Sanchez Snubs City And Signs For Manchester United


Alexis Sanchez looked certain to sign for Manchester City as early as last summer. The deal was not finalised but City picked up where they left off as soon as the January transfer window opened. However, much like the Romelu Lukaku to Chelsea transfer, Manchester United have swooped in to get the deal over the line. A large financial package and the inclusion of Henrikh Mkhitaryan was enough for both clubs to reach a deal.

It has been reported that Sanchez will become the Premier League’s top earner on a staggering £350k a week. This also makes Alexis the 4th highest paid player in Europe. Reports labelling him as the fourth highest paid player in “The World” are mistaken. They fail to remember the whole Chinese League stuff. Tevez and Lavezzi both earn north of £615k a week. Sanchez would end up pulling in just over half of their weekly wage. Hopefully he can find a way to feed his dogs on his United wage.

Adding a world class player like Alexis Sanchez most certainly gives United a much needed shot in the arm. Jose is going into the knockout stages of the Champions League with a squad that has proven to let their heads drop when the going gets tough. They have often appeared very casual in their approach to their jobs on the pitch. This will not stand with Sanchez in the team. He is a hardworking player who demands 100% commitment from those around him. Hopefully this is a good old fashioned kick up the backside the team needs.

Where Does Sanchez Fit In?

Sanchez can play anywhere at the top of the 4-2-3-1 Jose likes to play. Much of his time at Arsenal was spent cutting in from the left but his highest goal scoring season came from playing as a 10 or false 9 in a central role.

It would seem, in the short term at least, that he would relive his days at Barcelona and Udinese by playing on the right side. This has been a huge problem position for United this season. Neither Lingard or Mkhitaryan could nail that position down. Mata has played there for most of the season but as we all know he is far more effective from a central position. Sanchez playing on the right solves both problems. 

Martial and Rashford sharing minutes on the left all season has worked in spells so I don’t see that changing. Either Sanchez plays on the right or just behind Lukaku centrally. 

Either way this long Jose rebuilding saga rolls on and on. It’s been an expensive few years folks! This is a transfer that had to be looked at. Players like this do not come up every transfer window. It’s good to see United showing some balls again. Now, go get Harry Kane in the summer.


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