Report: Call of Duty Black Ops 4 To Be Released In 2018

Black Ops 4

It’s that time of the year when the COD rumours start to swirl. This year the chatter is that Activision owned studio Treyarch are working on Black Ops 4, Eurogamer reports citing multiple sources.

Spoiler alert, there will be a new Call of Duty game in 2018. I know, shocker! What is surprising though is a rumoured Nintendo Switch version to sit alongside the regular PS4, Xbox One and PC versions.

February/March of each year sees a leak from an “insider” make the rounds. To be fair these leaks are usually 100% accurate as it is at this time of the year that Activision/Blizzard reveal their slate for the upcoming year to retailers under strict Non Disclosure Agreements. Clearly somebody has gone rogue…again. It’s no coincidence that these leaks appear at the same time every year.

Zero Gravity = Zero Fun

After the success of the “boots on the ground” COD:WWII in 2017 we can only hope it’s more of the same with Black Ops 4. Save the jetpacks and wall running stuff for Destiny please. Ain’t nobody got time fo’ that.

The Treyarch Blops trilogy has paralleled the fall from grace of the COD franchise. The original Black Ops had a 60s/70s Cold War and Vietnam setting. Blops II had a near future backdrop and the third instalment was set in a distant future complete with jetpacks and all sorts of other nonsense.

Back To Black

The original Black Ops represents the high water mark for COD in my opinion. The level design was excellent with Nuketown and Firing Range the standout maps for online play. I still haven’t played a better map than Nuketown. Blops II wasn’t quite as good. It even locked a revamped Nuketown down as a preorder bonus. It left a bad taste in the mouth. Black Ops III was a disaster in my opinion.

Black Ops 4 needs to find a balance between the old style games and the latest titles with the newer tech available. The first game was perfect, I would hope that it sticks to that template. The campaign jumped between time periods meaning the online mode had a better variety of hardware at its disposal.

There’s a renewed positivity surrounding Call of Duty. Having Black Ops 4 as a follow up to the success of last year’s game may put COD back in gamers good graces once more. There was a time where you could log onto Xbox Live and see 90% of your friends list playing a COD title. It was a movement, one I don’t think will ever be repeated. This is a great second step though.

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