The Alleged Wrestling Podcast 27th Jan 2018

Podcast 27th Jan

This week on The Alleged Wrestling Podcast, we cover all the big news stories of the week, Raw 25, Smackdown, the Irish Wrestling Roundup & NXT Takeover and Royal Rumble predictions.

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Topics include:

The Enzo Amore rape accusations and subsequent firing.

Rich Swann being cleared of the assault charges against him.

The state of 205 Live.

Vince McMahon’s revival of the XFL.

The couple of good points about Raw 25, this is a very short segment.

The disaster that was the Manhattan Center part of Raw 25.

Smackdown happened.

We predict what will happen at NXT Takeover and Royal Rumble.

We speculate about what surprise appearances we will get at the Rumble.


Timestamps below:

Enzo Amore Allegations 02:19
XFL 2020 16:06
Raw 25 19:54
Smackdown Live 38:02
Irish Wrestling Roundup 43:21
NXT Takeover Philadelphia Predictions 56:03
Royal Rumble Predictions 01:09:46

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