OTT Contenders 4 Recap

OTT Contenders 4 Recap

So it’s the day before OTT Contenders 5 and I’ve finally got around to finishing OTT Contenders 4. So for anyone that is looking for a reminder or anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, here is my recap of the show. It was a fantastic show yet again. These Contenders shows are becoming can’t miss. We’re taking that advice and 2BitSports will be at Contenders 5 live.


Onto The Show

Aongho and Don open up the show as always. The lights around the place seem turned down more than the last few times. Darker rooms always makes wrestling look better, sorry PWG.

Don has a list of spoilers for TV shows to run to through:
Kel dropped the screw in the tuna. (get out of that tuna Will Batson)
Aladdin never showed Jasmine the world.
At the end of Harry Potter, it turns out that his father is Darth Vader. Who knew?

Don gets to pick 3 people from this show to go against British Strong Style at Being The Elite. The crowd want Foxy in the match. Don says he’s not just picking a team to meet British Strong Style, he’s picking a team to beat British Strong Style.

The time is now. The place is here. This is OTT!!!


LJ Cleary vs The Fabulous Nicky

LJ gets a big pop. Also gets the illegitimate son chants again. Cian (his supposed illegitimate son) is just loving this. There are feathers everywhere from Nicky’s boas. Nicky has a picture of Harry Styles and wants LJ to sign it. LJ insteads rips it up and tries to throw it out of the ring but it lands just in front of him. Eventually manages to get it out on the 3rd attempt.

They have a little bit of back and forth and then Nicky takes out a 2nd picture from his trunks for Harry to sign. He throws that one away too and attacks Nicky. Nicky gets the upper hand and takes out a 3rd picture, this time from his kneepad. It gets ripped up in front of him again. There are cries out for lamination. Some nice back and forth again between the 2 ending in a faceoff. Nicky is out of pictures now but he finds one in Foxy’s back pocket. Foxy also has a pen. This is picture of the whole band so he needs to sign just Harry’s face. LJ gives in and starts signing it. Nicky then punches him in the face through the picture. He follows up to the outside but LJ eventually gets control and gets Nicky back in the ring.

LJ gets Nicky in an Abdominal Stretch and uses the rope to crank it on more. Foxy eventually cops it and Nicky gets a suplex on LJ. LJ shoves Foxy, then hits a low blow on Nicky. Nicky tries to hit back but LJ ducks and Nicky hits Foxy instead. Foxy calls for the bell.

Winner by DQ – LJ Cleary

Nicky and Foxy hug it out after the match. Nice display from LJ Cleary here. He’s gonna go places. Places does not include to the National Stadium however.


Terry Thatcher vs Conor Andrews

Thatcher gets on the mic. Someone in the crowd yells that he’s a Backstreet Boys reject. He says he’s not here to impress the crowd. He’s here to impress Don Marnell. He says that he left Conor laying last time around (it was at Contenders 2). Conor needs to remember that and he needs to Brace Himself. Cause Thatcher wears braces. Get it?

Some nice spots in the match. Such as Thatcher being thrown to the outside, then crawling under the ring and popping up behind and Andrews before he can dive on him. Also a Moonsault from the top rope to the outside which Thatcher evades and Andrews manages to take out a security guy (poor Will Batson). This was followed up with a Mick Foley style elbow drop to the outside by Thatcher. Andrews then gets a Springboard Moonsault to the outside which takes out both Thatcher and poor Willy Batson. Thatcher picks up the win with a rolling neckbreaker.

Winner by Pinfall – Terry Thatcher

Great showing from both lads. This is the best I have seen Thatcher so far. Probably needs a little work on his crowd retorts but other than that, I was pretty impressed. Andrews was great too.


I also just noticed the holes in the canvas from the chair going through it at the 3rd Anniversary show. Don’t remember seeing those at the Stadium show so they must have fixed it in the meantime.


OTT Tag Team Championship:

Club Tropicana vs The Kings of The North

Club Tropicana are terrified of this match. Captain Sexsea has a bottle of Jack with him, Aiden Epix is wrapped in bubble wrap and they have a sign that says Stay Alive for Contenders 5. Will they? Barely, I’d say. Club Tropicana hide in the crowd for the KOTN’s entrance. They then raise their bumbags in the corners as the KOTN hold up their belts.

Captain Sexsea has a present for Corvin so he says he won’t hurt him and tags out. Sexsea ends up with his head in the present and gets hit with a Boxbuster. Aiden Epix gets tagged in and the KOTN’s chops, kicks and powerslams are no match for the power of bubblewrap. Even a powerbomb didn’t hurt. A boot to the face however does the trick. The Kings strip him of his magical protection and chop the fuck out of him to the tune of We Will, We Will, Chop You.

Aiden Epix keeps telling himself to stop kicking out but still keeps doing it instinctively. Sexsea is about to throw in the towel when the distraction allows Epix to throw Corvin into Bonesaw’s crotch. This results in Bonesaw giving Corvin a Belfast Destroyer. Epix tags in Sexsea and Sexsea goes on a bit of a rampage. The swimming hat is out and we get the Super Sexy Slippery Slide onto both of the Kings. Epix and the Captain both get a suicide dive with some assistance. And the games are over. The Kings murder Aiden. Oh well I guess he won’t star alive for Contenders 5.

Winners by Pinfall – The Kings of the North

That was lots of fun. Comedy and OTT just go well together. Weird seeing the Kings involved in it but it all worked out well.


Raven Creed vs Debbie Keitel

CCW Women’s champion Raven Creed making her OTT debut. I’ve seen some of hers promos before but never an actual match so interested to see what she’s like. This is Debbie’s first singles match in OTT too so we’ll see how she handles herself one on one.

The action quickly makes its way into the ladies toilets where Raven ends up coming back out wrapped in toilet paper with a toilet seat lid on her head. Raven quickly comes back though running Debbie right into the ring post after playing possum. After a fun match and a good amount of back and forth, Debbie picks up the win with an X Factor.

Winner by Pinfall – Debbie Keitel

I really liked Raven here on my first time seeing her. It’s also the best I have seen from Debbie. Both women put on a very good display. The Irish contingent of  the OTT women’s division on the main shows will be more than just Martina very soon.

As Debbie is heading back out the entrance way, she is met by Gunther Isaak (also making his first appearance in OTT) who backs her into Raven. He is about to powerslam Debbie when B Cool makes the save. They set up a mixed tag team match for Contenders 5 where Raven Creed & Gunther Isaak will take on Debbie Keitel & B Cool.


Nathan Martin vs Curtis Murray vs Kenny Williams

Kenny seems to think it’s a tag match. Asks if Foxy is his partner. Martin & Murray team up for the first part and then eventually face off. Lots of action from all 3 follow with so many kicks and knees to the face. Faced paced match with a great showing from all 3 guys (notice how my recaps are getting shorter and shorter. I’m paying too much attention to the matches and not typing). Curtis Murray gets the win with a rollup.

Winner by Pinfall – Curtis Murray

Nathan looks distraught after the match. His facial expressions are just so good. He is going to go a long way.


Michael May vs Joe Coffey

The crowd are very pro Michael May here. He seems to have gotten an underground swell of support. There is even a Michael May facts Twitter account. The match is the story of the unlikely underdog Michael May holding his own and getting one over on the veteran Joe Coffey. Big chopoff section in the middle that really got the crowd riled up. Really great hard hitting match. Joe Coffey is an absolute beast. May has a really nice Dragon Suplex. May kicks out of a Corkscrew Tombstone and a Discus Lariat before finally succumbing to a second Discus Lariat.

Winner by Pinfall – Joe Coffey

Fantastic match there. This has been a damn good show so far. Coffey picks May up after the match and they share a handshake. The crowd chant “He’s 100” at Michael May showing who they want on the team.


Aussie Open (Mark Davis & Kyle Fletcher) vs Jordan Devlin & Scotty Davis

OTT have put this match up for free on their Youtube page so you can check it out here:

Mark Davis high fives everyone at ringside really aggressively. This includes a dog who is at ringside for some reason. Devlin over as ever with the crowd. Kyle Fletcher has a really weird looking face. Plus he was only 18 while this was being taped. Why are the young so goddamn talented nowadays. Scotty and Fletcher go at it for a while, mostly amateur wrestling stuff, all good. Then we get Devlin and Davis going at it. Mark Davis is way faster and flippier than he looks. Aussie Open’s double team mugging in the corner looks vicious as fuck. Scotty takes a long beating from both of Aussie Open before eventually getting Fletcher with a spike DDT and getting the tag to Jordan.

Devlin does his awesome skin the cat across someone’s back into a DDT thingy that he does. We then get tandem Tope Con Hilos from Devlin and Scotty. Fletcher then does a springboard tope and Mark Davis does a Split Legged Moonsault to the outside. Scotty kicks hits a bunch of kicks and then a Standing Moonsault. Devlin then hits a Urinagi into a Standing Moonsault. We get a bunch of kicks, standing moonsaults and craziness until Mark Davis hits a one handed powerbomb on Scotty. Devlin and Scotty then do a move that Devlin saw on Youtube which turned out to be a Catapult into a Canadian Destroyer. Mark Davis breaks up the 3 count. Aussie Open then murder Scotty with moves and Devlin breaks up the 3 count with a Coup De Grâce. Some more nuts moves and nearfalls from both sides until Scotty gets the pin on Fletcher after a Double Foot Stomp/Package Piledriver combo.

Winners by Pinfall – Scotty Davis & Jordan Devlin

This was my first time seeing Aussie Open. I had seen some of Mark Davis before but never the 2 of them as a team. Damn they are good. And Scotty and Devlin worked so well together as a team too. I’d definitely like to see more of them teaming again.


Legit 100 Announcement

Don now makes his way down to the ring and announces who has made the cut for the Legit 100 team to face British Strong Style at Being The Elite. Of course the match has already happened so we already know but just for clarity’s sake, the contenders that will make up the team are Scotty Davis, Curtis Murray & Michael May. Also Nathan Martin gets a match against Speedball Mike Bailey. Everybody wins.


So this was a great show overall. I’m going to Contenders 5, the first Contenders show I’ll be at since the very first one. Very much looking forward to it now.


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