Talking Points from WWE Raw 15.01.18

raw is strowman

Last week’s episode of Raw divided opinion in 2BitHQ, and the lads had a lengthy discussion about it on our podcast. Steve and the lads from ArsenalFanTV thought it was crap, but myself, Fitz and Nicky thought it was grand. It still doesn’t feel like we’re only 2 weeks out from the Royal Rumble though, so they really need to work hard to build this a bit more. Anywho….

Welcome to Raw…. is….. BRRRAAUUUUNN!!!!

Seriously, this week was all about the Monster Among Men. Steve M floated the idea on our podcast a few weeks ago that Braun could essentially be this generation’s Stone Cold Steve Austin, and if the past few weeks are anything to go be, he’s 100% right. The reactions he’s getting for throwing people around, hitting powerslams and his freakish feats of strength are all reminiscent of the pops Stone Cold used to get, and he’s the biggest star they have right now.

This week we kicked off the show with Kurt Angle firing Braun in the ring for his actions last week. This sent Braun over the edge, and he proceeded to terrorise security staff and smash up Kurt’s office. He tore up catering, chokeslammed Curt Hawkins through a table and paused for a slice of cake, before making his way to the production truck. While in the truck he was trash talking the production staff and scaring the crap out of them, then he stormed out and tipped over the tractor part of the truck.

He then made his way back to the arena and made a beeline for the commentary table, grabbing Michael Cole. Kurt brought out security and says that Stephanie has rehired Braun, and he’s back in the title match. Braun calms down, but still throws Cole off the stage onto Kurt and the security. Kudos to Cole for his part in this, because I thought it added a lot to it.

And this all happened in the first hour of the show…. Honestly the best first hour of Raw I can remember!


Does the Shield-Bar division have new participants?

There was no match between Shield and The Bar members this week, but they still interacted with each other. Our first match of the night saw Jason Jordan interfere to cost The Bar their match against Titus Worldwide (much to the dismay of Seth Rollins).

Later on Jason Jordan used his (alleged) family ties to GM Kurt Angle to get his partner a match against Finn Balor, which Seth wasn’t too happy about. However he was happy to go ahead with the match since he and Finn have unfinished business.

The match itself was really good, which is no surprise. The ending has The Bar come out and try to corner JJ, but they miss him and hit the Good Brothers, which leads to the 4 of them brawling. As the ref tries to break that up, JJ trips Balor, and Rollins hits the Curb Stomp/Blackout for the win…. I had to rewind to be sure, but yep, the Curb Stomp is back!

Does this bring the Good Brothers into the Shield-Bar division? Since Titus Worldwide have pinned the #1 Contenders two weeks in a row can they also stake a claim for a title shot? And does this mean Rollins’ finisher is no longer “The Knee”?


Quickfire Roundup

  • Elsewhere on Raw, Cedric Alexander defeated Tony Nese in a solid Cruiserweight match. These are 2 of the best “wrestlers” in the company, so no surprises they had a good match.
  • We also had Asuka defeat Nia Jax by referee stoppage, as Nia had hurt her knee. Decent enough match, but the ending killed the crowd a bit, and didn’t really do much for either woman since the last of the damage was done in a steps spot on the outside.

  • The Revival won in a squash match (against indy team ExtraTalented), and cut a post-match promo teasing some form on interaction with some of the legends at Raw25 next week… will we see The Revival lowered to the point of having to eat finishers from multiple legends, when in reality they should be in the tag title picture?
  • Sonya Deville picked up the biggest win of her career to date, beating former Women’s Champ Sasha Banks.
  • Samoa Joe has been removed from the Royal Rumble. However Elias mentioned eliminating Cena, so it appears we may see a program with those 2 guys going forward.


Match Results:

Titus Worldwide def. The Bar

Cedric Alexander def. Tony Nese

Asuka def. Nia Jax via referee stoppage

The Revival def. Aaron Solow & Ricky Starks (#ExtraTalented)

Roman Reigns def. Dallas & Axel

Sonya Deville def. Sasha Banks

Matt Hardy def. Heath Slater

Seth Rollins def. Finn Balor


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