12 Guilt-Free Excuses for Skipping the Gym

Gym Excuses

So at the end of February now and those January new year resolutions you made about going to the gym and getting fit are starting to fade from your mind. You are just looking for excuses to skip the gym or just give up altogether. Well have no fear, we are with you. There are a tonne of perfectly good excuses that are valid for skipping the gym. These are the ones I use on a daily basis. Feel free to use them at your leisure.


1. It’s Too Hot


You know that one day of the year that we get sun in Ireland and the UK? We have to make the most of that. We can’t be spending it cooped up in some gym. Go enjoy yourself. The gym will be there another day.


2. It’s Too Cold

You know the part of the year from August to May where it’s fucking freezing? Sure you can’t be going out in that cold. You’d catch your death. Best to just stay at home watching TV with a nice cup of tea.


3. It’s Too Mild?

You know the other days that I didn’t cover in the last 2 points? Ya, I don’t have an excuse here but keep reading, surely one of the other ones below will apply to get you out of this.


4. It’s Raining

Sure you could catch a cold in that rain going from your car to the gym. You’d get soaked. What do you mean there is an underground carpark at the gym? Ok, em.. The car is in the shop, I’d have to walk or get the bus. I’d get soaked. Phew, got away with that one.


5. It’s Snowing

SNOW DAY!!! Sure you have to build snowmen and snow angels and have snowballs fights. There will be no time left for the gym. Also see Cold above, double blocked.


6. It’s Sunny

Sure it’s a lovely day. You can go for a nice walk instead of going to the gym. You’ll still get some exercise in. Oh look, there’s a pub. And they have a beer garden. On a day like today, it would be rude not to.


7. I Walked Up Stairs Earlier

Jesus, you must be wrecked after all that exercise. Sure you can’t be destroying your body more. You’ve done your part for the day. Go have a nap.


8. My Gym Clothes Are Dirty

Sure ya can’t be showing up to the gym in stinky clothes. What would people think of you? You go put them in the wash now. A nice slow cycle should do the trick.


9. Dog Ate My Homework

A classic. Regards of the context or situation


10. My Dog/Cat/Cockroach Looked Lonely

Hey, you’ve got to take care of the four (or six) legged friend in your life. They won’t understand why you abandoned them for some self righteous goal of losing weight. Think about the animals. Won’t somebody please think of the animals.

11. I Have to Watch This Show on Netflix

Did you know that Netflix changes the shows that they have on their site? I know, right? What if that show you were wanting to watch just gets taken off? What will you do then? You better just go home and binge watch it all now before it’s too late.

12. I’ll Start Next Monday

It’s Wednesday now. That’s a terrible day to start going to the gym on. Monday is the start of the week. You need to start the week off right, not half-ass it on a Tuesday. Ya, definitely. Next Monday. That’s when you’ll start.


DISCLAIMER: 2BitSports in no way supports being a fat lazy slob. We just choose to live that way. Feel free to ignore all this perfectly sound logical advice and go better yourself with weights and running and shit. We’ll wait in the pub.


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