Rest of the Wrasslin’ 26th Jan 2018

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This week’s Rest of the Wrasslin’ covers week 2 of the Mixed Match Challenge along with 205 Live and NXT which were both very good this week. There was a standout crazy good match on each of them.

Mixed Match Challenge 23rd Jan

So it’s week 2 of the Mixed Match Challenge and this week we have The Miz & Asuka vs Big E & Carmella. I enjoyed week 1 even if the platform they use is pretty limiting since it can only be watched live in the States.


Carmella & Big E vs Asuka & The Miz

They actually have an introduction to the show this week which we didn’t get last week. Corey does the intro. The New Day all come out in Carmella outfits with Money in the Bank lunchboxes. They also eat some pancakes. Big E puts a stack of them on Corey Graves’ head. He wasn’t best pleased.

Give her an L

And the commentary starts out on a great note with Cole claiming that “It doesn’t matter what language you speak because “We Will Win” is universal”. No Michael Cole, that’s English. That is very much English. Big E tries to give Asuka her first L by taking out a giant foam L. Asuka rips it in 2. No L for Asuka yet anyway. Cole shows us how to use an iPad to swipe away the chat on a Facebook Live video. Oh god, this is bringing back flashbacks of how to download the WWE App. Asuka picks up the win by tapping Carmella out to an Armbar.

Winners by Pinfall – Asuka & The Miz

Renee Young interviews them afterwards. Asuka says something in Japanese. The Miz translates saying that she said that The Miz is an inspiration to her and that she learned how to be a winner from him. They are Awe-ska.

Next week we have Braun Strowman & Alexa Bliss vs Sami Zayn & Becky Lynch. Quick promos from each where Braun pats Alexa on the head and Sami and Beck disagree about whose plan they are going to use.


205 Live 23rd Jan

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We’re back to a regular 46 minutes episode this week so at least the Mixed match Challenge isn’t going to affect 205 Live every week. We open the show with Daniel Bryan who lets us know that Enzo Amore has abdicated the title and will no longer be a part of 205 Live. Sure he has, it was totally his choice. Nothing to do with a rape scandal, nope, nothing at all to do with that. D-Bry says that next week, we will be getting a 205 Live General Manager and they will address what the fuck they are going to do with the title. There is debate throughout the night about who it might be. Nigel suggests Eric Bischoff. Don’t be silly.


Fantastic Matches, More of this Please

When 205 Live started, they had one standout match each week. That had gone away for the last while after Enzo joined and it was a shame as I felt that was what would get the division over. Now that Enzo is gone, the standout match is back. This week we had Cedric Alexander and Mustafa Ali who had a crazy good match. When you get the apathetic Smackdown crowd chanting This is Awesome for a 205 Live match, you know you did something well.


Lucha Team Up Hunger Force Go

So it seems that we are just merging all the Luchadors into one group. Lince Dorado is back, I think he was injured. Maybe they just didn’t use him for a while. Anyway he has teamed up with Kalisto and Gran Metalik to make a super lucha group. Cause those masked guys need to stick together. I think they are calling them Lucha Spirit but I prefer my name. They got a win on 205 Live anyway and it made me think. They always have 6 man tags on 205 Live. Make a Trios Title as a secondary title for 205 Live. That would be awesome. We would need to bump up the numbers but it would be something different.

Drew Gulak FTW

Drew Gulak is away from the (name redacted) Train and back on his own where he should be. He is making a campaign to be the new general manager so he can make 205 Live into a Drewtopia with none of that pesky high flying and chanting. I for one, embrace our new overlord. Akira Tozawa also makes a play to be GM doing his best Vince McMahon impression.


The GTS Is No More

It appears they have pulled the GTS from Itami’s arsenal after what happened Brian Kendrick. He put Gallagher away with a type of spinning dropping inside knee strike thing this week and he used the Rings of Saturn to put someone away a few weeks ago. It’s a shame. The GTS was a great move.



Match Results

Lince Dorado, Kalisto & Gran Metalik def. TJP, Ariya Daivari & Tony Nese by Pinfall
Hideo Itami def. Jack Gallagher by Pinfall
Cedric Alexander def. Mustafa Ali by Pinfall


NXT 24th Jan

It’s the go home show for Takeover Philadelphia and we’ve got a main event tonight to determine who is challenging for the title at the… PPV? Special? Show? I never know what to call Takeover.


No. 1 Contenders Match

We open the show with a weird purple clouded promo from Velveteen Dream saying stuff about dreams being over. He then wore a Johnny Wrestling t-shirt cutoff down to the ring. Crowd were pretty split for this one. The match was awesome. Go watch it now. Go on, I’ll wait……..are you watching it yet…… see it was awesome. Velveteen is fantastic. He’s going places. Gargano picked up the win with a Garga-No-Escape and keeps his title match at Takeover.

Almas makes his way down to the ring and he and Gargano get in a bit of a scuffle. Gargano eventually gets the upper hand and picks up the title. The crowd chant “You Deserve It”. Will he get it though? Tune in to the WWE Network this Saturday for only $9.99 to find out.


Big Men Faceoff

We get the return of No Way Jose. No idea where he was. Maybe he lost his way…..see what I did there?  Ya, it wasn’t great, I’m sorry. Anyway he beat Cezar Bononi who seems to on a losing streak as of late. It’s strange. He’s a big sweaty man. Why isn’t he getting pushed to fuck? He is pretty green still alright but they usually don’t give a shit about that.


Tag Teams and Shit

We got part 2 of the TM61 mini documentary. It was great. They need to do more of those. They are usually great (except Roddy’s one).

Authors of Pain also murdered some jobbers. And then cut a promo on Undisputed Era. Not Paul Ellering, the guys themselves. They can speak. Who knew?



Women and Stuff

We get a sitdown interview with Ember Moon and Shayna Baszler with king of personality Percy Watson hosting. All intense and stuff. Baszler said that Ember may have achieved her dreams by Shayna will take it all away from her. Looking forward to the title match on Saturday. Considering the limited buildup, they have managed to build it up quite well.

We got Bianca Belair too who whipped a jobber with her hair. Also forearmed the fuck out of her. And won with an Alley-Oop.


Match Results

No Way Jose def. Cezar Bononi by Pinfall
Bianca Belair def. “Local Talent” by Pinfall
Authors of Pain destroy Jobbers. Match never started.
Johnny Gargano def. Velveteen Dream by Submission.

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