton has to get out of the way during the Dream’s entrance and she doesn’t so there is an awkward part where he’s basically just accosting her. It was a great match though. Tyler with all the Technical stuff The Velveteen Dream wins with the Purple Rainmaker.


The Undisputed Era Grows?

Cezar Bononi faced off against Adam Cole BAY-BAY but before the match got started, Cole gets on mic. He said that he was standing in the ring with the winner of the Future Star of the Year award and asks Bononi to join the Undisputed Era. He gives Bononi a UE shirt and then as Bononi is mulling it over, Cole sucker punches him. It was all a clever ploy. Oh that sneaky Cole. Bononi hits a Michinoku driver. Cole superkicks the fuck out of Bononi and follows up with a Shining Wizard to the back of the head for the win. The Undisputed Era then beatdown Bononi.


Rematch of the Mae Young Classic Final

We get Kairi Sane vs Shayna Baszler which we have had a bit of buildup for over the last few weeks. There is a promo for both of them quickly recapping their NXT careers including the Mae Young Classic. Kairi seems to have a new intro to her entrance music. Or I’m just sleepy and never noticed it before. They need to change Shayna’s music so it’s just the horse noise and then the music. The cart noise is stupid. This match wasn’t as good as the mae Young Classic Final. Despite hitting a Spear, Flying Kabuki Elbow, and vicious looking Spinning Backfist, Kairi taps to the Kirifuda Clutch. After the match, Shayna calls Ember a coward because she won’t face her again. She says that when he meets her next, she is leaving with a title or leaving with a limb.


Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic

No matches for the tournament this week but some buildup. Paul Ellering and AoP cut a promo saying that this is their road back to the tag titles.

Street Profits interviewed each other pretending to be other people saying that they will win the DRTTC.

We have our first actual match in the tournament next week when TM61 take on the Authors of Pain. I’m expecting TM61 to take that and the entire tournament.


Match Results

Velveteen Dream def. Tyler Bate by Pinfall
Adam Cole def. Cezar Bononi by Pinfall
Shayna Baszler def. Kairi Sane by Submission


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