Rainbow Six Siege Is Currently Free To Play

Rainbow Six Siege

The best shooter of this generation, Rainbow Six Siege, is currently free to play on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The game is free to download and play from the 15th to the 20th of February.

I cannot express in a quick news update how much I love this game so I won’t even try. That will be for another day and a longer article.

Rainbow Six Siege is a phenomenally well made game. Two teams of 5 players face off in Attack vs Defence firefights. Attackers can break through walls, windows, doors, ceilings, floors, you name it. Defenders must fortify their positions to stay alive and protect whatever the objective may be in that round. The best part though is that when you die…you die. The game moves to 4 v 5 and so on until the next round starts. The game forces you to be tactical and to communicate with your teammates. This is no COD.

With 25 million players already on board Ubisoft really have no need to do this but it’s the great long term support that makes me love Rainbow Six Siege even more. All DLC has been free which keeps the player base together and Operators (characters in game) are very easily and quickly earned through in game currency.

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New players who join the Siege this weekend will find a competitive but very helpful community. Most of the time you’ll find yourself matched with honest and decent people who are willing to teach you the games intricacies. They almost have to, there’s no respawns. Dead = Dead. Your mother is very rarely insulted and I don’t think my sexuality has been called into question once. Again, this is not COD.

Rainbow Six Siege starts its Year 3, Season 1 on March 6th on all platforms with new content. Operation Chimera sees two new operators, specialists in biohazard situations, added to the frey. Meanwhile, the new co-op mode Outbreak will be available on the same day.

Take this opportunity while the game is free for 5 days. You won’t regret it. All progress will carry over from this free weekend when you end up buying Rainbow Six Siege. I cannot fathom somebody playing this game and not wanting more.

Check back next week for my love letter to Rainbow Six Siege where I will be able to go into more depth. Spoiler Alert: It’s going to be filled with high high praise.

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