The 2BitSports Road to Wrestlemania 34

AJ Nakamura

It’s the most exciting time of the year in WWE, the Road to WRESTLEMANIA! From January onwards we start to see WWE planting seeds for potential feuds and special moments for the Showcase of the Immortals. It’s also the time of year where fans’ minds go into overdrive trying to speculate on what the match card will be, or even who will win the Royal Rumble.

With that in mind, we decided to have a bit of fun, and each of us decided to book our own Road to Wrestlemania, from January right through to the show itself…


Let’s get the creative juices flowing!

In our first week of booking fun, Steve decided to go for some inter-promotional mayhem, people switching brands, and re-uniting a certain “Club”. That “Club” has since re-formed on literally the next episode of Raw after this was recorded, so either Steve can predict the future, or WWE are paying attention to this clip:

In week 2, Gordo decided to throw a bit of a curve ball, and had someone other than Brock Lesnar as champion going into Wrestlemania. He also booked a huge match for Finn Balor, and decided that it was time for the Good Brothers to shine:

For our 3rd booking segment, Fitz tried to go for a delicate balance between his dream booking and what WWE are most likely to do. One part of this has already partially come true, with Roman dropping the Intercontinental Title. He’s gone with an interesting winner for the Rumble match itself, and has predicted a different main event to the rest of us:

In our final installment Nicky gave us his 15 match Wrestlemania card, including a few NXT callups and some intriguing title matches:


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