Rest of the Wrestling 9th Feb 2018

Rest of the Wrestling 09 02

This week’s Rest of the Wrestling covers Mixed Match Challenge where Naomi and Jimmy Uso took on Goldust and Mandy Rose, the new era of 205 Live with HHH in control, and NXT back on the road again doing what they do best.


WWE Mixed Match Challenge 6th Feb 2018

It’s week 4 of the mixed match challenge. Viewership fell way off last week and that was an episode with Braun Strowman on it. I shudder to think of the viewership of this week’s episode which has Jimmy Uso & Naomi take on Goldust & Mandy Rose. And they knew that too so we have a Special Guest Referee where the fans got to choose between Kurt Angle and Daniel Bryan.


The Lite Brite Usos vs Rose Gold

Jimmy Uso has added a luminous towel, shoes and hat so he shines bright like a diamond with his wife. Goldust is being creepy with Mandy Rose acting like a photographer coming down the ramp. Mandy Rose really doesn’t seem too comfortable with being creepy thing.

And the winner of the Special Guest Referee vote is Daniel Bryan who now has terrible Yes Graphics on the side of the screen, ugh. He also has his hair in a 1999 Jericho style top ponytail which is nice.

Mandy is not good at trashtalking. It’s pretty forced. It seems that comedy is the way to go with this Mixed match thingy. Since they had Braun doing it last week, they will all be doing it now. Goldust kisses Mandy’s hand. So Mr and Mrs Uso do it too. Goldust then hugs Mandy. Ditto from the Fatu’s. Team Samoan Shiny Things then up the ante with a big auld smooch. Goldust asks Jimmy how his breath is. D-Bry leads the crowd in a yes chant. Goldie goes in for the kiss but Jimmy rolls him up. Daniel looks shocked at this behavior and doesn’t count the pin instead opting for a No chant.

The women get tagged in and we have a bit of a hair fight followed by asses to faces and slaps. It’s so good that the women’s division is having an evolution. Mandy can do moves. Whaa? Mandy then slaps Jimmy Uso. This pissed off Mrs. Uso. The men get back in and we get more asses in faces. And some tandem moves from both sides. Goldie hits a CrossRhodes but the pinfall gets broken up. Mandy slaps Naomi. Naomi chases Mandy around the ring. Naomi jumps over Goldust and takes out Mandy with a cross body to the outside. Rear View and Samoan Splash later and that’s all she wrote.

Winners – Team Uso Glow by Pinfall

After the match, the Rusevs come out on the ramp and tells the Family Uce that they are not the best married couple, Rusev and Lana are. Rusev then leads us in a rousing rendition of the hit song:

“Lana is the Best,
Lana Number 1”
clap clap

Next week it’s Rusev & Lana vs Elias & Bayley and it will be a Happy Ravishing Rusev Day. We get a text over promo from Elias & Bayley which has music symbol graphics too. Bayley can’t sing and doesn’t get a hug.


I’m really liking this Mixed Match Challenge format. It doesn’t feel scripted. It feels like they are just having fun. So it’s different. Different is good. WWE needs to learn that more. There is way too much of the same thing going on so this is a breath of fresh air.


WWE 205 Live – 6th Feb 2018

It’s week 2 of the Cruiserweight Classic Crusierweight Championship Tournament. And also the 2nd week of Rockstar Spud Drake Maverick in charge as the 205 Live General Manager. We have 2 matches in the tournament again this week with Kalisto vs Lince Dorado and Roderick Strong vs Hideo Itami.


No Vince, No Problem

We had some big backstage news coming out of this week about 205 Live. We found out that apparently Vince McMahon has stepped away from booking 205 Live and has left the reins to Triple H. This is great news in my opinion (and let’s face it, that’s the only one that really matters) (i joke) (#humble). HHH did a great job with the CWC which had people wanting the Cruiserweights so hopefully he can turn things around here and if the first 2 weeks of his changes are anything to go by, he’s on the right track. Now just change the belt.


Super Lucha Friends Fight

First match up is Kalisto vs Lince Dorado where 2 members of Super Team Lucha Hunger Force Go face off against each other. Vic mentions that we are set for some “Good Lucha Things”. Fantastic callback. And we do get some good lucha things. It was a great match. There was a “This is Awesome” chant about 5 minutes into it. Both men shooting at each other that they need it makes the tournament feel like a big deal too.

Dorado’s new mask without the teeth looks a lot better than the old one. I always found the old mask a bit too campy. This was a breakout match for Dorado who due to injury and whatnot, just hasn’t had the same chances to show what he can do on 205 Live.

Finish of the match had Lince hitting a Golden Rewind (a handspring stunner) which he followed up on with a Shooting Star Press which Kalisto rolled to the outside after. Kalisto then hit a Salida Del Sol but Lince grabbed the bottom rope with milliseconds to spare. Kalisto then hit the Rising Sun (a springboard reverse frankensteiner). I say hit, it was botched a bit. But this was one of his finishers on the indies and I believe this is the first time he has used it on WWE TV. After the botch, it may also be the last time he uses it on WWE TV. He followed this up with another Salida Del Sol for the win.


Roddy vs Itami

They show a video package of Roderick Strong to let people who don’t watch NXT know who he is. Always a nice touch rather than have people come in blind. Itami has a text on the video promo before the match, not from a phone this time though. Progress? This was a fantastic match. Strong accidentally called Itami Kenta during the match but you know, old habits die hard and all that.

Highlights include Strong throwing Itami back first into the apron and Itami hitting a Super Falcon Arrow from the top rope. Strong eventually picked up the win with the End of Heartache. So a victory on his debut and he’s moving on to round 2 of the Cruiserweight Tournament.


Other Randomness

Cedric & Ali have a phone camera promo where they play peekaboo.

TJP sits in a chair and says nobody loves him anymore.

Akira Tozawa tells Dewey Foley (I think it was Dewey Foley) that he’s fired again then does a Vince McMahon walk.

Rockstar Spud Drake Maverick tears Gulak and Nese a new one telling them they are wasting their potential. He congratulated Tony on his abs though.


Next Week

Next week we have another non regular 205 Live guy in the tournament in Mark Andrews. He will be taking on Hideo Itami. I like this trend of a different random outside person in a match each week. We got a promo for Mandrews too to build him up. We have 1 more round of first round matches to be announced after next week’s matchups so hopefully they keep up the same trend for that one. We’re also getting Tony Nese vs Drew Gulak so a matchup of former partners that need to prove themselves to Rockstar Spud Drake Maverick.


Match Results

Kalisto def. Lince Dorado by Pinfall
Roderick Strong def. Hideo Itami by Pinfall


NXT – 7th Feb 2018

We’re back in Centre Stage in Atlanta for NXT tapings his time around. I hope they keep mixing it up between Atlanta and Full Sail. It means you don’t always have the same crowd. Full Sail have been pretty lackluster lately.


NXT Tag Team Title Match? Nope.

We were supposed to open with a tag team title match. Didn’t quite happen though as SAnitY attacked The Undisputed Era while they were making their entrance. They all ended up brawling and security had to break them up. Regal came out and announced that the main event would be a 6 man Tornado Tag Team match between all of the guys. No titles on the line.

The match starts and immediately goes everywhere. Apparently it’s no DQ, that hadn’t been mentioned before. Crowd chanting for tables. I’ll never understand American’s love of tables. Most of the guys end up brawling backstage for a while. Dain throws Fish off the stage onto everyone else. Dain also gives Kyle O’Reilly a Michinoku Driver onto Bobby Fish. That table eventually got used too when Dain sentoned himself through it after Cole moved. Finish came after Dain made his way back into the ring, cleared all 3 men out and hit the Ulster Plantation on Fish.

This match made Dain look really strong. They must have some big plans for the Beast of Belfast outside of the tag division. I won’t complain about that. Push all the Irish lads. Even if he is from the North. Shoulder to Shoulder and all that.


Johnny Wrestling Talks

Johnny gargano came down to a great response from the crowd. Except for 1 heckler dick in the crowd but fuck him. Johnny said that he earned respect from the fans at Takeover which is more important than a title. He issued a challenge to Tomasso Ciampa for being a backstabbing piece of shit (maybe not in those words).

Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas & Zelina Vega came out and Johnny said that while earning respect from the crowd was his favorite thing that happened at Takeover, his 2nd favourite was when Candice beat the hell out of Zelina. Cue Candice who pushed Vega out of the ring.

Vega asked “What’s it going to take to get rid of you?” to Gargano. I don’t know. Maybe don’t interrupt him when he is talking about something completely different? Jesus, heels, right?

Johnny said that he wants another shot at the title (shot, not opportunity. Vinnie Mac wont be happy about that). Vega agreed but if he can’t win the title, Johnny has to leave NXT. Callup soon then? Since HHH is in charge of 205 Live now, I’m sure he would like to have his actually genuine over face there with him.


Women’s Graps

Shayna Baszler had an interview backstage. She claimed she was the most feared. When you are in the ring with her, it’s, Tap, nap or snap. Hmmm, that sounds kinda like that title 5* Wrestling have. But nobody is watching that so you’re fine. She said Ember won’t give her a rematch because Ember is scared and not a real champion. Later in the night, Ember says (via Twitter) that Shayna will have a title rematch next week.

In other women’s news, we got a Kairi Sane video package and Bianca Belair beat a jobber who thought they were in the scouts (I’m curious who will get that reference)


Team No Name are No More?

Heavy Machinery took on Riddick Moss & Tino Sabbatelli. They were teasing that Moss and Sabatelli weren’t happy with each other the whole way through with them doing hard tags on each other. Otis’s worm is officially called the Caterpillar which I love. CAT diggers and such, Tino tried to use rope leverage to get the win but the ref saw it. He then gets beated by 2 men falling on him. Afterwards Moss won’t help Tino up and in a interview, Tino is about to call Moss his partner but then just says Moss instead. It looks like it’s the end of the road for the team that never had a name. Is anyone bothered?


Next Week:

Next week’s show is looking good. We have a WWE UK Title match between Pete Dunne  and Roderick Strong which should be awesome. We also have that NXT Women’s Title match between Ember Moon and Shayna Baszler. They mentioned too that Aleister Black would be on the show. They are stacking this episode anyway. Usually you would have one of these types of shows midway between Takeovers to make it feel big, not 3 weeks after one. But hell, bring it on. I’m all for better quality shows all the time.


Match Results:

Heavy Machinery def. Riddick Moss & Tino Sabbatelli by Pinfall
Bianca Belair def. Jobber by Pinfall
SAniTY def. The Undisputed Era by Pinfall


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