The Alleged Wrestling Podcast 24th February 2018


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This weeks Alleged Wrestling Podcast covers all of the big news in the world of Professional Wrestling including Jeff Jarrett being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame and well, that’s about it! It was a pretty slow news week!

After that we head into our Raw and Smackdown Live coverage. Irish Wrestling Roundup finishes our real life discussion before we go to crazytown…

Nicky joins in the latest series of 2Bit Booking where we pick a character who is rarely on TV but is capable of much more. It’s a series where we find a way, working within the usual rules of WWE TV, to elevate that character. Nicky books us to Summerslam with one goal: Ascend The Ascension.

Timestamps are available in the descriptions of the audio or video versions.

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Steven Murphy
2Bit Sports Co-Founder. Junior Vice President of Corporate Affairs, Creative, Live Events but also Third floor Janitor. Gaming Editor, Manchester United loudmouth. Whatever I am actually employed to do I probably did it earlier. It's on your desk, I'd say. Its safe to say that I call 'em as I see 'em. Be warned, I hate a lot of things. It's easier to count the things that I do like. I probably hate you.


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